#backthatazzup Friday!

28 June 2013 2 comments
FRIDAY!! Yup it is Friday and who isn't happy about that!? Bonus it is a long weekend, Happy Canada Day weekend to my Canadian readers :) I have to some to get done this afternoon so here is my pick for #backthatazzup Friday!

I know!! But I have been loving this darn song lately! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Ramblings Thursday

27 June 2013 2 comments
Since I'm hoping to get a blog post up today I figured I should probably start writing one now because I have such blog block today! I don't know what is it about Thursday but come Thursday I'm trying to figure out what song I want for #backthatazzup Friday! Damn Whitney and her great party Friday link up! So, I'm sorry for that but I can't help it! I guess this is going to be a mash up of a bit of everything today, hence ramblings in the title! 

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Today, I'm trying to plan my outfits for my mini vacay away to PEI so I don't have to over pack but really who are we kidding! I'm often the queen of over packing even when I do plan every outfit! Why you ask because I think oh what if I spill something on myself I will need another shirt and maybe depending on where it lands another pair of pants or shorts! But this time I'm really going to try and just bring what I need! So just one extra shirt instead of three! Can't be crazy here I wasn't just going to take exactly what I needed! Haha I do need a two day outfits and a concert outfit! I think I have them planned but I think I should maybe take a pair of jeans too just in case it isn't as warm as they say! Maybe a little sweater too! Yup, look I'm already over packing and I'm only blogging about it! 
Anyways, I'm really looking forward to this mini vacay! It is going to be a lot of fun because of the concert and I'm excited for the lobster dinner, beach, mini golf, boardwalk, a tad bit of shopping! Yup, it is going to be a great weekend :) 

Does anyone still watch MTV? I only watch for certain show now which I wish MTV Canada would get World of Jenks on! Seriously love that guy! But, lets go back to bad MTV shows! I found out today while watching Catfish (love that show) that MTV is coming out with another Challenge! Rivals II starts July 10th here and I'm sadly quite excited about this! I know I shouldn't be but I love most of these shows! Battle of the Seasons was crap because the picked new seasons and I don't care about those casts! I love seeing the older ones! Rivals II has CT teamed up with Wes which I think someone must have a sick sense of humor to do that but thank you for doing it! I love CT! I know he is the bad guy but look at him! So hot! haha I have loved him since his Real World season in Paris. Can't wait for this show to start! haha

source mtv.ca

Lastly in fangirl ramblings! Backstreet Boys followed me on Twitter last night and Pink Lou Lou followed me on Instagram! Yes, I know I'm 29 but we can still fan girl at this age okay! 

Yup, I think that enough rambling for today ladies! I'm sure you're bored of it now so go and have a cookie if you have read this far! Also, let me know what you're watching this summer? BB15 anyone?


Oh How Pinteresting!

26 June 2013 No comments
Okay my post is pretty late today! I'm sorry about that but I didn't have time to prepare it last night and I wasn't around most of the day so what can you do really!? The past couple of weeks I have seemed to have a theme for my pinterest post but today it is just mash up of everything!! Hope you enjoy my pins!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday Tunes!

25 June 2013 No comments
It is so hot and muggy here today!! I'm not complaining about the heat I don't hate the heat but I do hate it when it is muggy! You can't do a darn thing without getting all hot and sweaty! Gross! I have been loving the hot weather but this muggy crap that has moved in yesterday is just the pits! But whatever it is summer so I'm not complaining! And countdown to PEI 5 days!! Can't wait gonna be such a good time! Honestly can't wait to see Serena Ryder again! I have seen her 4 times already and she is probably the best performer I have ever seen and I have seen a lot folks! So since it is Tuesday Tunes I think we should have a little listen to the bands I'm seeing on Sunday night :)

Hope you're all having a great day!!


Weekend Update...This weekend I....

24 June 2013 No comments

Monday again already! The weekend flew by as it normally always does right!? It was a great weekend though! The weather was amazing and that makes for a very happy Brittany since that means it is pool time/fun in the sun time! It is summer so this girl is a happy camper!

