Easter Traditions

13 April 2017 6 comments

It is time for another Girly Chat Link up! This month's topic is Easter Traditions! I was hoping to be able to have some pictures to go along with this post but I haven't been able to find any so maybe next year haha!

Easter isn't my favorite holiday but I do love it because it is normally when the weather is changing and everything is just coming back to life here in Nova Scotia. I love Spring and normally we go from winter into basically summer. The weather has been great for the past couple of days and I just love it.

My family has a couple of traditions that we have had forever and a few that are newer. Since Erica will be in Europe for Easter and my dad is away working, it is just going to be me, momma bear and my brother Chase for Easter this year. We are changing things up because we don't want to do everything we normally do because it is a lot of work to make a full turkey dinner and when it is just for 3 people no thanks. Plus mom did a full turkey for Erica's birthday so that was kind of in place of Easter dinner. I think we are going to do a BBQ this year and just have a nice Sunday together.

When I was a kid, we always a had a turkey dinner and my grandparents would come over. We always got a nice basket from the Easter Bunny which included chocolate, skipping rope, sideway chalk and a movie/book/CD. It was always a great day spent with family. Now, is much the same but the basket has gotten smaller and mainly just some mini eggs and bunny which is more than enough haha. One of our newer traditions is watching Jesus Christ Superstar. Myself and Erica are huge musical fans and there are some that even Chase will partake in. Since Erica will be away we are planning on watching it tonight when I'm doing Erica's hair. Can't have an Easter now without watching it!

Easter = Spring and I love it. I hope you are linking up today for the latest Girly Girl!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


It's Wednesday!

12 April 2017 2 comments
I swear the weeks are just rolling by! And they can do this until I go away to Cuba then please slow down and don't pass too quickly. This week I feel like I have been going constantly, Erica leaves for Europe on Thursday and being the nice big sister I am, I'm making sure all her laundry is done and she will have her hair done before she leaves and all that jazz plus work and just regular household chores! Adulting is so much fun! Anyways, lets show you some pins I have been looking at and what I'm royally waiting on....

 Funny and true!
Above and below pictures make my heart melt! I just want to be able to cuddle some puppies since I already have two dogs I'm probably not getting another one anytime soon!
I was going to post to some more pins I have been looking at but honestly if you look at my pinterest right now it is all puppy pictures and funny memes so I won't bore you with all of them! If you want to see more of what I'm pinning when I actually have a chance to go on Pinterest click on the button in the sidebar!
Now for Royally Waiting....CUBA! That is what I'm waiting on, excited for, planning for, packing for, etc! I cannot wait to have a great week on the beach with my momma, cousin and aunt!



10 April 2017 No comments

Look at me posting on a Monday! I know what you're thinking you post once a week maybe then you're gone for the week! I honestly do make plans to post more but this last month has been busy and to  be even more honest it doesn't look like it is getting any better. I work part time in a political office and we seem to be gearing up for an election and in a little over two weeks I will be leaving for a week for my vacation. So, I'm going to try my best to schedule some posts but if I'm absent for the next little bit it is because I'm busy and I'm not taking the time to be on the internet to blog. Anyways, I hope you're all have a great Monday! It is a beautiful day here so I have no complaints! Well, I wouldn't mind more coffee but whatever!

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Wednesday Wednesday....

05 April 2017 1 comment

Wow, Wednesday already! I swear the last couple of weeks have flown by and I don't know where they have gone. Since we got home from Crop and Create is has been a blur! I don't have any complaints though because the weather has been sketchy and I'm so looking forward to nicer weather and the more into April we get the better. Anyways I'm linking up with lots of fab gals so lets just get into Royally Waiting and What's Happinning Wednesday!

Waiting On...work to be over for the day so I can go and run some errands! I know super exciting.

Thinking About...Maybe doing a super quick trip to Halifax on Saturday because I have a few things I need to pick up and I can only get them in Halifax since we don't have the stores in New Glasgow.

Listening to....James Arthur!

Loving...That Darrel took out Johnny Bananas on the Challenge! Sorry if that ends up being a spoiler for you! I didn't mean it to be.

Excited for....My trip to Cuba!! It is booked and I leave on April 27th! Myself. momma, cousin Jody and my aunt Sandra are going. It is going to be a super fun trip! I can't wait to lay on the beach for a week!

Question...What is your number one item for a beach vacation? And maybe not the normal answers....sunscreen, bathing suits, dresses I got that ;)

Now, what lets do I have to tell you? Oh on the weekend we had a surprise 30th birthday party for my sister! It was a super fun night and she was pretty surprised! Not totally she had an idea but she was pretty darn pleased with it is all. She does so much for everyone else it was nice to have that party for her and celebrate her birthday. We then had a turkey dinner for her on Sunday, which was mainly my mom's party for Erica and then on Monday for her actual birthday she was busy with work and tutoring but I made her a cake and we still celebrated a bit more. She still has to pick out her suitcase which I'm getting her for her birthday, she is leaving for Europe next week, school trip! All in all a great weekend oh and I went to see my cousin Jared play hockey on Sunday night.
So that is what is up with me! Hope you're all having a great week so far!