Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada Day to all my Canadians!
Have a safe and Happy Long Weekend!
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Will be back and blogging next week!

What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday: Dog Edition

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While I was browsing Pinterest the last couple of days there has been A LOT of dog pins which I love so I decided I would share some of my favorites today since who doesn't love cute dog picture right? And if you don't please don't tell me because I probably won't be able to be friends with you anymore because I will think there is something VERY wrong with you.

I'm not crying! You are crying!!

Okay I decided to only give you three because I could honestly sit here and post cute/sweet dogs things all day! Yes, I know I'm a crazy dog lady! And I'm totally okay with that!

One more just you though....Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Weekending on Tuesday

06 June 2017 1 comment
I had ever intention of blogging yesterday but the day got away me and now here I am talking about my weekend on Tuesday. I had of bit of working weekend so it isn't all that exciting but I feel like I haven't done an update in forever.

On Saturday, I was up bright and early to end down to Liscombe Lodge to help out with my first wedding of this bridal season. I also swear one of these times I will remember to take pictures of the hair that I do! In the rush of the day I always seem to forget. The day was great though. It is always a pleasure working my friend Nicole. Funny story, we went to elementary school together until grade 4 I think and then she moved away and we re-connected when I was in cosmetology school! I was like I think we went to elementary school together when she was in for a visit to talk to my class. My instructor was just like how do you remember that? Pretty funny but I'm glad we reconnected because I love working with her. The bridal party was great and the photographer was wonderful. It is always nice to get along with everyone. If you're looking for hairstylist/make up artist check out Nicole Smith and if you need a photographer look up Evan McMaster....they are both amazing!

On the way home, we stopped to take a quick picture of one of the Wilsons Cove road signs because it is my Wilsons'! It is my Cove haha

On Saturday night Erica and myself decided to go and see Wonder Woman! It was really good. Gal Gadot is fantastic and insanely beautiful! The whole movie was acted well and entertaining. After that it was time for bed! It was a great day but VERY long haha

Sunday, went to lunch at Sharon's, did some errands and was pretty lazy for the rest of it haha.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good week so far :)

Here Comes the Bride....

29 May 2017 4 comments
With spring here and summer just around the corner ( I think, the weather here would make that questionable!) we all know what is upon us.....Bridal showers, Bachelorettes and Weddings! Between going to these events and having to do hair for a number of weddings this summer, my weekends are booked!

We all love spending time together and having a great time with bride but something that can be hard is deciding what to get the bride! She already has everything, she is really picky etc etc. I often want to find something a little different for the bride because their are some standard gifts towels, candles, gift cards that brides always seem to get. But finding that perfect gift can be hard. So I have teamed up with Adore Me to help give you some ideas!

For the brides that lives away, I always like giving them a taste of home, so a beautifully framed picture or collage of different places she loves from around your local area. Maybe some coasters from her favorite local shop. I think when the bride is living away it is always nice to have some little nods from home.

I know they can be boring but I do like giving practical gifts at wedding showers as well but really just because they are practical doesn't mean they actually have to be boring! Dish clothes we all need them but why not look around and find some cute/funny ones on places like Etsy? At one shower I was at they got some dish clothes custom made for the bride with different things she loved. One of the best gifts I think she got that.

One of my favorite ways to do any type of shower gift is a gift basket, for my future brides I like to do up something pamper wise for them. Mine normally consist of hair products, body lotion, bridal magazines, lavender scented candle and bubble bath to help them de-stress. Just a few fun/luxury items for them all wrapped up in a pretty package!

Adore Me has some great Bridal Shower gifts from cute new pjs, sexy panties and bras, swimsuits, lounge wear, active wear and of course gift cards for when you can't pick that one you think the bride will love. The best part about Adore Me they carry all sizes! Petite to Plus and everything in between. Also a bonus you can browse for yourself as well! I personally would like one of almost everything from their site. Adore Me has also added in some great gifts as well! You should not have a problem with your gift giving this Bridal season!

Also, check out their Pinterest for more great ideas and shopping!

