Monday's Post on a Tuesday!

29 October 2013 1 comment
*Note I wrote this yesterday but didn't get to upload it!

Monday again folks and it is a special Monday because it is my birthday!! And not just any birthday my 30th birthday! That is like a double whammy right there! I have been celebrating my birthday since Thursday though and will continue until next Sunday! haha 

On Thursday, I headed up to Halifax with Erica for the weekend because she had a school conference on Friday so why not make a weekend out of it. On the drive there we decided we were going to have a late dinner at il Mercato with Chase. It was a great dinner with my lovely siblings. We always have a great time when we are all together. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to just hang out and we ended up watching Border Security which is so funny! These people are so dumb to think oh yes I have weed/drugs in my luggage and they will totally let me into Canada! Some of them cry and everything thinking that will help! Couple of the agents are mighty fine too! After a bit Chase went home and it was time for sleeping!

Friday morning Erica was up and gone pretty early for her conference. I actually got up while she was getting ready (damn internal clock) but I laid around until 10am before getting ready to head to lunch with Chase. I met up with Chase at Cora's for lunch and it was delicious as always. After lunch Chase headed back home and I did some window shopping around and picked up a Starbucks because it was pretty cold walking around! After Erica's conference was over, we headed to get Chase and we did a little shopping. I got some new eyeliners at Sephora and picked up my birthday present from them! It was They're Real Mascara! I was excited about this because I love this mascara. After shopping a bit we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. For dinner we were meeting my friends Danielle, Tiana, Deena and Gavin, Erica's friend Johnny is also joined us. We had dinner at Baton Rouge, and it was really good! Most of us had never eaten there before and we all really liked it!  After a nice dinner with everyone Erica and myself headed back to the hotel but then we decided to go to the casino! I left with $24.25! Only put in ten!! YAY! After that we went back to the hotel and hit the hay!

Saturday we got up and ready before heading out for breakfast Cora's. Since Erica didn't get to go the day before I said it was okay for us to go again. After a yummy breakfast we picked up my friend Tiana and headed to the malls! We also stopped in to see our friends Matie and TJ. Just a quick catch up with them since they were working haha. We stopped into Jack Astor's for lunch before we moved on to more shopping. The day was basically all shopping and it was a great day spent with Tiana. We have made plans for next week to go to Christmas at the Forum! It will be a great time. After shopping all day we dropped off Tiana and headed back home. It was a great weekend in Halifax. I love getting to see my friends up there and getting to hang out with Chase.

Sunday, I went to a funeral for my cousin's grandpa. It was really sad but he was 92 and lived a good long life. After the funeral, I did some errands with Erica and we went on a pumpkin hunt because it seemed like no one had any pumpkins left! Thankfully, we got 4 good ones at Super Store. A young couple in the store actually asked us where we had found them since they couldn't! Everyone was wanting their pumpkins on Sunday. The redt of the day was super chill and really I didn't do anything!

Today! It is my birthday! We had steak and lobster for my birthday dinner! It was delish! We also of course had some cake! Now, I'm getting ready to go down to my aunt house to visit with her and some other of our family because she is leaving for Calgary on Wednesday morning. 

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Hotel Livin'

She spelt it right!!

Some of favorites! Deena, Danielle and Tiana

Flowers from my little siblings

Birthday Cake!

Dinner! Maybe a vodka and coke and wine ;)

Princess Tag!

24 October 2013 2 comments

I was having some trouble figuring out what I wanted to write about today since I don't have a lot of time! I wanted to have something fun and then I saw this tag done by GlamLifeGuru aka Tati and I was bam there is the post for the day!!

Calling all Princesses!!

Share your all time favorite high-end products in each category (If you don't own a luxury item in every category talk about a product you are wanting to try & why you're attracted to it) ; D

- FOUNDATION - I don't have any higher end concealers, I actually only have one and it is Rimmel. I would love to try a Chanel foundation because a lot of the beauty love them! Maybe some day!

