I'm Brittany and I have a YouTube Addiction!

29 January 2013 2 comments
You read that right! I have become a YouTube addict! Before I watched the odd youtube clip that everyone thought was funny but now I will spend up to an hour at a time just watching video after video! This is all because of the Vloggers I have found! They are awesome! They make great videos and I just get so drawn in because they all have been vlogging for awhile so I had a lot to catch up on!! I mainly have been watching a lot of beauty vlogs. I have been loving these because I have been actually learning stuff! I now know way more about doing my eye make up! I use more of the products I own because I know how to use them better! 
Is anyone else addicted to these videos!? If you are not I suggest staying away from the YouTube but if you are here are some of my favorite YouTubers to watch! :)

Talia Joy - Taliajoy18
This is one amazing little girl! She is just a cutie and is so positive! She has been through so much in her life, battling cancer at such a young age is something I can't even imagine. Her skills with make up are insane! I think I could practice for hours and not be able to do what she does! Check her out for sure because she is just amazing!

Emily Noel - emilynoel83
She is like my beauty vlogger god! She knows pretty much all there is know about make up! She great informative videos, telling you what are good and bad products. She also gives you high end and drug store equals because we all know we can't afford everything high end and really some of the high end stuff isn't even worth it! I also have to give her husband props for being such a good sport in her videos! Her cat Cupcake is pretty cute too!

Zoe -Zoella280390
This girl cracks me up! Her videos are great, I started watching her because I loved her lipstick and now I watch her because she has some of the best videos on YouTube. Her and best friend Louise are quite honestly the funniest girls! I think they would be a blast to hang out with! I swear if I was still in England I would have looked them up by now because I would need to be friends with them!

Louise - Sprinkle of Glitter
This is Zoe's best friend and I love her for all the same reasons I love Zoe. Their trips to London make me miss London and wish I had of moved elsewhere in England but can't regret that stuff now. Check her out and her baby is adorable!!!

Justine - iJustine

I have actually been watching Justine since she was on JustinTV. I love her videos because they are normally pretty darn funny! She is a real girl and like watching her grocery shopping videos. I know I'm a tad crazy leave me alone!

So, there you have my some of my favorites! Don't blame me when you realize you have been sitting watching YouTube videos for days! These YouTubers are awesome so blame them for being so damn addicting! Okay, time to go and watch another video!

See Ya tomorrow lovies!

Say hello, will ya?

28 January 2013 8 comments

I really liked Laura's one day link up, so here is my second link up of the day!

1. What blogs do you visit daily? Please list 1-3 of your favorites.

3 of my favorites are:

2. Are you on Instagram? If so, what is your user name?

Yup! BrittanyLea

3. Can we find you on Pinterest? What's your Pinterest address, and what can we expect to see you pinning most? (recipes, DIY projects, home decor, etc.)

Please we all know I'm on Pinterest! You can find me here I pin everything! Fashion, food, funnies, cute animals etc!

4. What are your favorite blog link-ups to participate in? (weekly link-ups other bloggers have...any number will do...please link us to them!)

I like Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley, it the one I have been doing the most I think. I also love oh, how pinteresting! With Michelle from Vintage Apple!

5. Why do you blog?

Because I like to write and meet new people! I know that is a simple answer but it is the truth! 

6. Tell us one random fact about yourself.
Oh gosh I have been facting about myself a lot lately so I don't really know what to say now...I love the smell of coconut but HATE the taste with every fiber of my being!

Now go and check out Laura's blog :)
See Ya tomorrow! xo

Weekend Update!

Okay I haven't done a link up with Sami in forever so I figured since I had a decent weekend and even took a few pictures I would  do a weekend update! 

The weekend started on Friday with more then enough primping because I was headed to watch some cute boys curl for the evening. I know most of you probably don't even watch curling or even know what it is but it is a hard sport! Lots of strategy for this sport and skill because I know I would hurt myself playing this! I'm sure I would slip and fall on the ice before I could even play! On the bonus side of it all there are some cuties! This weekend Port Hawkesbury (about 90 minutes away from me) was holding an event called the National and some of the biggest teams in curling were going to be there so I got myself some tickets and took off with Erica once she was done at work! We stopped at Boston Pizza for dinner before heading to the Hawk which was delish! I had Thai bites and a salad...thai bites make my life haha. Oh and I had a drink called a Twisted Rocket which tastes like a Rocket popsicle! Amaze! We got the Civic Centre a tad early but it was okay because we got to see a few of the curler wondering around. I should have gone up to some of them but no one else seemed to be doing that and it was before the game so you don't know what mind frame they are in but honestly looking back I should have jumped at the chance to get my picture with John Morris! I think he is the reason why girls that are under the age of 60 are watching curling now. Curling used to be the old person sport but it is really catching on with everyone now especially since the Olympics in Vancouver! Anyways, it was a great night of curling and seeing some of my favorite teams play. The only team I didn't get to see was Team Jacobs which was kinda disappointing but what can you do they played in the draw before the one we were at. I did get to see Team Martin (reigning Olympic Champs), Team Koe and Team Howard which made me a happy girl! Here are some pictures from Friday :)

Almost ready to start!

