Random Tuesday Post!

29 July 2014 1 comment
Yesterday I had every intention of blogging but my internet had other ideas! Every time I went to come and blog my internet decided it was good time to cut out so I'm crossing my fingers this will actually get posted today.

I don't have much to say today because I'm in bit of a blogging funk mainly because I keep wanting to do some beauty posts but it has been soooo muggy I can't do my make up the way I want it because it melting off me before I can finish it! I really wish I had AC but what can you do. Hopefully tomorrow I can do something since I actually have to get ready to leave the house! It is one more sleep until Erica is finally home! YAY!! This is by far the longest I have gone not seeing her and not really talking to her that much because of the time change and well she has been on the go! She text me yesterday saying I just saw Wicked without you...what is wrong with the world? We have seen Wicked together like 4 times! So it made us both sad we weren't together. I can't wait to see her and hear all her stories from her travels. 

Well this is kind of a useless blog post. I really wish I had more to say or something more interesting then this but alas I don't so we will end it here for today and I will talk to you again on Wednesday or Thursday :)



25 July 2014 3 comments
I can't believe it already Friday! At the beginning of the week I was saying to my friend Justin that I thought it was going to be a long week but boy was I wrong! This week has flown by. I was going to post on Wednesday but well it was far too nice outside to be in on the computer so what can you do!? This is what I did all day on Wednesday....

I love summer! I don't enjoy the muggy weather we have been having but man when you can lay by the pool all day it doesn't even matter.

We are almost into the final countdown of Erica's trip and she will be home soon! I have missed her so much! It is hard when your partner in crime is away for almost a month! I'm excited to have her home soon! The dogs are going to go crazy! They have missed her so much. Gus especially hasn't been himself since she left. It is funny because they are mopey for a day or so when someone else goes but then they get over it but with Erica they have been bummed out the whole time!

Okay, I have some stuff to get done before lunch time so I should probably get my butt going and get it done! Hope you all had a great week and are going to have a great weekend!


Weekend Update!

21 July 2014 1 comment
What? Is this really happening? I'm actually giving a weekend update on Monday!! Miracles never cease to exist! I have to say I love summer weekends, yes I know all weekends are awesome but there is something but summer that just makes them better. This is probably because I love summer so much. This weekend was a lovely weekend full of family, friends, laughter, happiness and sun! 

This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate my friends' wedding. Myself and my friend Megan were also happy to do the hair and make up of the wedding party. Thanks for trusting us to that Natalie! Not that I'm bias but she looked so beautiful! The day was great! I got to spend the morning with the wedding party before rushing home to get myself ready for the wedding. The ceremony was lovely and everything seemed to go off without a hitch. The dinner and dance was great, the food was very good! It was a buffet of salmon, salads, beef, seafood chowder and biscuits. There was an assortment of desserts along with cupcakes. All of it was delicious! Then of course the dance was super fun! There was five of us there together from high school and we were all each others dates so it was a girls' night at the wedding and it was a lot of fun. The DJ played some great music and we danced most of the night away. Here are some pictures from Saturday.....

My hot wedding dates Andrea, Lydia, Danielle and Laura

Us again with the bride Natalie

The blushing bride and myself

Me and Danielle

Laura and Me

Lydia, Andrea and myself

View at the Pictou Lodge where they had the wedding dinner and dance.

On Sunday we headed down to my uncle Bill's cottage for some BBQ. My aunt Marjorie and uncle Paul are home for a visit so we all went there for a nice meal. I love being down on the shore and they have great spot down at the cottage. We all had a nice evening together and I got some good pictures on the beach. It was a great weekend and I hope you had a great weekend too. I will leave you with some pictures from Sunday evening.


Wordless Wednesday

16 July 2014 No comments

One year and we all still miss you Talia Joy

"just keep swimming" 

Having a gratitude attitude....

14 July 2014 4 comments

A few weeks ago my friend Sarah asked if anyone would participate in a gratitude chain she was going to do. I jumped on board right away because I love ideas like this. I find it too often we forget to say thank you to those closest to us because we assume they know we are thankful for them but really it something we all like to hear now and again.

For this gratitude attitude Sarah had people sign up then she was going to write a letter/note to those people and include a blank note card for us to give it to someone else thanking them for whatever we wanted to thank them for. I personally love getting mail so I was excited this was all going to be done by hand. I of course love the convenience of emails and all that jazz but I love when someone takes the time to write a hand written note or letter. When I got my letter from Sarah I was so happy to get it and she wrote me a sweet note (thank you Sarah) and I started thinking about who I wanted to give my note card to! It was hard to pick one person to get this awesome note card! Sarah did a great job designing them! I did finally pick someone but I can’t say who it is because I believe they read most of my blogs and I know it didn’t get to them yet as I’m sending it out tomorrow!

Remember everyone likes to hear thank you so say it even if it is just because.

Thank you for reading my blog, I honestly appreciate it.


Summer Lovin' Tag

09 July 2014 9 comments
Look at me posting again this week! You would think I was an actual blogger or something ;) Getting my hair colored today and I'm so excited! Needs to be done sooooo bad!! Can't wait until I can do it myself haha

The other day FleurdeForce posted a video on her YouTube channel of a Summer Lovin' Tag and I decided I should do it too! I tag everyone reading this to do it too :)


1. Summer lipstick you're loving? Since I can only wear it in the summer I will say Candy Yum Yum by MAC

2. Summer nail polish you're loving? I have really been loving Magnify by Sparitual but I currently have on Dreamsicle by Sparitual.

