Taking the Week off because...

26 October 2016 No comments
It is my birthday week! I will be back on Monday with another post :)

33 on Friday! Oh gosh 32 rolls off the tongue way better than 33!

What's Happ"Pinning" Wednesday!

19 October 2016 6 comments
Since I started this week with crafts I decided to stay on that trend for today's post because I want to let you in on a little secret...I love wreaths! If you're on following me on Pinterest you would know this because I have a number of them pinned! I wish I could make all of them but that would be excessive because I wouldn't have the room to display most of them and really I would be making wreaths all the time. I have gifted wreaths and I'm thinking of doing that again this year for Christmas so if you're lucky and know me personally you might be getting a nice little wreath for Christmas. This is if I get my butt together and actually make them! Oh Pinterest you wonderful waste of time but you really lack getting me actually motivated to make things sometimes.
Some of my favorite wreaths are the yarn ones! I have made a few of these and they always just turn out so pretty I don't know how one couldn't love them.

No Pinterest fails there! There are endless combinations of things you can do with the yarn wreaths. I have only done fall and Christmas wreaths so far but I love them so much! Yes, I know I'm a tad crazy over wreaths but there is a lot more stuff I could be crazy over right that is a lot worse. Anyways, I hope these two post have gotten some you in a crafty mood! If it has let me see what you have been crafting! I have to get back to my Christmas cards soon otherwise no one is getting one this year!
Happy Crafting!
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DIY....Cork Pumpkin!

17 October 2016 2 comments
I like most people have thousands of pins all ready to come alive in DIYs on their Pinterest boards but again like most only some get to live out their purpose. Now, today I have one that I actually completed and wish I could have made some more of! I'm already working it too because you need a LOT of wine corks for this project! But lets get started....

For this project, you will need 25 wine corks
                                Orange and brown paint and brush
                                glue gun and sticks
                                fabric leaves

To start you will first paint both ends of the wine corks. I did two coats just to give them better coverage because some of the corks came from red wine bottles and they were of course more stained.

Once they dry you will start by gluing them together. You will do 2 rows of 4 and two of 5 and one row of 6. Then once you have them glued together you will then glue the rows together 4 on 5 on 6 on 5 on 4

I cut one cork in half and painted the top in brown paint before gluing it to the top of my pumpkin. I then added some fabric leaves and tied some yarn on the stem.

I'm already saving corks for next fall because these are so cute and so easy to make! Just wish I had more corks! I will have to ask  some wine drinkers to save the corks for me.

Happy Crafting!

PS Check out my new layout isn't it great!? I love it! Check out the bottom of my page for the link to Lauren's site :)

A Friday Ramble

14 October 2016 No comments
I haven't blindly written a blog since I came back to blogging so I figured I may as well do it today since I haven't been overly keeping up with the blogging world these past two weeks to be honest. Wednesday was my last scheduled post so now I'm up in the air for posts. Yes, I do have ideas but some of them I have to do more stuff for, like some DIY stuff! Saying, that there should be a DIY up on Monday because it is fall thing and if I don't get that up soon it will never go up because I will be into Christmas projects! And lets be honest I am into my Christmas projects! A little secret I have started my Christmas shopping and even have some stuff wrapped! Yes, I know I'm crazy! I have been told a number of times by my sister.

One of the reasons I have been absent but not entirely from the blogging world lately is because I haven't had the want to write anything. Yes, I can whip together a fall favorites, a happy thanksgiving post but I have not wanted to sit down and actually write. I think it is because of the passing of my instructor Kathy. Back in May, she was diagnosed with cancer and we lost her near the end September. Even though I know she is gone, I still have feeling of it not being real. We never text that often but now because I can't all I want to do is text her and just say hi. She touched many lives and helped shaped mine. She had the strongest faith one could have and knew when she passed it was because God had another plan for her. All she wanted was for you to do your best, she might have pushed and annoyed you at time but she was always doing it for your own good. I know some days I would leave class thinking what a woman and be annoyed but once I thought it about I knew she was just pushing because she knew I could do even if I didn't know it at the time. I'm so happy I have such good memories with her, the last time I spent real time with her was at the Carnival of Beauty (hair show) and I got to spend most of the time with her. Admittedly, yes tried to ditch her once but she is a hard lady to get away from even in a crowded convention centre filled with hairstylists. Now, I'm happy I didn't because I have those nice memories before she found out she was sick.