Confessional Thursday

25 May 2017 3 comments
Yes, hi hello! Did you miss me? Yeah I know but lets not dwell on the past! Let just move forward because I see a light at the end of this tunnel of no blogging! And to ease myself back into it I'm linking up with Danielle for Confessional Thursday!

- I have been an awful blogger the last few months and I hope to change that soon.
- I thought the reboot of Dirty Dancing on ABC was the worst thing I have ever seen! It was so bad I think Jerry Orbuch and Patrick Swayze were rolling over in their graves! Just thinking about it makes me mad that they did that!

image from google search
- I'm ready for another vacation, somewhere fun please.
- I haven't meal planned in far too long and honestly that means meals haven't been so hot lately example toast.

- I need to print some vacations photos so I can scrapbook some of them and just have some of them to put in frames.

-Must remember my eye appointment tomorrow! I honestly have forgotten about it twice this week already!

-I need to make some lists of things to accomplish this weekend

Anyways, I hope you're all having a great week. Fingers crossed I will see you tomorrow with another post!

Girly Chat: Favorite Beauty Products

11 May 2017 6 comments
It is time for another Girly Chat link up! Feels like I just did the one for April! Time is flying....while you're having fun right? I can't believe it already almost the middle of May but lets get back to the link up because it is about our favorite beauty products!

We all know I have a small addiction to make up so I excited when I saw that we got to gab about our favorite products. I could probably write a novel with the list I could make but I decided to pick just a few to talk about so here we go...

Looking for a good face mask? This one from Lush is by far my favorite. I have combination skin that leans to the oily side of things and this mask is perfect for me. I don't mind the smell of it but I know a lot of people don't like it. My skin feels amazing after I use it.
All Nighter Foundation by Urban Decay is one of my holy grail items. Like I have said my skin can be on the oily side and this makes and keeps me matte which I like a lot better than looking like an oil slick! Bonus it is full coverage but doesn't feel too heavy!
Nicole's Glow kit! Love it! Now, saying that if you don't like a lot of highlight don't get this haha But I love me some good highlight and this is perfect!
I have tried LOTS of mascaras since I have started wearing it and honestly I will forever come back to the Diorshow ones. Hands down they are my holy grail mascara. When I haven't had it in awhile and I pick one up again I also think why do I ever pick a different mascara!?
Started using this when I was teenager and I swear anything else works as well. It is just heavy enough, helps keep acne at bay and just is an awesome product!
There you go some of my favorite beauty products. What are your holy grail products? Or what is the worst product you have ever tried?


What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday: Vacation Update!

10 May 2017 3 comments
So I went to Cuba for a week for some sun, sand and surf and boy did I get it! It was exactly what I wanted and needed! I don't think I could have asked for a much better to be honest. Lots of sun, swimming and tanning all week.

This year we decided on the resort Ocean Casa Del Mar in Cayo Santa Maria. This is the same area we went last year but a different resort. When we picked it the reviews on trip advisor were good but of course by the time we were leaving there a number of bad reviews. I have to say some people complain about the littlest things and overreact! Cuba is a third world country so do not think a 5 star is the same as here. Anyways, we all went with open minds saying as long as it is clean and the beach is nice we don't care. Well, it was clean and the beach was fantastic! There was 4 of us going, myself, my mom, cousin Jody and aunt Sandra. None of us really had any issues that you would have actually complained about. The front desk staff once you checked in were not much help and were almost rude when you asked them a question but they were the only 'problem' we had.

The beach was fantastic! Yes, it was a tad narrow when the tide was high but still my favorite part of the vacation. Myself and mom were on the beach by 8:30am everyday we were there and stayed until at least 3 everyday. The pool was nice too but since we have a pool at home it isn't a novelty for me to sit by the pool all day especially when there is a gorgeous beach 2 minutes away.

Our room was lovely and very clean. Our little maid was wonderful and always took care of everything we needed. The bed were comfy and the sheets were wonderfully white. All the staff was friendly (minus front desk), honestly some of the sweetest people and some of them are so young! The food was okay but that is what I was expecting because honestly the food to never really that great when I have been in Cuba but none of us went hungry and Jody is a fussy eater and she was fine. So, no you're going to have amazing meals but you're not going to be hungry all the time either.

