Beauty Wednesday! Just Some Quick Tips!

26 February 2014 No comments
Hey Ladies! I'm here for a quick Beauty Wednesday! I know I wanted to have one last week but I just didn't have time and honestly I don't really have time now but I'm making some! 

Today, I just wanted to give you a couple of quick make up tips! So lets go...

Your concealer should be the exact same color as your foundation! If it is lighter or darker and you're trying to cover something it just draw attention to it! 

Your under eye concealer however should be a shade or two lighter because you want to brighten this area.

Instead of highlighting between your eyebrows try highlighting over the arches of your brows. Sometimes highlighting over between your eyebrows just makes it look like your T zone is shiny!

Know your eye shape! Knowing your eye shape can make all the difference in the world because you want to be able to make your eyes pop and well sometimes not knowing the ins and outs of our eyes we can make them look bad. You know what I'm talking about we have all since it.

To make your lips look fuller, place a shiny gloss in the middle of your lips!

Highlight your cupid's bow! This is the dip on your top lip if you didn't know

Try your best to always match your face to your neck!

Remember, a smile is the best thing you can put on your face!

Love you all and see you again soon!



17 February 2014 2 comments
What? Yes I'm actually blogging! I was starting to think I had forgotten how but alas I have shaken off that feeling and I'm back for today anyways! I'm hoping to have another Beauty Wednesday up this week too so fingers crossed!

Today, I was thinking I would give you a bit of an update on what has been keeping me away since January! In one word it can be summed up....SCHOOL! I have not been this busy in years! School is keeping me much more busy then work ever did. This is probably because I have to do things at home for school too. I have to say I am loving it though. I finally have that feeling of contentment I did not have before. We are working on perm wraps right now which I have to say I didn't really like when we started but since then I have caught on, still need more practice but basically have the hang of it now. I have also completed a blunt cut and uniform cut! I liked the blunt cut way more then the uniform cut! I think it is because the blunt cut came much more naturally to me.

Earlier this month we also had two days where we did free shampoos and styles. I was lucky enough that I had 4 people book an appointment with me. My cousin Ashdenne, was my first client and everything went smoothly with her! As did all my other clients which included Erica my sister and friends Cathy and Rebecca. Cathy actually came on both days we did the shampoos! Thank you ladies so much for coming in! I'm excited everything that is to come with this course and next term I'm excited for the coloring section!

The lovely Jessica Noelle nominated me for a Liebster Award! How sweet is she? I'm always so shocked when someone tells me they nominated me for this award. It is just so nice. Since, I have been nominated a few times now I'm just going to answer Jessica's questions since I really don't have new blogs to give you right now. I would love to be able to nominate a bunch more but I haven't been looking around for new blog lately since I have been so busy outside the internet lately. Again, thanks to Jessica for nominating me! Go and check her out here :)

The Questions:

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
-Lets see right now I would love to be on a beach so maybe Bora Bora! I would also love love love to go to New Zealand and back to New York and London.

Who is your celebrity crush?
-Leonardo DiCaprio and has been for like 20 years!

What alcohol can you never drink again and why?
-Hmmmm I can't think of any alcohol I can't drink again, probably because I'm not a huge drinker anyways so I rarely get really drunk off anything. I can you I don't like cream based alcohols! 

If you could shop free at one store, which store would you choose?
-Free at one store? Sadly probably MAC, I love me some good make up! Or Sephora because then I can get make up and hair stuff!

What smell reminds you of your childhood?
-Homey smells, cranberry and mulberry scents because my mom always had those can of scented candles burning in the house.

What is something new that you would like to try this year?
-I think I am trying something new already this year and that is beauty school! I have always had an interest and now I'm finally doing it!! Also loving it!

For what reasons would you block someone on Facebook?
-Good question, I would say if they kept offending me with what they were posting, but really I would probably just hide them on my feed. I haven't had to block anyone who I don't know!

What is your go-to karaoke song?
-Anything Backstreet Boys!

What is the meaning behind your blog name?
-Just something I liked because I wanted my blog to feel homey and just easy.

What is your guilty pleasure reality show?
-Any of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges....Big Brother Canada, Real Housewives

What quote do you live by?

"Every new day is another chance to change your life"

Hope you all have a great week and hopefully I will see you on Wednesday for another Beauty Wednesday!


Beauty Wednesday: Sigma Brushes

05 February 2014 1 comment
Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you're all having a great week. Mine of course is busy! We had Shampoo Day yesterday at the salon and are having another one tomorrow. Thankfully, I'm loving my cosmetolgy course. I will give a better update hopefully on Friday and if not then on Monday. As it is Wednesday I'm sure you're here for Beauty Wednesday! This week's topic is make up brushes! I have told you many times to wash your brushes on a regular basis so I hope you're all doing this! If you take care of your brushes, they will last longer even the ones you pick up at the local drug store!

Today, I'm not talking about the drug store brushes, I'm talking about my new Sigma brushes! When my mom asked me what I wanted from her for Christmas I honestly had no idea what I wanted! I didn't really need anything and well I couldn't even think of something I wanted until I watched another YouTube video and they talked about their Sigma make up brushes. I do have some nice brushes from Sephora and a couple from MAC but I really wanted to try the Sigma brushes. I decided that was going to be one of my Christmas gifts! And of course on Christmas morning I got the Essential Kit. They are the best brushes! I want every brush in the collection and one day I will have them all. There are a few of the brushes I would love to have a couple of because it is annoying to spot clean when changing colors and such. They are soft but not so soft they don't pick up the product or feel like they are not actually putting the product on your face. They wash really well and keep their shape when drying. One of my biggest pet peeves with brushes is when they loss hairs on your face! These brushes haven't lost a hair yet! If you haven't guessed yet I'm totally in love with these brushes. I really like them more than my other brushes even though those ones are great too. The essentials kit is perfect too, gives you all the brushes you basically need and for a good deal. It was around $150 for 12 brushes. I know some of you might be thinking that isn't a deal at all but for those who know it really is since one brush can be $50. I especially like the eye shadow brushes from Sigma, they pick up the product nicely and deposit well on the skin. I don't feel like I'm going back and forth a hundred times to get good color payoff.

To sum it up I love these brushes and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great set of brushes. I maybe wouldn't tell you to get them if you're not into make up and wanting really nice brushes but if you do these are the brushes to get! I promise you won't be disappointed!

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