On Friday myself and Erica headed to Pictou for dinner. We ate at the Lobster Bar which just recently opened. It used to be open in Pictou Landing years ago and now the son of the old owner I think has opened it again. It is nice to have another restaurant in Pictou on the waterfront because many places have closed this past winter. There is another place I'm hoping to try next weekend but anyways back to the Lobster Bar, it was pretty good, I had the lobster burger and fries which was yummy. Erica had the hot chicken sandwich and fries which she said was okay. They seemed to have used can gravy which just isn't the same. The restaurant itself has a nice atmosphere and is well decorated. The service could be a bit better, but I think most of the servers are just all learning so hopefully that will fix itself right up. After we finished at dinner we got an ice cream and walked along the water front. It is so nice down in Pictou during the summer months. Love watching the boats, people and just everything. 

On Saturday, I spent the day by the pool and then that night I headed to the drive in to see Man of Steel and Hangover III! Thankfully, Henry Cavill is hot because I have to say I didn't really like Man of Steel. I wouldn't say I hated it but I found myself bored a lot of the movie. If you really like Superman you will probably like the movie because I have heard it is very close to comic book story. For me I liked Henry Cavill hahaha Hangover III was pretty good! It was a lot better than the second one because this was had its own story instead of just being the same movie in a different place! Bradley Cooper was as hot as always so can't complain there! Love me some Bradley Cooper! It was pretty funny too! Some of the one liners from Alan were just killer! It had me funny and I stayed awake for the whole thing so that means something! As it didn't start until like midnight! 

Sunday was a full day by the pool! Woke up got in my bathing suit and went outside! I even had a little burn going to bed last night, but thankfully I woke up and it was gone! We had BBQ for dinner and then as we were cleaning everything up clouds rolled in and quickly then the skies opened! I'm so happy we had everything inside and cleared up before that happened! 

Sunbathing Baby!

Gus ready for a dip in the pool?

It was a great weekend! I can't wait for next weekend because it is the long weekend for Canada Day and I'm off to PEI on Sunday for the Big Red Music Festival! I can't wait to see Serena Ryder and Great Big Sea! Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great Monday!

#backthatazzup Friday!

21 June 2013 2 comments
It is a beautiful first day of summer here so I'm really not spending much of it inside so I thought I should quickly come on and give you my choice for #backthatazzup Friday! Honestly is it really Friday without backing that azz up!? Exactly nope!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Love you all! Happy SUMMER!!

Oh How Pinteresting!

19 June 2013 2 comments
Another Wednesday! The weeks have seriously been flying by and I know I have said that in many of my recent posts! But really is has! There is lots of fun stuff I have planned for the summer so bring it on! I love summer, it is my favorite time of year (minus Christmas!) I love the sun, long days, clothes, ice cream dates, beach and pool days! Honestly, I don't understand people who don't like it! What is wrong with you? hahaha 

But lets move on into the real reason for Wednesday postings! 

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Have a Great Wednesday! 

Tuesday Tunes!

18 June 2013 2 comments

I swear next week I won't post a video from the Voice! But this week Michelle Chamuel did Why by Annie Lennox and I can't help but share it with everyone! I love Team Blake but I have decided I want Michelle to win. She gives me goosebumps, she makes me smile, hell last night she almost made me cry! This girl is amazing! Good luck Michelle!

#backthatazzup Friday!

14 June 2013 No comments

Friday again! Really I can't believe it is Friday again! The weeks are flying by! Which is fine because I have a trip to PEI planned for the end of month but after that time can basically stop because it will summer and no one wants summer fly by! Well actually my friend Katherine wants winter again because she loves skiing but her opinion doesn't count because her brain must be perma froze! haha

Anyways since it is Friday we all know it is time for Back that Azz up Friday with the ever lovely Miss Whitney! I couldn't pick just one song this week because Songza just keeps playing song after song that just make me wanna share with you all because they are just too awesome not too! I guess I should get on with it since I have a couple to share! 

Have a great weekend everyone! Wish me luck getting some concert tickets! Countdown is on!!