This vacation was much needed and it was lovely to get away with my mom, cousin and aunt since we had never traveled together before. We are already planning for next year and telling more of them family they have to come as well. I will leave you with some vacation pictures....and I will sit here crying because it has been crying for days now haha I miss my Cuban sunshine!


And I'm back....

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Well, that break was a little longer than I thought it was going to be but it happens right? I do feel much more refreshed since I got home from my vacation which was much needed. Mind you it has been so busy since I came back I almost feel like I didn't have a vacation!

Anyways, I was planning on a vacation post today but I haven't gotten my pictures transferred onto my computer so it will have to wait until tomorrow or Thursday. Fingers crossed and I will have some time to work on some posts.

I know it isn't the first of the month anymore but it is close enough still right? For May Goals, it is for me anyways!

from google images

  • make it through the election! haha
  • get back on meal planning since vacation is over
  • finish spring cleaning
  • work on blog more
  • spend more time reading
Not a lot of goals for this month but just some stuff to work on and hopefully get myself back on track now that I'm back from vacation and it is time to get back into routine. I love going away on vacation but I do love to come home and get back into my normal routine.

Hope you're all having a great day! Vacation post soon!

Easter Traditions

13 April 2017 6 comments

It is time for another Girly Chat Link up! This month's topic is Easter Traditions! I was hoping to be able to have some pictures to go along with this post but I haven't been able to find any so maybe next year haha!

Easter isn't my favorite holiday but I do love it because it is normally when the weather is changing and everything is just coming back to life here in Nova Scotia. I love Spring and normally we go from winter into basically summer. The weather has been great for the past couple of days and I just love it.

My family has a couple of traditions that we have had forever and a few that are newer. Since Erica will be in Europe for Easter and my dad is away working, it is just going to be me, momma bear and my brother Chase for Easter this year. We are changing things up because we don't want to do everything we normally do because it is a lot of work to make a full turkey dinner and when it is just for 3 people no thanks. Plus mom did a full turkey for Erica's birthday so that was kind of in place of Easter dinner. I think we are going to do a BBQ this year and just have a nice Sunday together.

When I was a kid, we always a had a turkey dinner and my grandparents would come over. We always got a nice basket from the Easter Bunny which included chocolate, skipping rope, sideway chalk and a movie/book/CD. It was always a great day spent with family. Now, is much the same but the basket has gotten smaller and mainly just some mini eggs and bunny which is more than enough haha. One of our newer traditions is watching Jesus Christ Superstar. Myself and Erica are huge musical fans and there are some that even Chase will partake in. Since Erica will be away we are planning on watching it tonight when I'm doing Erica's hair. Can't have an Easter now without watching it!

Easter = Spring and I love it. I hope you are linking up today for the latest Girly Girl!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


It's Wednesday!

12 April 2017 2 comments
I swear the weeks are just rolling by! And they can do this until I go away to Cuba then please slow down and don't pass too quickly. This week I feel like I have been going constantly, Erica leaves for Europe on Thursday and being the nice big sister I am, I'm making sure all her laundry is done and she will have her hair done before she leaves and all that jazz plus work and just regular household chores! Adulting is so much fun! Anyways, lets show you some pins I have been looking at and what I'm royally waiting on....

 Funny and true!
Above and below pictures make my heart melt! I just want to be able to cuddle some puppies since I already have two dogs I'm probably not getting another one anytime soon!
I was going to post to some more pins I have been looking at but honestly if you look at my pinterest right now it is all puppy pictures and funny memes so I won't bore you with all of them! If you want to see more of what I'm pinning when I actually have a chance to go on Pinterest click on the button in the sidebar!
Now for Royally Waiting....CUBA! That is what I'm waiting on, excited for, planning for, packing for, etc! I cannot wait to have a great week on the beach with my momma, cousin and aunt!