- CONCEALER - My favorite is BOING from Benefit! This stuff covers everything! The first time I got it, the rep from Benefit was at Sephora! She was super nice and told me that they have used this concealer to cover tattoos, so some redness or blemish could easily be covered and she was right! I love this stuff! I wish it was cheaper though since it is like $27!

- POWDER - I don't have a high end powder right now but I do like MAC. I like the finish and like how you can use it alone or with other products.

- BRONZER - I love MAC and Smash Box. I love how both are matte so you don't look too sparkly! As you age you shouldn't be wearing that much sparkle on your face!

- BLUSH - I rarely wear blush so I don't own any high end blush but I would love to try Tarte blushes if I ever start wearing them more.

- HIGHLIGHTER - I don't have a high end highlighter either but I would love to try High Beam by Benefit

- EYESHADOW - I love MAC shadows! They are normally highly pigmented and go on nicely. I also love the Naked Palette by Urban Decay! Again very pigmented for good color pay off and they are nice to put on the eyes!

- EYELINER - My favorite is MAC in smolder but I haven't tried that many high end eyeliners. I love how easily MAC liner slide on your lids though. There is never any tugging because the liner is too dry.

- MASCARA - We all know much I love mascaras! My all time forever is Diorshow! Again, we are talking about high end and this is like $30 so I don't buy it all the time but man if I could I would!

- LIP LINER - I normally don't wear lip liner so I don't really have expect for one MAC, so I will go with MAC liners.

- LIPSTICK - I love MAC lipsticks. I find you get great color, good moisture with most of them and a great variety of colors! Also, really like my Bare Minerals lip stick too!

- LIP GLOSS - Lancome, high shine and pretty colors!

- BROW PRODUCT - I was MAC shadow for my brows and I love it! Fills them in perfectly without looking over done.

- MISC... (CANDLE, BATH GOODIE, TOOL ETC) - I really think of one for this category!

- NAIL POLISH - Nope, don't have any high end nail polishs!

I do love high end products and yes sometimes I consider myself a Princess but really I do love my drugstore products too! I tag everyone who wants to do this tag!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Beauty Wednesday Favorite Hair Care

23 October 2013 No comments
And yes we are back to Beauty Wednesday! I know I have been doing drugstore products but I don't have many in the hair care area right now. I have a few holy grail products I don't tend to stray from. I'm not saying I don't use lots of drugstore brands but I just really have any I go back a lot. But lets get on with the products because I know that is what you're here for!

Bead Head Superstar - Queen for a Day Thickening Spray - I honestly use this everyday unless I'm sick and don't wash my hair! I have lots of hair but it is fine, so most products I use on my hair have the word thickening or volumizing in the title. I find this really does help make my hair look fuller. This product also smells amazing! Win Win on everything there! This product is around $15-$18 I do believe. I have found it from time to time at my local Winners for $10. 

Big Sexy Hair - Spray and Play Harder - Hairspray - This is one of my favorite hair sprays because it can give you the firm hold you want or a more natural one depending on much you spray. I also don't mind the smell of this hair spray either. I mainly use this for when I have curled my hair because it holds my curls in for the majority of the day. I will use this when I need a little hold too to tame any stubborn hairs but normally I don't use much hair spray unless I have curled my hair. This spray is around $18-$20 but I have only bought it from Winners where I found it for $10.

Big Sexy Hair - Root Pump - Volumizing Mousse - When I want a little more volume then my thickening spray gives I will add in a little of this root boost. I find blowing my hair dry with a round brush and flipping my head over is the best way to get the most of this product. Smells good too! One of the things I love about the Big Sexy Hair products that they smell good! This is also around $18-$20 but again I get it at Winners for $10.

Marc Anthony - Dream Waves - Beach Spray - Sometimes you just don't want to put that much effort into your look and this is a good product for that. Spray in damp hair, scrunch and let dry! I also use this product to add texture to a messy ponytail or curls/waves. 

