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30 March 2017
Yes! I finally had a minute to sit down and work on a post! This week and last week was a tad busy and honestly by the time I got to the end of day I had no energy to even pretend like I was going to actually sit down and write out a post. I hope to have some time to schedule a few posts for next week so we will get back on track! Anyways, lets have a bit of a review!

Lets go back to Crop and Create Moncton 2017! It was another great weekend filled with scrapbooking, friends, classes, food and fun! I can't you how I look forward to this event each year. This was our 5th year going and 6th year Crop and Create has been doing the events around Canada. Catherine and her team put in such effort to make a great event and they NEVER disappoint. Since it was March Break last week me and Erica left in the morning for Moncton, we decided to leave early so we could do a bit of shopping and have a late lunch since the event started at 3pm and we probably weren't going to leave to have dinner. It was a wonderful kick off and great dessert bar, our table mates were great. We got up early on Saturday because everything started at 8:30am and we had classes in the afternoon and evening so we wanted to get a jump start on some pages before that. We had breakfast at Cora's because it is a favorite and right beside the hotel so how could we not. We had great classes with Vicki and Nicole! It was all just a great weekend! I can't say enough about them! I love the weekend! For as long as they have it I will be going!


The one in the last picture with me, is Vicki Boutin and she makes me a better scrapbooker every time I see her. She just makes things click and makes you takes risks, it is just a piece of paper so just do it. She has also created her own product line with American Crafts and it is AMAZING! I'm so proud of her! You check out a sneak peak of her stuff here.

Last week I also got new slippers from my aunt Mary! They are awesome and I love a good slipper! Since Target left Canada I have no place where I really like to get slippers so I'm pleased to have these new ones :)

And this last week, has been snowy and gross for the most part and work is busy and life is busy. I'm hoping to book my trip to Cuba early next week! This week of snow has really driven from that I need a break on the beach!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Those slippers look so comfortable!!

  2. Target left Canada? That sucks. Those slippers look really comfy though. Glad your back to blogging!


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