Oh How Pinteresting!

27 February 2013 2 comments

Wednesday again already! That means it is time for Oh, How Pinteresting with Michelle!

Here is what I have been pinning lately!

Hope everyone is having a great hump day! 

Oscar Fashions! (LONG post)

26 February 2013 2 comments
I know I'm a day late with the Oscar Fashion post but honestly yesterday I didn't have time to post anything much less a good post about the Oscars! Did everyone watch? I watched all the red carpet on E! and then stayed up for the last award! I don't think I have done that since Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won their Oscar! I always watch the Oscars but normally head to bed before it is over. Yes, I know my bad! But this year since I have been more into the awards this year because I want to see Ben Affleck win everything he can! I had to stay up to see Argo win for Best Picture! So excited it did! And thank you to Ben for thanking Canada :) His speech was adorable when he was thanking Jennifer! And it was such an honest speech because you could tell how excited he was! Yup, still have that crush on him. 

But lets move on to what really matters the Fashions! I have to say everyone well almost everyone really stepped it up for the Oscars this year because I had a very hard time coming up with my lists so I'm going to be doing something a little different! I'm giving you my top fashion picks for the women and the men. I will mention right now that I though Kristen Stewart looked awful! Hello Kristen wash your hair before you go to the Oscars! She is just gross to me LOL Sorry for any of you who like her but she is bugs me and she needs to wash her hair! Now, onto my top Fashion Ladies!

1. Charlize Theron - She is the probably the best looking woman in the world. This dress is perfection on her. The white just pops on her tan skin and the shape is to die for. Also, how amazingly beautiful do you have to be to carry off this hair cut? Yes, that beautiful and Charlize does it without any effort. Amazing! I can't say enough about her and this fashion choice.

2. Jessica Chastain - This copper gown looked amazing on her. This is my favorite of her award gowns this season. Her hair was perfectly polished and that red lip just topped off the look perfectly. Her gown was fitted to a tee and she just looked amazing!

3. Samantha Barks - I love the simple elegance of this dress, I know the neckline is you know a tad low but think Samantha looks smashing in it. The only thing I would change is her necklace, I would change it out for some statement bangles maybe. Make up and hair perfect, loved this look!

4. Jennifer Lawerence - This gown was amazing and Jennifer wore it very well! I loved how it was white but didn't read bridal! There is a very fine line there and lucky she was on the right side of it! I loved her hair and make up! I think one of my favorite things those was her wearing her necklace down her back. I love how it sparkled and just looked really nice. I love this girl and how down to earth she is! How can you not love her when she fell going to get her Oscar and then brushes it off with a joke!? She looked amazing!

5. Jennifer Hudson - Stunner! I loved her sparkly blue dress! I think her hair looked amazing with the dress because she didn't try to do too much with it! Her dress had it all going on then she just had simple make up with simple hair! What a beauty!

6. Amanda Seyfried - The dress is stunning on her, I would have loved to seen her in a dramatic color but this is kind of her thing this award season so we will go with it!. I loved the neckline of her and it fit her very nicely. I loved her eye make up especially, hair perfectly done as well!

7. Adelle - I think this dress looked so classic on Adelle, it as youthful classic look with a great bit of sparkle! Because we all love a bit of sparkle right? I think it was tailored perfectly on her. I loved her hair and make up but honestly I think her hair and make up are always spot on! She has great confidence and I just love her.

8. Jennifer Aniston - I'm so excited that she wore a COLOR! Jennifer is normally in black, white, or a neutral color so I was so excited to see her in this red dress! It was a nice change from her normally black form fitting dresses! I thought she looked amazing in this red color. Love her hair but maybe should have pulled it up into a side knot or something but never the less she looked fantastic!

And now I'm not going to be a worst dressed because I didn't think there was anyone who really dropped the ball this year. Yes there was some that could have been much better Anne Hathway, Salma Hayak, Nicole Kidman but all in all I think the Oscars were one of the best dressed events of the award season. I will leave you with the men who I thought looked smashing! 

Bradley Cooper! Could have used less hair gel but he always looks good!

Joseph Gordon Levitt - What a cutie!

Channing Tatum - When doesn't he look good?

