Holiday Ornament Swap!

30 November 2012 18 comments
This year I signed up for the Holiday Ornament Swap over at Living In Yellow and Dreaming of Dimples!

I had never done a blog swap like this before so I was very excited for it and wondering if it would all go as planned and I have to say it was very easy and I had a great time doing it! It was fun to go and shop for ornaments for someone else and know you were getting one in return! I had Brittany over at Hair Bows and Blue Jeans! I hope she liked her ornaments :) Brittany over at From Mizzou to Missoula had me! Yes all Brittanys and all spelt the same way! 

When I got my little box in the mail I was so happy! Honestly who doesn't love getting mail! When I opened the box I saw the sweetest little ornaments! I love my little snowman and stars! I can't wait to have my real tree up so I can hang up them! Brittany was so sweet she even sent me a pack of Starbucks hot chocolate! Thank so much Brittany I loved everything! Seriously super fun swap! If there is another next year I will be in on that too! I will have pictures of the ornaments on my tree once we have our real one up and decorated! I think December 16th is the date for getting our real one :)

Now I'm off to sleep before I Christmas shop for the day tomorrow in hopes I can get everything I have left done! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


So What Wednesday!

28 November 2012 6 comments

This week I'm linking up with Shannon again because I haven't in long time and why not! So this week I'm saying So What....

  • that i don't have more christmas shopping done yet it isn't even December yet but normally I do have more done by now!
  • that I love Demi Lovato but I don't really like her on the X Factor
  • that I love listening to Blake Shelton's Christmas album on repeat this holiday season
  • that I saw Carter Oosterhouse on TV yesterday and stopped what I was doing to watch him (and remembered why I loved him so much!) That man is sooooo good looking. 
  • that I still spend far too much time on Pinterest! 
  • that I cannot wait until Christmas! 
Hope everyone is having a great week :) xo

Tunes Tuesday Christmas Edition Week 2

27 November 2012 2 comments
Another week another Tuesday! This means more of my Christmas favorites! This week I'm doing my favorites by country artists! Hope you like them too!

Merry Christmas Everyone :)

Hey That's Pintastic!

26 November 2012 6 comments
Oh hello everyone! Monday again and no real pinterest project (i did pin these sugar cookies after I made them!)! I even made super cute gift card holders for this week and I gave them away without taking any pictures! But fear not I did bake last week and I took a quick iPhone picture of them before they went off to the church with my gift card holders.

My mom asked me to bake for her because she was decorating and making chowder for the church's soup and pie night. I said sure because I knew she was busy with so many things! I decided to tackle my mom's sugar cookies because she said they were easy! We all know how much I love that word when it comes to baking and cooking! Even though it looked easy these are the cookies that my mom makes every year because everyone loves them so much so I was still kinda worried I would mess them up or they just wouldn't be quite as good as hers. Luckily they turned out amazing and they really are one of the easiest cookies I have ever made! 

They were so yummy! I actually had to make more the next day because we didn't have enough for the church because everyone kept eating them! Nice cup of tea and these cookies YUM! Now I want some! Maybe I will have to make some more this week!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Can't believe it is almost December!

Guest Post: Holiday Beauty Must-haves!

22 November 2012 2 comments
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day with family and eating some yummy food! I was so excited when the lovely miss Brittany asked me to guest post on her blog! My name is Pam and I blog over at Yes it is, Kevin - my blog is about my life as well as a beauty, fashion, and shopping blog! I also make YouTube beauty and fashion videos on my YouTube channel. I am completely makeup and beauty product obsessed and Brittany asked me to share some of my beauty finds. I thought it would be great to share my Holiday beauty must -haves! This time of year - it is all about going a little more dramatic than you usually would for makeup. Holiday cocktail parties and New Years Eve are the perfect events to break out the false lashes and smoky eyes! I also love to experiment with lip color during the Holidays. Another important thing about makeup during these months is staying power! There is nothing worse then spending time on your makeup and then sweating it all of due to too much dancing or helping out in the kitchen!