Fekkai Advanced - Salon Technician Color Care - Shampoo and Conditioner - This is a total splurge I got myself back in the summer when I down in Maine. I didn't even splurge on the full size! I got the travel size and I have been randomly letting myself use it. This is the ONLY expensive shampoo and condtioner my hair likes. Yes, my fine hair really only enjoys CHEAP stuff which is great for me! But I love this stuff so much! Next time I make it down to the states shopping or Ulta finally opens shipping to Canada I will be getting myself full sizes of this! Smells amazing! It is expensive! I spent $10 on each bottle. Full size prices range from $25-$39.

I'm looking for a heat protector so if you have any you love! Leave me a comment so I can check it out! 

Hope you all are liking this series! Next week we are going high end for some splurge items because we all love to splurge sometimes right?


Taste of Tuesday with Jessica and Ashley!

22 October 2013 4 comments
This week I wasn't sure what I wanted to talk about for Taste of Tuesday! I haven't made anything exciting in awhile and really I was just stumped. So I'm taking a page out of Jessica and Ashley's book and I'm talking about some of my favorite snacks! I know it is kind of boring but who doesn't love having a snack!

Peanut Butter and Apples: I have to say I don't understand who don't like this snack because it is just so darn good and so easy! 

Popcorn: Firstly I can't go to the movies without having popcorn even if it just a handful! The smell gets me every time! Even at home sometimes popcorn is the best snack. 

Multigrain Nacho chips: I don't need anything to dip them in I can eat them plain and they are one of my favorite things!

Grapes: They have been my snack of choice lately because right now the grapes at the grocery store we so amazing! They are perfectly sweet and still have a great crunch to them. Now, all I want is grapes and it is too close to lunch for that!

All Veggie Wheat Thin Crackers: Again, these are something you can just have plain! Love having these with just a couple slices of cheese though. 

Unsalted Roasted Cashews: I love cashews! And the unsalted roasted ones are my favorite for sure!

What are some of your favorite snacks?

Thank goodness it is almost lunch! I have made myself rather hungry with all of this snack chat!

And time for Weekend Update!

21 October 2013 1 comment
Happy Monday everyone! It is a beautiful day here the sun is shining so I really have no complaints for this Monday! I hope you all a great weekend I know I did and since this is a weekend update post I should tell you why!

This weekend wasn't a busy one just a nice chill weekend. On Saturday, I did some errands since there was some sales on at Walmart mainly flour for $10. It is basically the best deal on flour right now. Then Erica and myself decided to take the poopies to the beach! It was so nice down there. The tide was going out, the sky was blue and sand was warm!! This was nice because the breeze well really wind wasn't so warm. The water wasn't even that cold. The dogs had a great time. They were so tired for the rest of the day and night! Saturday night myself, Erica and our mom went to see the Right Kind of Wrong, it was a cute movie but nothing great. I want to see Captain Philips next time and I think we might go tomorrow just to go to the movies one last time before Empire Theaters is no longer. I hear it is really good. Also, if you're reading this and are in New Glasgow go to the movies tomorrow! Empire Theatres are donating 50% of the profits from tomorrow night to the Scott Jones Fund. 

Sunday, I did some housework yup that is as boring as it sounds! haha But after I was done I went to visit my best friend Danielle and her little girl Quinn. It was great visiting because we hadn't had a play date in far too long! Though it ended up being more of a date with me and Danielle because Quinn decided she was going to nap most of the time I was there! Totally not her normally but I guess a lazy Sunday can go for a one year too! 

And now it is Monday again! Time flies when you're having fun. I hoping to have a great weekend this coming weekend because I'm going to Halifax! Having a joint birthday dinner with my lovely girls, doing a little shopping and just going to enjoy staying at a hotel! 

Have a great week everyone! I have my post planned for this week so don't worry I have time for you this week! 


What's In A Name? Link Up

16 October 2013 3 comments
Oh my gosh! I didn't think I was even going to post this week the way it has been going! I haven't really even been online at all! Busy week! But, my lovely friend Miranda is hosting a link up and I couldn't miss out on that so here is the story on how I got my name!