Ben Affleck! Best looking man in the house! And Jennifer Garner could have been a best dressed pick if she didn't have that ruffle down the back of her! Loved her necklace!

Hope you liked my picks! Who were you loving at the Oscars this past weekend?

Friday Letters

22 February 2013 4 comments

It is Friday everyone! We have all survived yet another week! Everyone pat yourself on the back for this! I would do it for ya but that would just take me far too long to get to everyone! I hope you all had a great week and have great plans for this weekend! I don't have much planned, movies tonight with Erica and Jen and tomorrow I think I'm going to a fund riser that my cousin is doing. So not a crazy weekend but good times next weekend I'm very excited for as I think I have mentioned I'm going to see Serena Ryder! I'm amped for that because she is AWESOME! This will be the 4th time I have her seen her live. If you get a chance to see her live do it she is amazing and if you don't go and get her albums because you will love them I promise :) Anyways, on with Friday letters!

Dear Momma, You will finally be home from Hawaii tomorrow! Can't wait to see you and hear all about your trip!
Dear Halifax Trip, You're going to be awesome because I get to see my girls, shop a little, see Serena Ryder and get to stay in a hotel for the weekend! Nothing can make that bad!
Dear March, You're almost here and I can't believe it because it feels like it should still be January! I'm excited for you though because there is some good times coming up like next weekend and Crop and Create Moncton! Yup March you should be a good month!
Dear Zoomies, You make me laugh out loud every time I see your TV ad! LOL (please look these up if you don't know what I'm talking about!
Dear Colleen Jones, You're a great curler but you're in your 50's stop wearing your hair like you're 18! Side fishtail braid doesn't look good on you. If you want to wear your hair up the pony tail you have in today looks much better.

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

It's Okay Thursday!

21 February 2013 4 comments

Today I'm linking up with the lovely Neely and Amber for It's Okay Thursday! I haven't done one of these in a few so I figured why not today since I was having some writer's block anyways!

It's Okay....

-that I have watched Dog the Bounty Hunter everyday this week (skipped the ones Duane Lee wasn't in)
- I'm excited to be doing laundry today! I know but our washer was broken which makes for a pain in the bum! So glad it is working now!
-that Erica and myself watched Dance Moms last night and laughed at Christy and Kelly fighting! We are wondering if next season it will be Holly who leaves for a bit and comes back.
-I'm excited for the Oscars this weekend!
-I'm very excited for my Momma to be home from Hawaii on Saturday
-that I think it is awesome that someone I know is going to be on Big Brother Canada (Jillian M for anyone wondering now).
-that I'm done with that's okay for this week!

Hope everyone is having a great week! One more day and it is the weekend! I'm super excited for next weekend! Going to the city for the weekend to see my girls and see Serena Ryder in concert! Weekend Update with Sami Link up with happen after hahaha


Oh How Pinteresting!

20 February 2013 9 comments

Wednesday! We all know what that means another great link up with Michelle for Oh How Pinteresting! I have been pinning a lot lately so here are some of my favorites :)

I have tried this a few times and it is delish!

There you have it some of the pins I'm loving right now! I hope everyone is having a great week and remember you can find me on Pinterest Here

Hey, that's Pin-tastic!

18 February 2013 2 comments

Well I haven't done one of these in forever! I haven't been very crafty lately and when I was cooking I was making stuff I done before so nothing new to share! But this past week with Valentine's Day I decided to bake something fun for it! So I made some copy cat cookies of Lofthouse Sugar Cookies! They came from this pin here

I think everyone that has some of these cookies loves them! They are soft, light and oh so yummy! They were rather easy to make too which we all know I love when things are easy to make! Even when they easy I always feel so accomplished knowing I have completed another domestic task! haha But anyways, these cookies are yummy, easy and you can make whatever color frosting for whatever holiday/occasion it is! I think next time I make these will be for easter mainly because I found the cutest cookie cutters! If you make these cookies you will love them I promise and everyone you give some too will love you too :)

This post will also be linked up with Pinspirational Project! :)

Sunday Social

17 February 2013 10 comments

Another Sunday so another Sunday Social Link Up With Neely and Ashley! I have to say I thought about not doing the questions this week because they are all Valentine's related and I don't really Valentines so yeah but here are some answers anyways!

