What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday: Vacation Update!

10 May 2017
So I went to Cuba for a week for some sun, sand and surf and boy did I get it! It was exactly what I wanted and needed! I don't think I could have asked for a much better to be honest. Lots of sun, swimming and tanning all week.

This year we decided on the resort Ocean Casa Del Mar in Cayo Santa Maria. This is the same area we went last year but a different resort. When we picked it the reviews on trip advisor were good but of course by the time we were leaving there a number of bad reviews. I have to say some people complain about the littlest things and overreact! Cuba is a third world country so do not think a 5 star is the same as here. Anyways, we all went with open minds saying as long as it is clean and the beach is nice we don't care. Well, it was clean and the beach was fantastic! There was 4 of us going, myself, my mom, cousin Jody and aunt Sandra. None of us really had any issues that you would have actually complained about. The front desk staff once you checked in were not much help and were almost rude when you asked them a question but they were the only 'problem' we had.

The beach was fantastic! Yes, it was a tad narrow when the tide was high but still my favorite part of the vacation. Myself and mom were on the beach by 8:30am everyday we were there and stayed until at least 3 everyday. The pool was nice too but since we have a pool at home it isn't a novelty for me to sit by the pool all day especially when there is a gorgeous beach 2 minutes away.

Our room was lovely and very clean. Our little maid was wonderful and always took care of everything we needed. The bed were comfy and the sheets were wonderfully white. All the staff was friendly (minus front desk), honestly some of the sweetest people and some of them are so young! The food was okay but that is what I was expecting because honestly the food to never really that great when I have been in Cuba but none of us went hungry and Jody is a fussy eater and she was fine. So, no you're going to have amazing meals but you're not going to be hungry all the time either.

This vacation was much needed and it was lovely to get away with my mom, cousin and aunt since we had never traveled together before. We are already planning for next year and telling more of them family they have to come as well. I will leave you with some vacation pictures....and I will sit here crying because it has been crying for days now haha I miss my Cuban sunshine!



  1. How fun! So glad ya'll enjoyed it! (despite the front desk staff)

  2. What a fun vacation. I am all for sunshine and beach time.


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