Nolan Thiessen...lead for Team Koe...I heart him

Ben Hebert...lead for Team Martin...also heart him...I have a thing for Leads

Kevin Martin and Marc Kennedy

Nolan again

Action shot

More action

John Morris...Third for Team Martin....he is so good looking!

Curling: the only sport where you can giggle with the team you're playing against!

I love this sport!

Saturday was a lazy day because we didn't get home from curling until late. It was around 12:30 I think because the event wasn't even over until 11pm, then of course I couldn't get to sleep for another hour or so! So yes, a tad lazy on Saturday but on Saturday night we decided one night of curling in a cold rink wasn't even we decided to head over to the rink here for my cousin's hockey game! Hadn't been to the new rink at the Wellness Centre yet so I figured it was good time to go and check it out. Seems pretty nice, didn't get to see much expect the rink but that is what we were there for! Sadly the boys lost the game 4-3, they tried! I think they outplayed the other team but they just couldn't get the puck to the back of the net. They did beat the same team today 9-3! Should have gone to watch that one instead! Anyways it was fun night! I love watching hockey so I was a happy camper! Bonus, rink not that cold :)

And today was extra lazy! I didn't even really get dressed! Had a shower and put my sweats back on! Hope everyone had a great weekend and you're ready for another week! 

Have any plans already for next weekend??


Sunday Social

27 January 2013 6 comments

It is Sunday so we all know what that means! Another Sunday Social Link Up with Ashley and Neely!

1. What is your ideal way to relax?
-have a nice bubble bath! Lush bath bombs please!

2. Where is your favorite place to be?
I love New York City so there but also whenever my loved ones are :) Yup went cheesy with that one!

3. Who do you consider your biggest role model?
My parents, they are amazing people who have bought me and my siblings up the right way and they still love each other very much after 34 years

4. What does your life look like in 3 years?
I have no idea! I hope it is amazing though
5. If you could go back and change one decision, what would it be?
I don't live with regrets so I wouldn't change anything. Everything happens for a reason.

6. What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
Making the decision that England wasn't right for me and coming home knowing it was going to be okay even though I felt like it was the end of world at the time because it had been such a big decision to go. I know that is a little different but it was a huge deal for me in so many ways.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Winter Blues Got You Down?

24 January 2013 No comments
Got the winter blues? So do I and they are no fun. I long for more daylight and lightweight clothes. I am tired of dodging slush with cute shoes and having fear that my legs will get frostbite if I wear a skirt. Who else is so over black and gray? I am also growing slightly bored with the whole skirt and tights look. Blah - winter is here for another few months and we have to make the best of it.

Hi everyone! I am Allana and my slice of the blog world is A Husband and A Dog. On AHAAD you will read about my boring life with Big E, my husband, and our cute-as-ever Corgi names Lincoln. Oh sure there are posts about my fashion, hair, and makeup OR the lack there of. Although in twenty thirteen I vow to be more "put together" and actually give a hoot about my appearance. Therefore ... this entry that Brittany so graciously offered to me. Now let's get a move on to some winter fashion to carry us over till the birds start chirping again.

The first outfit is a favorite of mine. LOVE the color of the coat. Those leather leggings are to.die.for in my book. This shows that you can still look chic by pairing black with bright colors and make a statement.

While this next outfit has colors of fall why couldn't you wear this now? Those cinnamon colored pants are outrageous and love the navy shirt paired with it. The menswear inspired "blazer-vest" is a great add on.

I pretty much desire all the clothes on this site. I like to think that I have fashion style when really I don't.

Hope you enjoyed this little fashion show and it inspired you to get out of your winter rut. I know I am headed to the mall to buy a few statement pieces.

To get you inspired I am going to offer one of Brittany's readers a $10 virtual gift card to The Limited to get a jump start on getting out of the winter blues funk. The card can be redeemed at THELIMITED.com, eloquii.com and at any The Limited store locations.

Side note: If you are a plus-sized woman and never heard of Eloquii before - OMG. They have all the same great styles as The Limited offers but in your size. Yes, I am plus-sized and I find sooo many great finds on this site.

Remember to stop by my blog and introduce youself. Take care and good luck!