Clockwise from Top: 

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: The sister to the ever popular Urban Decay Naked Palette - I find I like the Naked 2 better for the winter months because of it's cooler toned colors. You can really create ANY look with this palette - I also love that it comes with a black matte so you can do a great smoky eye as well. At $50 - it is quite pricey but these eye shadows are super great quality and they last a long time. I have had this palette for over a year and have yet to hit pan on ANY of the colors!

Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray: I am absolutely loving this makeup setting spray - I spray it after I moisturize, after I apply foundation, and again after all my makeup is on - it makes your makeup last so long and really keeps your foundation and eye-shadows vibrant - NYE essential!

Tarte Lip-Surgence Set: These are my favorite lip products! I picked up the Holiday set last year and I am still loving them - these are pretty similar to the revlon lip butter except they have longer staying power - this set is a great deal because one of these usually sets you back $24 and you can get this whole set for $34 & like I said before - it is a great way to experiment with new colors!

Tarte Clean Slate Primer Trio: Tarte makes the absolute best primers! At $9 you really cannot go wrong with this set of mini primers. If you have never tried primer under foundation before - you are missing out - this makes foundation look better AND last longer!

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet: This is my go-to lip product in the Fall & Winter - if you have not tried the revlon lip butters - you are missing out! Apart from being super affordable, they are so moisturizing and are very pigmented for being a balm. The Red Velvet may look a little intimidating but it really is not on the lips - it gives your lips a nice "wine" tint & it is as build-able as you want it to be.

Katy Perry False Lashes: Hands down the BEST false lashes I have ever used & every pack comes with easy to apply eyelash glue! These are my party and going out staple!

Let me know if you plan on picking any of these up or any other questions. Other than that - I wish you all the best Thanksgiving and I hope you see you over on my blog sometime! Thank you Brittany for letting me guest post :)
- Pam

Tunes Tuesday!

20 November 2012 4 comments
Since I have been listening to Christmas for awhile now I have decided to post some of my favorite Christmas song! So between now and Christmas I will be posting a couple of songs a fews that I love to listen to over the Christmas season :) This week we have some newer ones so lets get to them

As we all know I love me some Backstreet Boys and I LOVE Christmas so I was very excited when the boys finally put out another Christmas song! I was hoping for maybe a few more songs but this will do :)

Yeah I know but I really do love this song actually and I blame Danielle for that!

This one because who doesn't love Blake Shelton and Michael Buble!!

Happy Listening! 

Just Rambling Monday

19 November 2012 No comments
Why Hello My Lovelies! I wanted to have a nice Pinterest post for you today but sadly that isn't going happen because I don't have my camera cord and well the pictures don't magical transfer themselves over. Life has been busy all weekend with baby showers, errands and our cabinets being painted! Really makes for you not being able to get much done when you have your whole kitchen emptied out into different rooms! Also, it is of course taking longer which isn't good because we have to have everything back in its place by the end of week because we are having a party for my cousin who got married in Hawaii. Such a pain when you need to get things done!

Today I registered for Crop and Create Moncton in March. I'm super excited for it because it is a full weekend of scrapbooking with awesome classes! We signed up for Kelly Purkey's class and I'm so excited for that because Kelly is one of my favorite designers! It will be so amazing to take by her and just really get to see her action!

I wanted to do a better post today but my brain just isn't working for me so I will leave you with a super funny video! I can't believe this dog!

Also thanks to Whitney for getting me onto this lovely show LOL

I'm guest blogging today!

17 November 2012 No comments
Hey Hey!

Today I'm over at Allana's blog A Husband and A Dog guest blogging about my Christmas season Must Haves! Come on over and check it out! :)

It's Okay Thursday

15 November 2012 2 comments

It's Okay....