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Look at me posting on a Monday! I know what you're thinking you post once a week maybe then you're gone for the week! I honestly do make plans to post more but this last month has been busy and to  be even more honest it doesn't look like it is getting any better. I work part time in a political office and we seem to be gearing up for an election and in a little over two weeks I will be leaving for a week for my vacation. So, I'm going to try my best to schedule some posts but if I'm absent for the next little bit it is because I'm busy and I'm not taking the time to be on the internet to blog. Anyways, I hope you're all have a great Monday! It is a beautiful day here so I have no complaints! Well, I wouldn't mind more coffee but whatever!

from google images

Wednesday Wednesday....

05 April 2017 1 comment

Wow, Wednesday already! I swear the last couple of weeks have flown by and I don't know where they have gone. Since we got home from Crop and Create is has been a blur! I don't have any complaints though because the weather has been sketchy and I'm so looking forward to nicer weather and the more into April we get the better. Anyways I'm linking up with lots of fab gals so lets just get into Royally Waiting and What's Happinning Wednesday!

Waiting On...work to be over for the day so I can go and run some errands! I know super exciting.

Thinking About...Maybe doing a super quick trip to Halifax on Saturday because I have a few things I need to pick up and I can only get them in Halifax since we don't have the stores in New Glasgow.

Listening to....James Arthur!

Loving...That Darrel took out Johnny Bananas on the Challenge! Sorry if that ends up being a spoiler for you! I didn't mean it to be.

Excited for....My trip to Cuba!! It is booked and I leave on April 27th! Myself. momma, cousin Jody and my aunt Sandra are going. It is going to be a super fun trip! I can't wait to lay on the beach for a week!

Question...What is your number one item for a beach vacation? And maybe not the normal answers....sunscreen, bathing suits, dresses I got that ;)

Now, what lets do I have to tell you? Oh on the weekend we had a surprise 30th birthday party for my sister! It was a super fun night and she was pretty surprised! Not totally she had an idea but she was pretty darn pleased with it is all. She does so much for everyone else it was nice to have that party for her and celebrate her birthday. We then had a turkey dinner for her on Sunday, which was mainly my mom's party for Erica and then on Monday for her actual birthday she was busy with work and tutoring but I made her a cake and we still celebrated a bit more. She still has to pick out her suitcase which I'm getting her for her birthday, she is leaving for Europe next week, school trip! All in all a great weekend oh and I went to see my cousin Jared play hockey on Sunday night.
So that is what is up with me! Hope you're all having a great week so far!

Oh hey yeah it is me!

30 March 2017 3 comments
Yes! I finally had a minute to sit down and work on a post! This week and last week was a tad busy and honestly by the time I got to the end of day I had no energy to even pretend like I was going to actually sit down and write out a post. I hope to have some time to schedule a few posts for next week so we will get back on track! Anyways, lets have a bit of a review!

Lets go back to Crop and Create Moncton 2017! It was another great weekend filled with scrapbooking, friends, classes, food and fun! I can't you how I look forward to this event each year. This was our 5th year going and 6th year Crop and Create has been doing the events around Canada. Catherine and her team put in such effort to make a great event and they NEVER disappoint. Since it was March Break last week me and Erica left in the morning for Moncton, we decided to leave early so we could do a bit of shopping and have a late lunch since the event started at 3pm and we probably weren't going to leave to have dinner. It was a wonderful kick off and great dessert bar, our table mates were great. We got up early on Saturday because everything started at 8:30am and we had classes in the afternoon and evening so we wanted to get a jump start on some pages before that. We had breakfast at Cora's because it is a favorite and right beside the hotel so how could we not. We had great classes with Vicki and Nicole! It was all just a great weekend! I can't say enough about them! I love the weekend! For as long as they have it I will be going!


The one in the last picture with me, is Vicki Boutin and she makes me a better scrapbooker every time I see her. She just makes things click and makes you takes risks, it is just a piece of paper so just do it. She has also created her own product line with American Crafts and it is AMAZING! I'm so proud of her! You check out a sneak peak of her stuff here.

Last week I also got new slippers from my aunt Mary! They are awesome and I love a good slipper! Since Target left Canada I have no place where I really like to get slippers so I'm pleased to have these new ones :)

And this last week, has been snowy and gross for the most part and work is busy and life is busy. I'm hoping to book my trip to Cuba early next week! This week of snow has really driven from that I need a break on the beach!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

The Flash!