Giveaway Open to Residents of America Only (Sorry Anyone else! Next time!)
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It's Okay Thursday!

Linking Up with Neely and Amber for another week of It's Okay Thursday!

It's okay....

-that I'm already thinking about what I want to wear to curling on Friday, have to be warm and cute!
-that I'm watching Buying and Selling again, damn those Property Brothers get me every time!
-that I'm already complaining about how cold it is going to be tomorrow! At least -30!
-that I'm pumped for curling on Friday, but wish I could go to more than one draw!
-that I'm sleepy today and just want to nap
-that I'm jealous my mom leaves for Hawaii in 2 weeks!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Don't forget about Allana Giveaway here!


Oh, how Pinteresting!

23 January 2013 10 comments

I have been doing more pinning then actually doing on Pinterest lately but still who doesn't love Pinterest! We all love to see what people are pinning so here is what I'm loving lately from Pinterest! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! xoxo

The Facts Of Me!

22 January 2013 9 comments
Okay so the other day I saw that Whitney was going to do a link up and of course I was going to get in on it so here we are on Tuesday doing the Facts of Me! If you want to check out Whitney's blog (which you really should do) click on the graphic below or check out my side bar. Here is hoping you learn a little bit more about me today....at least that the point of this blog post/link up :)

-I'm named after Rod Stewart's ex wife Britt Eklund and my middle name comes from my aunt and great aunt because we are all Leas, Nancy Lea, Mary Lea and Brittany Lea (and it is pronounced like Lee)

-Christmas is by far my favorite holiday for so many reasons!

-when I was little I was often told I looked like DJ Tanner, I think it is was bad perm! Yes I had a perm when I was in grade 3, they said it would last 3 months, a year and half later we cut the end of it off!

-i still have my nanny's old roller ball perfume and teddy bear from before she passed away. It is going to be 21 years since she has been gone on Feb 14th

-i will forever love the Backstreet Boys, don't judge!

-when going over a bridge near Sackville, NB I ALWAYS count the bumps on the road. If you're talking to me during this time I probably won't answer you. PS there is 18

-I had a huge baby crush on Bryant Gumble when I was a toddler, I think around 2-3. I would get crazy when we watched him on the Today Show.

-My favorite NHL hockey team is the Ottawa Senators but I also love the New York Rangers because of the hottest of some of their players

-I could watch Dirty Dancing everyday and not get stick of it!

-when I was younger I could name almost every figure skater in the world, now I don't even know the Canadian Champs expect for the Mens and Dance Champs.

-I got overly excited when Nolan Thiessen, tweeted back at me, like little school girl excited

-I have a thing for leads in curling...Ben Hebert and Nolan Thiessen...love them

-I'm addicted to Dance Moms....I know but I can't help it!

-lush baths are like heaven, I would take one everyday if I could

-i have baby fever until babies cry then I'm happy I don't have one yet!

-fact if someone would pay for me to travel around the world I would be the happiest girl.

-i had a cancer scare back in 2009, I was told I would need chemo before they could remove the tumor which was the size of a grape fruit, turns out it wasn't cancer (YAY) but my ovary tore itself off my fallopian  tube, exploded and just kinda hung out in my body. Doctor said I must be Superwoman because the pain I would have been in when it happened would have been insane! Oddly enough I do remember now when I think it happened and it was almost 10 years before, so I guess I have a high pain tolerance!

-I have a ten inch scar from my belly down from my surgery (good bye scary ovary)

-i have never broken a bone!

-my drink of choice is vodka

-I take a Zantac and two Tums every night so I won't have heartburn (Yup I'm 60 years old)

-I would content to watch only Disney movies, who needs adult movies!

-i will always have a paper planner because I prefer to write stuff down then to type it into my phone

-i need to be organized

-i love the smell of the rain on pavement on really hot days in the summer

-i travel best with my sister and my brother

-my dogs make me happy

-i would be a completely different person if I didn't have my sister and brother in my life, they are amazing

-i took piano lessons from grade 1 to grade 5, hated it! But now wish I could play

-I hate writing about myself! haha

-i love pens! 

-i HATE cooked carrots! Barf in my mouth

-i love taking pictures

-i look exactly my dad! And I'm much like him! I don't freak out and say I'm turning into my I say OH MY GOD I'M TURNING INTO MY DAD!

-i loved barbies when I was little and paper dolls, I blame this on my Nanny who bought me a new one every time she went to the mall.

-i have green eyes, brown hair, my favorite color is pink, i love leopard print, summer is my favorite time of year, i wish i could live on a beach, i text a lot, i love my family, I love adore my pets, my friends are amazing, my friend's kids are amazing! i love to be crafty, i finally like cooking and baking. I love life.