-that I'm totally obsessed with Property Brothers! I love these men! I would marry Jonathan!
-that I'm going to watch a lot of curling  this weekend! Thankfully I still have my curling since the NHL is being a bunch of babies!
-that I haven't watched the new Criminal Mind's from this week yet!
-that I was going to decorate today but I was lazy instead.
-that I showered today and got back into sweatpants
-that I want to bake but I can't because we are having our cabinets painted and we don't have the oven hooked up!
-that I'm watching Property Brothers again! LOL

Happy Thursday! xo

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

14 November 2012 8 comments
Hello my lovlies! Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately! I have been away and I just was not feeling it for a bit, I think that it is normal to step back from your blog every so often right? Well it is for me anyways and really it is my blog so I can neglect it if I want to! ;) But lets move onto bigger and better things!

This weekend I headed off to Maine and New Hampshire with my sister (Erica) and brother (Chase) for a shopping weekend away. I know you're thinking your brother went!? Yes Chase loves clothes shopping I have taught him well ladies! We all get along super well and love traveling together so we had a great weekend! I got lots of shopping done, finished Christmas shopping for all the babies in my life! Thank you Carter's and your great deals! Honestly can't believe the great deals I got there. Saw some interesting groups of women walking around the outlets with their devil horns on also saw groups wearing tiaras, bunny ears, belly dancing costumes over their clothes etc I know it is so you can easily found your group but you really look ridic! haha Love North Conway outlets! Also, it was the first time I was in Freeport and what a cute little area! Love their shops and how it was set up! Went there in the evening and it was all light up and just too cute. It was a great weekend! It is weekends like this one that makes me wonder how people don't get along with their siblings because I honestly can say that I don't know what I would without mine.

What I'm loving...

- Red Cups at Starbucks! Had my first one this weekend, they are just so festive!

- that I can openly listen to my Christmas music now without having people judge haha I have been listening for a bit now because I was doing some Christmas projects back in September. 

- the new book I'm reading....Christmas at Tiffany's by Karen Swan...half way through and it is a great read!

Hope everyone is having a great week! xoxo

Shop Til You Drop!

08 November 2012 2 comments
Outta here till Monday! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going to get my shopping on for the weekend! 


oh, how pinteresting!

07 November 2012 3 comments

This week I'm linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for her Pinterest Link Up! Since I can't make everything I pin on Pinterest it is nice to be able to show everyone what I'm liking right now! I would love to be able to make everything I pin, or have all the clothes but that isn't going to happen so here are some of the thing I'm loving on Pinterest right now :)

That's Pin-tastic!

05 November 2012 5 comments

Happy Monday everyone! I know happy and Monday don't belong in the same sentence but you gotta try right! I took a couple day off from the blog world because I didn't feel like writing but I'm back and everything is all good! Just needed a couple of mental health days. 

Before I get into my Pinterest Project for this week I have to tell you about my weekend well my Saturday because Sunday was boring! For the past 3 years I always head to Halifax for the day with my sister to meet up with some of my friends so we can go to Christmas at the Forum (local Christmas craft fair), this year was no different! We always have fun at the craft fair and this year we were meeting up with our friend's mom because Deena had sent us over some presents from England and her momma was going to give them too us. Linda text us saying she would be there soon so we decided where to meet her and went to wait. We met up with couple of other friends and just stood around chatting for a bit when I hear a squeal from Danielle and I turn to see her hugging someone! Then I realize Gavin (Deena's hubby) was there and of course Danielle is hugging Deena!! They totally surprised us! We thought they might be home in December but could have gone either way! Made for such a good day even though we didn't get to spend much time with them because they were going around surprising everyone since only Deena's mother knew they were coming home! Best surprise ever! Can't wait to see them again next week! Love you guys xoxo

Okay onto my pinterest project for the week! I decided to make my Christmas tags today since I have been looking at a bunch on Pinterest. I still have a few more to do but here is what I completed today!

This is the back side of the tag, I embossed them and then just ran some white over them. I also plan on doing some more coloring to the stamped images on the tag but I could not find my colored pencils and that is what I want to use for coloring them as I found the markers a bit dark for what I wanted. I'm hoping to work on some bows tomorrow :)

Have a great week everyone!