22 March 2017 1 comment
This week is flying by and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep up! I know I wasn't around much last week and I honestly don't think I will around much this week. Life is busy right now and I'm playing a bit of catch up since I was away all weekend. I hope you're all having a great week and lets chat next week!

Snow forecasted for this evening :( Spring please come soon! and Summer come even quicker!

Oh that's blinding....

14 March 2017 3 comments
Over the weekend I was in Halifax to pick up my mom at the airport and since we were going up anyways last minute myself and Erica decided to head up a tad earlier so we could run into the mall and do a bit of shopping. We of course hit up Sephora because I have been eyeing the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit she did with Anastasia of Beverly Hills since it Nicole posted a sneak peek on Instagram. I also had watched Jeffree Star's review on the kit and that confirmed my want for the kit.

This kit is beautiful! If you enjoy a good highlight this is it! There are six great shades in this kit for $52 Canadian. It is available in stores at Sephora and online. Packaging is on point but all of Anastasia's products have beautiful packaging.
At first glance at the store I was like yes! I need this! Kitty Kat and Forever Young were basically calling out to me. A couple of the sales' girls on the floor were like oh you're getting it! You're going to love it. I felt like saying duh how could one not love it and I hadn't even tried it yet but I did swatch it just in case.
When you first open it and look at the colors they do look like they are going to glittery but I promise they won't be. They are like butter, not chalky at all and glide on like a dream. I will say if you don't like stronger highlight, I would maybe not pick up this kit. So far Kitty Kat, Forever Young and Forever Lit have been my favorites because I'm not tanned right now so Daydream, Glo Getter and 143 not overly working for me but I know once I have a tan I will totally be loving them. Well 143 might always be a tad too dark for me to highlight with but all of these shades would be awesome eye shadows as well. This morning I used Forever Lit for my brow highlight and it instantly picks up your eye. For my cheeks and cupid's bow I have been laying Kitty Kat and Forever Young, in the sun you basically need your shades on. I'm going to take a quote from Jeffree Star and say they are basically a wet dream highlighter! The pigmentation is great, the consistency is smooth and if you have texture on your face it doesn't overly pick it up like many highlighters will. I wanted to have pros and cons for you but right now I don't have any cons for this Glow Kit. It is beautiful and does exactly what I want it too. You can't ask for more than that.

From top to bottom 143, Glo Getter, Forever Lit, Day Dream, Forever Young, Kitty Kat
First picture swatches in natural light and second picture bathroom lighting.
This is Brittany approved!
I'm also so happy for Nicole! I love her videos on YouTube, she just seems like the kind of girl I would be good friends with. Glad to see her making great products!

Girly Chat Link Up: That time you were really lucky....

09 March 2017 7 comments
Time for another girly chat link up! This month's topic about being lucky and talking about that one time you were really lucky! I have to say I don't think I'm that lucky because I normally never win anything so when I was thinking about this writing this post nothing was really coming to me. I did win tickets on Twitter to see Il Divo which was amazing but that is basically my only good lucky moment. It is funny when people often think of being lucky they only think of winning something when really we are so lucky in many ways.

I kept on trying to figure something out that was more exciting then Il Divo tickets and it hit me! If you have been reading my blog for awhile or know me in person you know I had a cancer scare back in 2009. I was told I needed chemo before I could have surgery to remove the tumor from my ovary. It was all very scary and upsetting. I luckily had an amazing specialist in Halifax who just didn't think it was cancer and she decided my best option was surgery and soon. No chemo just get in there and take out whatever was in there. Two weeks later I was having surgery to have this mass removed. I had never had surgery before and having surgery on your stomach makes you feel like you're 100 years old! You don't realize how much you use those muscles. It was a long 6 week recovery but I did it and I got a call from Dr. Rittenburg that it wasn't cancer she was right! It was actually my ovary who decided to just be a little crazy and didn't want to be a part of my body anymore. I have watched people deal with cancer, I have watched families of those dealing with cancer, I have been a part of those families and I cannot begin to tell you how lucky I am that I didn't have cancer. I'm here.