Thanks for coming to read my facts! I know some are silly and a couple serious but I never know what to write when post like this come up. Happy Tuesday Everyone! Have an amazing day! xoxo

Tunes Tuesday: Serena Ryder

In honor of getting tickets to see Serena Ryder I'm going to post some music from her today because she is amazing! I cannot wait to see her concert! I have seen her 3 times already and she is truly a great performer. Her songs are brilliant and I could listen to her forever! Hope you enjoy these videos :)

Have a great Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday Social

20 January 2013 9 comments

Linking up again with the lovely Ashley and Neely! For Sunday Social :)

1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food
- Seafood, honestly love almost anything from under the ocean.
Pasta, I make a great seafood pasta actually ;)
Chocolate! Because come on we all love it!

2. First 3 things you do in the morning
check my phone
use the bathroom
wash my face

3. Last 3 things you do at night
wash my face
use the bathroom
check my phone LOL

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss
Criminal Minds
Property Brothers
Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers

5. 3 places you want to visit
Ireland, Scotland, Australia

6. 3 people you can always count on
My mom (and dad)
Erica (and Chase)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and you're ready for another week :)

It's Okay Thursday!

17 January 2013 4 comments

Since I have done this in awhile I decided to link up with the lovely Neely and Amber for It's Okay Thursday! So let's get started!

It's Okay That....

  • I thought Criminal Minds was great this week but felt really bad for Spencer! Like he was an actually person!
  • that I have been watching Dog the Bounty Hunter in the morning! I have a strange attraction to his son Duane Lee (yes I know I'm crazy!)
  • that I have been listening to "Just A Fool" far too much
  • that I spent the afternoon doing nothing my best friend and her family
  • that I don't plan on doing too much tomorrow LOL
  • that I'm amped I get to watch NHL hockey this weekend!
  • that I don't think I will ever get over my addiction to Pinterest
  • I'm so sleepy tonight I may go to bed soon! (it is 8:07pm right now)
  • that I don't care about Lance Armstrong admitting he doped! It isn't a huge shock is it?
  • that I'm addicted to watching YouTube videos (post to come on that)

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

oh, how pinteresting

16 January 2013 12 comments

Another Wednesday so you know it is time to link up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for another fun week of oh, how Pinteresting! Hope you like the ones I have been liking lately and here is where you can find me on Pinterest

Source: via Jo-Anna on Pinterest

Source: lolsotrue.com via Jill on Pinterest

Source: humortrain.com via Jill on Pinterest

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly! Golden Globes!

15 January 2013 2 comments
On Sunday, we really kicked off the award season off right with the Golden Globes! I think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a great job hosting but I was kind of ticked off about the fact they did not really host the event, yes they had funny bits but after the first half we hardly even saw them but they did great so whatever! {Side note I think Kristin Wiig and Will Farrell should host next year!} and  I loved Amy's first dress! Speaking of Globe fashions a lot of the ladies decided to go for the plunging neckline this year which I loved a lot of them. We all love a good dress and fashion statement so here are my best and worst dressed of the night.

Best Dressed...

Amanda Seyfried: In love with this dress, I'm a sucker for a white/off white dress and this looked amazing on her. I love how her hair and make up were soft and she just looked amazing.

Claire Danes: What a stunner! She looks amazing in this red dress! And how bangin' is her post baby body! She only had her child a month ago! This look is just a effortless look for Claire I think. Perfection, probably my favorite of the night.

Anne Hathaway: I think she looked amazing in this white dress, sometimes I find white dresses just look like a wedding dress but I loved this! She looked flawless from her dress, to her hair to her make up! Huge congrats to her on winning for Best Supporting Actress she was amazing in her role!

Worst Dressed....

Lucy Liu: I'm sorry girl but this dress was not made for you! First off it looks like a tablecloth! Then you do a plain fishtail braid! I oddly like this dress since the first time I saw it but it was not something I think works for Lucy. I think it is too young for her. Go for just a dress next time Lucy and not a ball gown. 

Lena Dunham: Girl, this is a bad prom dress gone WRONG! The straps are wrong, the shape is bad and I just really hate this dress! Also, next award show Lena wear shoes you can walk in because you looked downright silly when you went up to get your awards!

Sienna Miller: Do I even have to explain why this was on my worst dressed list? Just look at it!

I also just want to make a quick mention of my favorite moments of the night....

-Ben Affleck winning Best Director for Argo. I'm still pissed at the Oscars for over looking him!
-Adele's speech! I love how surprised she was! 
-Tina Fey telling Taylor Swift to stay away from Micheal J Fox's son!!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

And I will leave you with a picture of Mr. Affleck who I have been mad crushing on lately!

*le sigh*