Thursday Ramblings and Throwback Thursday! Early Father's Day Edition

13 June 2013 No comments
So today I was totally at loss for anything I wanted to write about on this blog! The past few thursdays actually have gotten no love from me. Sorry Thursday I do love you promise. And now I'm going to be perfectly honest I still don't know what I want to write about hence calling this Thursday Rambling because I don't think any of this is really going to connect in anyway or maybe even make sense!


Okay, I went away from this post to have dinner and I finally had an idea for this post! Since I don't post on the weekend and this Sunday is Father's Day I decided to talk/show pictures about my dad! Throwback Thursday today too so might as well throw in those oldies! (Okay so only one oldie because I don't feel like upload anymore!)

Okay so Father's Day is Sunday and I'm basically ready for it! Well just to have wrap the present we have for dad which is pretty good I think maybe pick up a couple more little things. Need to get a bag and some tissue paper I guess too! I know I don't have any! But lets get started with this Dad blog post! My dad is awesome. I know most people say the same thing about their own dads but I really do believe I have the best dad. He has given our family everything we have needed and asked for our whole lives. We have lived a very comfortable life never wanting for anything because we more than likely got it. My dad has had his own business for over 30 years now which allowed my mom to be a stay at home mom which made for a great life growing up because mom was always there at home with us and Dad was just a phone call away if we needed anything and home every night for dinner. I was going start going into different memories I have with my dad but really that list would go forever because over the past almost 30 years of life my dad (and mom) have created so many memories I don't think I could list all of them here. Vacations, Christmas, days spent by the pool, car rides, nights watching movies, going to the drive in (dad normally got that job! Mom's night off), even family dinners on a random weekday have been memorable. 

So dad, just wanted to say Thanks and Happy Early Father's Day! 
Love yo

My 29th Birthday! Before heading to Hebel's :)

Dad figured out how to take a selfie!

Christmas tree hunting!

Yup, people think he is so cool but he is really just a dorky dad like the rest of them!

Love you dad even though you wore those shorty shorts!

Oh How Pinteresting! Fashion Edition!

12 June 2013 No comments

Happy Hump day everyone! I have to say I thought I missed oh how pinteresting this morning because I thought for sure it was Thursday! I even looked at the paper this morning and thought where is today's paper since looking at the Wednesday one didn't seem right to me! But then it hit me nope it is Wednesday stupid! HAHA

Anyways, last week I did a Pinterest post of food because well I hadn't pinned much last week and this week is kinda the same but I'm going a fashion theme this week! So here we go....

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you're having a great Wednesday!
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Tuesday Tunes

11 June 2013 6 comments

I have to say as I type this I have no idea what tune I want to post here today! I feel like I have been listening to the same couple of albums the last few weeks so I don't know what I have new for you! Actually I know I have nothing new for you right now because I honestly have been listening to Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton and Tegan and Sara all month long! Okay, now think Brittany who else have you been listening to that you want to share with the blogger world! OH OH The Voice Contestants! I have really been loving the Voice this season and I think some that has to do with the fact that Xtina isn't on it this season. She annoys me to no end on the Voice. Not looking forward to her coming back at all! But anyways here are some of my favorite performances from this season on the Voice!

I really enjoy all the finalists but I just love Michelle and Danielle! Michelle is just amazing and Danielle well she sings a lot of my favorite songs and she is great singer so what is not to like about her! Are you watching the Voice this season? Who are you rooting for?


Weekend Update!

10 June 2013 2 comments

Oh my gosh I can't believe it is Monday again already! Time flies eh! I have to say this past weekend was a total bust because of the weather! It poured down rain all day Saturday! And lets just say that kind of weather makes for a lazzzzzy day!

But lets back up to Friday! I went out for some Chinese food with my sister and then we hit up the drive in for the first time this year! They were playing Fast 6 and Identity Thief! I have to say I quite enjoyed Fast 6! It is a kick ass, fast cars and hot guys movie and really who doesn't like that kind of movie once and awhile! I know I do! We ended up not staying for Identity Thief because we had seen it before and we were both tired! Saturday I don't even think I have enough for a real paragraph! It poured all day like I mentioned and I did close to nothing all day! I have to say Sunday wasn't much better, the weather wasn't as rainy but still I was kinda blah all day! I have had a bit of an ear ache since Saturday morning so that didn't help much either. Pretty sure I got water in it from the shower. I have such bad ears sometimes! I didn't have this much trouble when I was a kid but man the last couple of years my ears hate me but it was better this past year than the year before when I honestly got an ear infection like every other month! Not a good time but I'm rambling about nothing now!