Oh Hi There I'm Brittany Lea

The Naming Process: 

I almost named Chantal which no offense to any Chantals but I'm glad my parents picked Brittany instead. My mother was a huge fan of Rod Stewart (still is) and when she was pregnant with me he was with Britt Ekland. Mom liked the name and then she heard Brittany! So, I guess one could say I was named after Britt Ekland! 

The Meaning: 

Land of the Britons, either Brittany or Britain. Brittany is a region in France. I think there is a dog breed named Brittany too because it from France. 

Urban Dictionary Meaning...

Brittany: A girl usually born in American in the 80's or 90's. Brittany's are very attractive, popular, and have good hearts. Everyone wishes to be as cool as the Brittany's and are jealous when they can't compare. Sometimes Brittany's are a little blonde, but it's simply because they love life and laughing, and enjoy seeing other people laugh as well. Brittanys are usually envied by less popular people. Brittanys can be insecure but they shouldn't be, people try to bring them down but Brittanys will always end up winning...they need to realize how wonderful they are. Guys are intimidated to ask them out just because Brittanys are so unique and awesome.
Brittany = Popular, outgoing, loved by all, sometimes teased out of jealousy, loved by adults, kids love them too, smart, & funny.
"Wow, I wish I could date a Brittany."

"Sorry man, she's WAY out of your league."

Won't lie that meaning is pretty on point! Good Job UD

The Nicknames:

My main nickname over the years of course is Britt but then there is Bick/Bicky because my little sister could not say Brittany when she was little. It has stuck for years! I even had friends in high school call me Bick. Lets be honest I still get called Bick from time to time. My aunt Mary has called me Magoo my whole life! And yes, it comes from Mr. Magoo. Erica who can now say Brittany perfectly normally calls me Bree and Chase often calls me Aunty B just to pick on me for being his older  sister.

Funny Name Stories: 

Not sure I have any funny name stories! One of my old landlords used to call me Bethanny for two years! Honestly she would have a letter for me and see my name was Brittany and she still called me Bethanny! 

The Middle Name:

My middle is Lea (pronounced Lee). I share my middle name with my aunt Mary and great aunt Nancy. I really like my middle name because I think it really goes well with my first name! Actually, I really like how my name, my sister's and brother's roll off the tonuge! Brittany Lea, Erica Laine and John Chase. I also like that I share something like a common name with some of my other family members.

And there you have it the story of my name! I'm happy I'm a Brittany Lea! Sometimes when I was younger to have a different name but over time I have grown to love my name and I wouldn't ever want another name. I think my parents did a pretty good job naming all of us :)

So what's in your name?

#backthatazzup Friday with the lovely Whitney!

11 October 2013 3 comments
I think I might be the only one who isn't rocking out to Miley's new album! But I'm not I have been stuck on Britney! At first I wasn't sure about Work Bitch! I thought oh Britney I think you have lost it but I have been rocking out to it all week now. Took awhile to grow on me but it has! If you need a song to work out to this is it!!

It is a long weekend here for Thanksgiving so I'm planning on posting on Monday but I can't make promises! Hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadians!


Beauty Wednesday! Skincare from the Drugstore!

09 October 2013 1 comment
I told you it was only going to be a little break from Beauty Wednesday! This week we are talking about skincare! Some people think you're skincare products should be expensive because it is your skin but honestly we don't always have the money to go out and buy a little bottle of eye cream that costs $50! Just a little tip check out places like Winners if you want to try something more expensive for a cheaper price. But lets get on with this and I will tell you about some of my favorite products.

Simple Make Up Wipes: I picked these up on the recommendation from Ingrid because she goes through them like a mad woman. I love them now! They take off all your make up, don't sting your eyes and leave your skin feeling nice and refreshed!