This reminded me of how lucky I am when it comes to my family. I honestly don't know how I would function without them. We have close family and I always feel bad for those who don't have same. When someone says they don't really get along with their siblings that basically boggles my mind because mine are my best friends. The older I have often the more I realize how awesome my parents have been. Yup, I really got the best when it comes to family and not just my immediate family my whole family/friends are all pretty awesome!

Final thought...There is going to be all kind of lucky stories today with the link up and I'm excited to read them but I want everyone to remember today how lucky we are to be alive and well. Yes, we all have our problems we are dealing with but just don't take things for granted because they can change in second.


Royal Waiting Link Up

08 March 2017 3 comments
Wow, it is Wednesday already! This week is flying by! Now that I say that I'm sure the rest of the week will crawl by at a snail's pace! I hope you're all having a good week I have no complaint on my end. This week I decided I would link with the girls Shelly, Katy and Holly who are hosting Royally Waiting. I follow Shelly's blog and now I will have to go and check out Katy and Holly's because I'm sure they are great if Shelly is friends with them because she has a great blog. Onto the link up...
Waiting on...Booking a trip down south! It isn't set in stone but that is all I want right now to sit on the beach for a week. Hopefully the last week of April I will be gone somewhere, either Cuba or Dominican Republic.
Hearting...My dogs, they were so cute last night! I just love them so much.
Planning...what to make for dinner next week! Meal planning yes!
Packing...for Crop and Create, I like to plan what I'm bringing and pack about a week before the event because if I need anything I would like to get it before and then I can just do fun shopping at the event.
Watching...This is Us, The Challenge and Criminal Minds...not sure I can deal with This is US and Criminal Minds! They just have me on emotional rollercoasters all the time!

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half way there! I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend! It is always nice to have something to look forward too even if it just laying on the couch watching Netflix all weekend!

March Goals

07 March 2017 1 comment
Yes I know it is already 7 days into March and I'm posting my goals now but hey I rarely post about my goals on my blog anyways so this is better. There are a number of gals on follow who post their goals each month and I decided why not join in on that party! I normally have some goals I keep in mind for the month but I never make a post about them. Anyways, here are my goals for the month of March...

  • Organize my clothes! I have lots of clothes but I only wear maybe half them so lets purge!
  • Keep up the meal planning! I have been doing pretty good the last couple of weeks with meal planning and I would really like to keep that up because it makes for such an easier week.
  • Go through my make up and purge! Enough said there.
Now I know this is just a small list but it is what I'm working with this month!

Are you a monthly goal maker? New Year's Resolutions maker? Or just fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal?

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

5 On Friday!

03 March 2017 2 comments
The last part of this week flew by! Friday already which is great because I'm ready for the weekend! Well really I just want to sleep in tomorrow and not wake up to an alarm! I only have Saturday for this because Sunday I'm headed to Halifax to help out with a charity fashion show which should be fun!

Now time again for Friday Favorites...

Again, the weather this week was pretty great! Sunny and not too cold for the most part. That all changed last night, it is COLD today and we got a dusting of snow but nothing too crazy so we all good.

I saw the movie Get Out last night and it was so good! I really enjoyed it. It was a great thriller and just enough comedy that you got a laugh in when you needed it. If this movie is playing near you I suggest going to see it. I went with Erica, Chase and Lindsay and we all really liked it. It still gives me the creeps thinking about it! haha

Another favorite from last night was my popcorn haha I know but it was really good and I fully enjoyed it!

Oh another food favorite this week was my tacos on Tuesday of course. They were extra good and I normally don't put queso dip on my tacos but I had forgotten to get sour cheese so I put the queso dip on them and yup that is my new favorite taco topping!

My last favorite for this week is a reality tv favorite! I'm so happy the Champions are finally on the Challenge! It has taken way too long to really get this season started! I just hope CT stays on for a long time and finger crossed he wins!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

OH I'm adding a 6th favorite this week...watching Backstreet Boys videos from their Vegas show! In love! I miss seeing them in concert!