Girly Chat: Favorite Beauty Products

11 May 2017
It is time for another Girly Chat link up! Feels like I just did the one for April! Time is flying....while you're having fun right? I can't believe it already almost the middle of May but lets get back to the link up because it is about our favorite beauty products!

We all know I have a small addiction to make up so I excited when I saw that we got to gab about our favorite products. I could probably write a novel with the list I could make but I decided to pick just a few to talk about so here we go...

Looking for a good face mask? This one from Lush is by far my favorite. I have combination skin that leans to the oily side of things and this mask is perfect for me. I don't mind the smell of it but I know a lot of people don't like it. My skin feels amazing after I use it.
All Nighter Foundation by Urban Decay is one of my holy grail items. Like I have said my skin can be on the oily side and this makes and keeps me matte which I like a lot better than looking like an oil slick! Bonus it is full coverage but doesn't feel too heavy!
Nicole's Glow kit! Love it! Now, saying that if you don't like a lot of highlight don't get this haha But I love me some good highlight and this is perfect!
I have tried LOTS of mascaras since I have started wearing it and honestly I will forever come back to the Diorshow ones. Hands down they are my holy grail mascara. When I haven't had it in awhile and I pick one up again I also think why do I ever pick a different mascara!?
Started using this when I was teenager and I swear anything else works as well. It is just heavy enough, helps keep acne at bay and just is an awesome product!
There you go some of my favorite beauty products. What are your holy grail products? Or what is the worst product you have ever tried?



  1. I love all Lush products, but haven't tried their faces masks yet. Now I need to order one. And I want to try that foundation. I love that line, so I think the foundation would be amazing.

  2. I love Urban Decay products but I've never checked out their foundation! I'm currently obsessed with It Cosmetics but maybe I'll give that a try next!

  3. That's definitely one of my favourite mascaras of ALL time!!! Cheers!

  4. That glow kit is just so dang pretty - love the colors!

  5. I used to use Clean and Clear on my face... I had NO IDEA that they had a moisturizer. I might have to check that out! Thank you for linking up!


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