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Control Wash: I talked about this in my shower edition but I figured I would bring it up again because this is the skincare edition today. This really helps with any breakouts I might have and I don't find it drying which is often a problem I have when they are an acne control product.

Aveeno Daily Facial Scrub: I love this because of how gentle it is on your skin. Most of the time you would never think of using a scrub on your face everyday but this one you can! So gentle, not drying and leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth.

Neutrogena Toner: It is toner that isn't overly drying, leaves skin feeling great! Love it!

Clean and Clear Facial Lotion: I have been using this lotion since I was about 14 I think. I find it moisturizing, doesn't have smell and isn't greasy! Biggest thing for me because I have areas on my face that are oily so having a lotion that doesn't feel greasy is a must for me.

Vaseline Total Moisture: This is my favorite lotion from the drug store! It is super moisturizing but doesn't leave that greasy feeling. I also find it sinks in pretty quickly so you're not waiting too long to get dressed after applying it.

Vaseline Lip Therapy: This is my best friend from October to June! It doesn't matter what I do but I always get chapped lips in the fall and winter months and it never wants to go away. This is one of the only products helps! It is so thick and moisturizing! My favorite is the regular one and the cocoa butter one. If you're having any problems with chapped lips I totally suggest this product!

And there you have it! Some of my favorite skincare products, hope it gives you some ideas for what you might want to try next time you're at the drugstore.

Next week hair care! 


Taste of Tuesday with Ashley and Jessica!

08 October 2013 1 comment
Happy Tuesday Everyone! Who doesn't love a good Tuesday!? The sun is finally kind of shining here! This morning one would have thought it was night time it was so dark! There was also some major downpours so I'm excited the sun is now shining in my window! Today is also election day here in Nova Scotia! I voted a couple of weeks ago but if you're reading this and you're from Nova Scotia I hope you went out and voted or are going to vote. You have until 8pm!

Okay, we know why you're here you want to see what idea I have for you to make something! This week is my mom's recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins! I have been eating these my whole life and there has never been a better one! My mother's baking is probably the best in the world! You will love these muffins and if you don't well I don't think we can be friends! 

Mommy Brenda's Chocolate Chip Muffins

2 cups flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp baking soda
1/2 cup butter
3 ripe medium bananas
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk (can use buttermilk)
1/2 tsp vanilla

  • Preheat oven 400'F
  • Spray muffin tins or use liners
  • Mix together all the ingredients
  • Fold in the amount of chocolate chips you would like. Sometimes more is better and sometimes you maybe want to be a little 'healthy' haha ;) 
  • Bake for 12- 15 minutes, insert a toothpick and make sure it comes out clean.
Mom had made these muffins for all of kids in the family and for all of friends and I don't think one kid has ever not liked them! They are real crowd pleaser as mom says!

I have taken up making them sometimes too because they are easy when you want something sweet but something better than a chocolate bar. I hope some of you try these and love them as much as we do :) And I promise these are almost as easy as going out and buying muffins!

A Little Sunshine!

07 October 2013 1 comment
A week or so ago the lovely Miranda nominated me for the Sunshine Award! And I have to say a big thank you! Miranda is a sweetheart and I'm happy she likes my blog enough to even think of me for an award! You should totally go and check her out because she has an awesome blog too! You can find her here :)

Here are the "rules"...

1. Link back to the blog who nominated you for the sunshine award.
2. Include the sunshine logo in your post.
3. Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.
4. Nominate bloggers who add sunshine to your day!

1. What is your absolute, least favorite household chore?
I hate folding clothes! I will do laundry all day but I hate folding it!

2. What was your favorite subject in high school?
History! I have always loved it. Plus we had the best history ever!

3. Do you prefer to live in the city, or in a more rural setting? 
I enjoy a smaller city. I love places like New York but I find it too much for living. I live in a small town right now and it is fine but a small city would be my choice.

4. What is your biggest obsessive habit?
Hmmm, probably checking the door before I leave the house. Always have to make sure it is closed a few times before I walk away.