      1. What is the best Valentine's Day you've ever had?
-honestly no one Valentine's Day is really standing out in my head!

2. What is the worst Valentine's Day you've ever had?
- Valentine's Day 1992, my Nanny (mom's mother) passed away, I was 8 and she was one of the most important people in my life. Very happy I got 8 years with her.

3. What did you do for Valentine's this year?
-went to dinner with my lovely sister and made heart shaped sugar cookies.

4. What is your best Valentine's idea if you're single?
-hang out with people you love, just because you're not a in couple doesn't mean Valentine's day isn't for you

5. What is your favorite Valentine's candy?

6. Favorite Valentine's memory from your childhood?
-school parties! Also so fun to make your little mailbox and get lots of little cards :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Also hope you're having a lovely Sunday :)

Friday Letters

15 February 2013 4 comments

I haven't been a very good blogger again this week! I have no excuse this week though! Just lazy haha Anyways, I have some ideas for next week on the go and I have some drafts done so hopefully fingers crossed we get back into the swing of things next week! But for today's post we have Friday Letters! So, here we go!

Dear Snow/Rain Storm, please don't be so bad on Sunday/Monday that we can't get momma from the airport! She will have been traveling all day and will just want to come home!

Dear Jonathan Scott, thank you for a being so awesome and getting me totally hooked on whatever show you're doing! Buying and Selling or Property Brothers I could watch for hours on end! Hell, I even watched one today I have seen probably 5 times!! PS Your cuteness with kids melts my heart *le sigh* 

Dear Nanny, it is has been 21 years yesterday since you left us to join the angels, I miss you everyday still. Thank you for letting me know you're still watching over us when I think of you and you knock over your picture on my book shelf. xo

Dear February! I have no idea where you have gone and I can't believe it is already the 15th!

Have a great weekend!!!

Happy Wednesday!

13 February 2013 2 comments

I feel like haven't posting anything pinterest related in far too long so here we go with lovely pins I have been loving lately! Hope everyone is having a great week! xoxo

The Best and the Worst: Grammy Time!

11 February 2013 No comments
Last night was the night of music! I have to say for the past couple of years I haven't even really watched the Grammys because I rarely think the people who win deserved to win! But last night myself and my sister settled in to watch the whole show! I have to say I'm glad I did because it was a pretty great show last night! The performances for the most part were amazing! Taylor Swift's performance was just weird, you're not a dancer so walking around the stage like that was dumb! Mumford and Sons was AMAZING as I knew they would be! And the tribute performances were damn fantastic!!! But really we only care about what everyone wore because there was new rules about how you had to keep yourself covered! I think these rules were helpful to some of the ladies because they came looking much nicer then they normally would! Anyways here are my best and worst dressed of the night!

Best Dressed....

Jennifer Lopez: I know some people may not like this number but I really do for some reason! I love the black and I love how her hair is something I would wear at the gym but she pulls it off at the Grammys! She is probably the best looking person on the planet!

Rihanna: I normally never like what she is wearing but hot damn the girl looked AMAZING last night! The hair the make up the dress! Everything was on point! Kudos for looking so amazing Rihanna! I feel like she did this to take away from who she was there with!

Beyonce: Girl, damn you look fine! I honestly thought Beyonce would come in a glamorous dress but BAM she flips it all around on me and comes in a hot pant suit! Really she could probably wear a paper bag and make it look good!

Worst Dressed...

Florence and the Machine: Okay I know you're a redhead and green goes with your skin tone and hair but lord love me this is just too shiny and tight! What are going on with the weird spikes?? I have nothing to say but this is bad!

Carly Rae: When you are that pale wearing your hair this dark and with a black dress will do nothing for you love! Color is your friend, it is the Grammys not a funeral Carly! And there was something about your make up that just isn't working!

Katy Perry: I know a lot of people liked her dress but I'm not one of them! Okay you have nice boobs Katy but I don't need to see them! Leave them for John. I just don't like this dress with the flowers and it is being so skin tight. Then again I rarely like what Katy Perry wears!

All images from Google Images

There you go! My picks for best and worst dressed at the Grammys! I'm so excited that my next best and worst is going to the Oscars! Also everyone have you been noticing how Ben Affleck is cleaning up at all the award shows!? Argo F*ck Yourself Oscars!