Not totally sure this was even worth the blog post but there you have my weekend!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


Happy Friday!

07 June 2013 No comments
Hello my lovelies! Happy Friday to you all! Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I hoping to get something up everyday this week but yesterday it just didn't happen because I was outside for most of it! It was beauty of day and I just didn't want to waste a moment of it! So, fingers crossed I can blog Monday to Friday next week! Actually tomorrow is suppose to be a crappy day lots of rain and wind so maybe I will plan out some blogs then :)

Anyways it is Backthatazzup Friday so we should probably get on with that now! Since a couple of my friends went and saw them in Montreal last night I'm going with some NKOTB today! I hope you all have a great weekend! 


Oh How Pinteresting! Food Edition

05 June 2013 4 comments

It is Wednesday again! I can't believe it! Days are flying by lately which I like sometimes but since it is basically summer they can stop right now and slow the frig down! Okay so I'm going with a food theme for Pinterest today because I don't really have any other pins to pin this week since today is the first day I have been on Pinterest since last Wednesday! So I hope you're not too hungry because you will be after this post!


Tuesday Tunes!

04 June 2013 No comments

I was having a hard time today figuring out what song I wanted to use for Tuesday Tunes hence why I'm running a little late today but when this came on my playlist I knew I had found my song for this week! It is Closer by Teagan and Sara! Whenever I listen to this song I have a little dance party! Hope you all like it too!!

*dancing away in my chair*

This Weekend I.....Weekend Update!

03 June 2013 2 comments

This weekend I was away for a mini vacation! I was off to Portland for some shopping and it was excellent! We had a couple of stops to make for Erica before we got there but it was great weekend with beautiful weather, great shopping, good food and lots of laughs!

Friday afternoon we hit up North Conway for some outlet shopping! I got a lovely Coach wallet and iPhone case for less than hundred bucks! They had 50% off the already marked down price so one really can't go with that! It was super hot walking around but nice at the same time because it hasn't been super hot a lot at home yet but we had a good time walking around and spending money! haha

We stopped for some food at Black Cap Grill! It is very yummy there! I had some root beer because it is the best root beer I have ever had! I had it last time we were there and I just had to have it again.

Biggest piece of fish EVER! Yummy though!

Stopped to sit and have a water! It was kinda like a ghost town compared to last time I was there before Christmas!

After shopping in North Conway we headed back to Portland to the hotel we were staying at. We hung out for a bit then headed off to Longhorn's for a late dinner. Our waiter Shaun was awesome! Super nice guy and insisted since I didn't get a refill on my lemonade I had to take some home with me! Which ended up being great because man that strawberry lemonade was delish! We also stopped for some Fro-Yo at a new place called Orange Leaf! Oh man I tried their pineapple flavor and wow so yummy! I ended up getting cookies and cream flavor though! Should have gotten some pineapple in my cup too!

Saturday was another super hot day so it was mall day! I got to go to Ulta for the first time and I honestly I could have spent most of the day in there! I got lots of goodies from there and I finally have a flat iron again! Yay for Ulta sales! I wish I could have gotten more but I controlled myself! I can't wait to go back in fall! But yes we spent the day shopping then hit up Seadogs for dinner! We had the best nachos and I have lobster bisque which was delish! Then because it was so hot we decided to head to Old Orchard Beach! That place was an adventure there was many characters out and about! But it was great being able to walk on the beach and be cool because it was much nicer out there on the water! We walked around the fair then I got some cotton candy and we headed back to the hotel since we had to pack up and get ready for an early morning wake up and drive back to Nova Scotia!

We had a great weekend! Can't wait to do it again in less than a month when we are off to PEI for a concert! Love summer!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!