5. Do you ever eat cereal for dinner?
You know it!

6. On Friday nights, do you like to go out or stay in?
I don't mind going out but Friday is normally the day I'm most tired at night! Going to friend's place to just hang out is my favorite thing or just going out for dinner.

7. What color do you wear most often?
Probably black, but I try and wear colors often.

8. Least favorite day of the week besides Monday? 
Tuesday! Monday's evil twin!

9. Do your family and real life friends know about your blog?
Yes they do :)

10. The beach, or the mountains?
BEACH! I love being on the beach with the sand between my toes!

And the award goes to...

Faith @ 'Cause You Gotta Have Faith
Sarah @ Life of Love
Ashley @ Let's Get Bananas
Pam @ Yes it is, Kevin
Jessica @ Blissfully Miller

My Questions

1. What do you most love blogging about?
2. What would you love to blog about but can't bring yourself to do it?
3. What is your order at Starbucks?
4. Where is your favorite place to go for dinner in your town?
5. Do you watch YouTube? Who is your favorite YouTuber?
6. What is the best book you have ever read?
7. Do you prefer a sightseeing vacation or relaxing laying around one?
8. What does your Saturday morning routine include?
9. What was your favorite show as a child?
10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Thanks again for the nomination Miranda!


YouTube: A Slippery Slope...A YouTube Addiction Story

03 October 2013 5 comments
Yup, I admit it I have a YouTube addiction! I have admitted this before but did the addiction get better? No, if nothing else it got worse! Now, I don't think I could go to sleep without watching certain videos! I have been known to wait up if certain YouTubers say they will have a video up soon! What have I become? I used to the one who hadn't seen that video on YouTube and now I'm the one saying have you seen that video? Now, I have tried to curb my addiction but sadly this just results in me watching way more videos the next day because I didn't watch enough the days before when I try and stop! I guess I could have much worse addictions but I tell this is slippery slope of daily vlogs and beauty videos! Now, if I was a good friend I wouldn't tell you about my favorite YouTubers so you could avoid this addiction but what fun would that be! I'm here to give you my top 10 favorite YouTubers! I could probably go on for days but I will just give you the top ones. So, lets get started...

Fleur is my number one YouTuber! Her vlogs are always great and her main channel beauty videos always make me happy because she loves much of the same stuff I do. She also tells it like it is. She isn't going to tell you something is awesome when it is actually crap. I have to say I think I love her vlogs just as much if not more than her main channel. She is gives you a little peek into her life with her new husband and lovely puppies! If you watch only one video from Fleur go and watch her wedding video! They have a picture perfect day. Fleur and Mike are an amazing couple love watching them :)

Melissa is probably the funniest person on YouTube! I just love her! She gives the best reviews of products! She is the most honest person when it comes to products! If a product is crap she is going to tell you and she is going to tell you why. She always tells you why things don't work for her and maybe why they could could work for you. She is just great to watch! Her Friday Favorites and Possibly Poo are always the best!

Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi is the cutest thing on Youtube! I love her beauty favorites, vlogs, get ready with me just about everything Ingrid films I will watch. She is great style too, I love her clothes! I think I have purchased the most things based on Ingrid's recommendations, it is between her and Zoe I think. They know the best products! Ingrid always doesn't always have high end brands which is always great because you don't always want to splurge on the expensive stuff. Anyways Ingrid is awesome so check her out.

Marcus is probably my favorite male British YouTuber! He is adorable, funny and does great videos. He started doing daily vlog too which are always fun to watch because who doesn't like being nosy into people lives. I think Marcus does some the funniest videos! From videos with other YouTubers to ones on his own he always has great videos up for your viewing pleasure.

Sawyer is an amazing film maker with a super cute dog so why wouldn't you want to watch with videos? Honestly, his Thru My Eyes videos are just amazing. He knows what angles and shot to get for the best look. Hitch his dog is super cute too as you can tell from his picture. Sawyer post short films on his channel also and they are pretty great. He also does great collaba with other YouTubers too! Some of my favorites are the ones him and Marcus did together. Great videos and cool guy!