3. Bathing suit you're loving this summer? I actually haven't bought a new this year because I didn't need one but I'm really liking a couple of my bright ones, makes the tan look better :)

4. Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks? I don't drink fraps but my favorite summer drink from Starbucks is the Passion Tea Iced Lemonade :)

5. Favourite fake tan? I haven't tried any I really like! I need to try the St Tropez one

6. Favourite summer song? hmmmm I haven't really found my summer jam yet but probably Problem by Ariana Grande

7. Favourite summer accessory? Long gold necklaces

8. Favourite summer fragrance/perfume? Jennifer Aniston's perfume love it (all seasons!)

9. Summer book you're loving? I have a couple of books I want to start but I'm not really reading anything right now

10. What are you most excited to do this summer? Just have a fun summer with family and friends since I don't really have much planned.

Okay I said I tag everyone reading this but I'm going to tag a couple of certain people too so I tag....

Brandi from the Realities of Brandi
Sara from the Duchess Diaries 
Steph from The Stephanews

I'm Not a fan of.....

07 July 2014 3 comments
I guess I'm just going to start copying all of Brandi's posts! She did this a week or so ago and I liked it so I figured I would do it too.

So here are some things I'm not a fan of...

Tropical storms....Arthur was here this weekend and was just a pain in the bum! I don't like high winds and losing power which thankfully we didn't for long but still I don't like them.

Cooked carrots...I don't know why but they make me gag! I honestly can barely get them down so I eat raw carrots instead.

People who can't just let people like whatever they want...Example I enjoy Backstreet Boys always have always will, when someone asks me why I like them but whatever my answer is they don't accept because they don't like BSB so they can't see why anyone else would. This honestly drives me insane! Like what you like and lets others like whatever they want because guess what it DOESN'T effect you! I'm not tie you a chair and make you listen to BSB so shut it!

That being said I'm no fan of Taylor Swift but if you must like her go ahead hahaha

Birds...Yup, I have hate on for birds, I don't want to see a bird hurt or anything but they kind of freak me out!

Golf....Sorry I just can't....I don't get it and I don't want to thanks.

Bad Manners (taken from Brandi)...Seriously is it that hard to say please and thank you!? I always say Thank You when someone holds a door for me and yes I expect you to say it when I hold it for you but less and less you're hearing people say it! I have actually had someone grunt at me as a thank you before! Give me a break! Honestly, I wish people were nicer to each other!

Now, let me know what you're not a fan of? I'm nosy and I want to know okay :) Also and go and see Brandi :)

Long Weekend Break....

03 July 2014 6 comments
Hello my lovelies! Sorry for the break in posts I didn't even mean to have one but I haven't really even been online in the past week because of life. But since I haven't posted in a bit I do have a nice recap to give you! Lets get on with it shall we?

Last Thursday it was raining cats and dogs all day! Such gross weather but I was having dinner with some of my girlfriends and one of the girl's baby! Nathaniel is so adorable just love him! He is really good baby too let us all have our dinner in peace :) It was nice dinner and lovely to have a nice catch up with the girls. Friday, not much happened on Friday actually or I at least can't remember what happened LOL

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day, the weather was beautiful and has continued since then. Erica and I headed to lunch at Sharon's which of course was delish as always and then we decided on Tuesday we would go to PEI for the day! Chase wasn't home to ask if he wanted to go but we knew he would since we have been going for so many years and he had the day off for Canada Day so why wouldn't he really? Erica was off to her staff party that evening. For dinner myself and the 'rents headed down to Salt Water Cafe, it was super nice down there on the water with the breeze blowing since it was pretty warm all day. Lovely meal the parents for sure. Sunday and Monday were pool days! I seriously just laid by the pool all day and swam around. Monday night we cleaned out the car in prep for our PEI day trip and went to the fireworks! I love fireworks and they were quite good this year :)

Tuesday, we were up bright and early to catch the 8am ferry over to PEI. It was nice ferry ride and the weather was beautiful again. Once we got to PEI we headed to Cavendish and to mini golf! Mariner's Cove was our first mini golf stop, this one is the hardest one we do because it is most like actually golf. It it always a lot of fun though :) Chase of course won and Erica bet me too! I played real crappy! LOL After this we walked around the place a bit because it has a few shops and we all wanted a drink since it was super HOT! We decided to head to the beach to cool down a bit after this and it was a great idea since there was a beautiful breeze off the water and the water was quite nice as well. Then it was time for some lunch and the Cavendish Boardwalk! For lunch we grabbed some hot dogs and fries from a place on the boardwalk and of course I can't remember the name of the place! It was quite good :) We then walked around the boardwalk for a bit checking out some stores before heading out to play some more mini golf! We alway stopped into the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. They have the best mugs, tea pots, teas and of course preserves! One of these trips we will have lunch there. After that we headed for dinner at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers! I honestly don't think there is any place that has better lobster suppers! You never have a bad meal there. Staff is always great, food great, atmosphere great! I just love it there! We left quite full and headed back into Charlottetown and made a quick stop at the Casino since we had some time to kill before we needed to head to the ferry! Again the ferry ride was nice and easy! Another very successful Wilson Kids' trip to PEI!

How was your Canada Day long weekend? Or what your plans for your 4th of July weekend?