I think I sound like a broken record now because I love Ali for her honest make up reviews and awesome tutorials! I also love her get ready with me videos. Sometimes I don't want a full tutorial but I want to see the whole look and Get Ready with videos are awesome for that and Alli does some of the best ones. She is also a drugstore and high end product kind of girl so it is nice to get opinions on both end of things. Splurge and Savings :)

Louis is one of my favorite people, I honestly wait for his videos everyday! I always watch him before him before I go to bed because he is like the pep talk kinda guy. He does what he loves and just wants everyone to do the same. I love watching his daily vlogs because he is chill and it is just fun to watch all of his travels and daily shenanigans! Louis is also probably the only guy I don't mind dreads on because I normally don't like them! haha

Isn't sure just the cutest!? Zoe and Ingrid are just too adorable! I have been watching Zoe for awhile now and I love her. She does great videos on beauty, fashion and hair. She also has vlogs and they are always entertaining too! I would love life more if I could get her messy hair look! I think I can't because my hair isn't as thick as her but I would totally would love to be able too. Zoe has issues with anxiety and she talks about it which is great because I think she is very helpful to others with the same issues. Yes, she doesn't share everything but she is very open about her issues. 

I would like to be Nicole mainly because of her hair! Yes, I probably have a girl crush on Nicole because of her hair. Plus, she is beautiful. I love her tutorials, get ready with me, monthly favorites and blogs. She is just super awesome and I love her. Sometimes I find YouTubers can be kind of fake but Nicole makes it feel like she everyone's friend and that makes for great videos. 

How could one not love this face? Jim does super funny videos and great vlogs. I could watch him forever. He also has a twin brother Jon who is cute as button. They are not identical but both good looking men. Jim is engaged to Tanya Burr another YouTubers and they are adorable together! I think they will have an amazing wedding too. I can't think of anymore to say but go and check Jim out!

Happy YouTube watching everyone!

Just a small break....

02 October 2013 No comments
From beauty Wednesday because I didn't have time to get my post together like I wanted! So I'm going to an Oh How Pinteresting Post today! I hope you all enjoy this as much as you would have the Beauty Wednesday! Also, quick question what would you like to see come up in Beauty Wednesday? Let me know I love having feedback :)

You can find me here on Pinterest!

Taste of Tuesday with a side of Tunes!

01 October 2013 3 comments
Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. I have been having a great day today since I'm being super productive! Already have most of everything I wanted to have done today and it is only lunch time. I'm watching Ink Master right now and I swear they have a marathon every Tuesday! Sadly, I seem to catch the same ones each week! I also always miss the new one because I fall asleep every time!!

Seeing at it is Taste of Tuesday, it is time to talk about food! This week we are talking about cookies! These cookies are easy but the only thing is you have to chill the dough for at least 8 hours! I have no idea why but that is what the recipe tell you to do! The cookies are good so it is worth it! They are ginger drop cookies! They are classic soft spice cookie. Last night I whipped up the dough in no time and then let it chill overnight! Honestly easiest cookies I have ever made! They are perfect with a cup of tea or maybe a pumpkin spice latte! Now, lets get on with the recipe so you can make these cookies too! 

Ginger Drop Cookies

1 cup shortening
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup molasses
2 eggs 
4 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp baking soda 
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup water

  • In your mixer or large bowl cream shortening and brown sugar until fluffy. Add in molasses and eggs. Combine the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Add dry ingredients to creamed mixture alternating with water.
  • Refridgerate dough for at least 8 hours
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Drop dough by tablespoonfuls on to baking sheet, about 2 inches apart. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Remove to wire rack to cool.
And there you're done! Your house is going to smell amazing! The cinnamon and ginger just smell amazing and make for a delightful cookie! I hope you all it because they are delish!

And since I haven't linked up with Tuesday Tunes in awhile I decided to leave you with some music for your baking!