Every once and awhile now I get a huge wave of grief and just want to cry. I know Kathy would tell me not to cry and everything is a part of a great plan but I don't understand it and I almost don't even want to understand it. When I have a hair question or need advice I don't have her anymore to go to and I don't like it. I hate how cancer rips people from your life. I know she is not in pain anymore and everything but I still want her back.

Cancer doesn't care how old or young you are, it doesn't care if you're white, black, purple or blue, it doesn't care if you're thin or fat, it doesn't care if you're poor or rich, it doesn't care if parents have to watch their child sick, or child watch their parent sick.....it just doesn't care. Remember to say I love you for no reason, call to say hi, send that smiley face emoji, hug just a little tighter because things can change in an instance.

Fall Favorites!

13 October 2016 No comments

Favorite Candle ~ hands down it is Sweater Weather from Bath and Body Works

Favorite Lip Color ~ Strong Woman by MAC...This is a beautiful matte deep purple color, it was in the Strength Collection which was limited edition so sadly I can't link you it but believe me when I say it was amazing! I'm sure you can find a dupe for it somewhere!

Favorite Drink ~ I know most of you will say a Pumpkin Spice Latte aka PSL but I'm just not a fan I will pick my vanilla latte over that every time all day!

Favorite Blush ~ I'm still loving Amaretto by Jaclyn Hill for Becca. I love the muted rosey tone, I'm not super into blush so I have a few staples and this is one of them.

Favorite Clothing Item ~ For the fall it is sweaters! Cozy, warm, sweaters! They can be pullovers, cardigan, boyfriend style etc! I love them all!

Favorite Fall Movie ~ Hocus Pocus....Do I have to say anything else?

Favorite Fall TV Show ~ The show I'm always most excited for to come back in fall is Criminal Minds. I'm still dealing with Derek Morgan leaving but lets not open that can of worms! I have to say I'm pretty amped about the fact Prentiss will be back for more then one episode in the upcoming season.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food ~ Turkey! Oh and my mom's butterscotch pie! To die for!

Favorite Halloween Costume ~
I think I was a witch most years but when I was little, one of my mom's friends made me a Raggity Anne costume wig and all! I have to say I looked pretty cute! I do remember not liking the wig though, made my head itchy!

(sans wig because it was itchy for sure!)
Let me know what your favorite fall things are? As I have gotten older I find myself enjoying fall more and more.

Happy Thanksgiving

10 October 2016 No comments
Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!
Be back here on Wednesday :)

Books To Read!

05 October 2016 1 comment
I by no means would consider myself an avid reader. Do I enjoy reading? Yes! Do I read often....not really! By saying that when I find a good book I can sit down and read it in a day if I have the time but normally books take me awhile to read. Now I probably have you wondering why I'm giving book recommendations. Well, since I do not read as often as some when I come across good books I like to pass along the good times. So here are three recommendations from an occasional reader. Click on the titles to bring you to their summary! Remember recommendations not reviews :)

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

I HIGHLY recommend this novel. I recommend this novel so much that even if you have seen the movie I think you should read the book. I love how this is written and the twists and turns. No, the ending may not turn out how you wanted it but it is perfect! If you enjoy a book that will totally consume you and annoy you I think this could be the one for you. Read this in maybe 2 or 3 days!

Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins

This novel has a lot of hype behind it because of the movie coming out. Is it worth the hype? Nope! This is a good book but it isn't what they hype it up to be which is Gone Girl. Yes there is a some twists but in the end it is kind of predictable once you reach a certain spot in the book. I wanted to like this book more but I didn't. Now saying that I would still say read it! It is pretty well written and a decent story. I'm hoping the movie is a tad better (hello Luke Evans! hottie!)

The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad

I won't lie it might take you a bit to get into this book but once you're in you're going to like it! The end is going to make you annoy you but in a good way I promise! I want this to be made into a movie right now and I want Ben Affleck to play Rath! If you have read this or if you do please let me know if you agree! This is well written and just a good read. It did take me the longest to read this one but well worth it.

What are you reading right now? Since my last few books have been on the dark side I'm now reading Christmas on Primrose Hill by Karen Swan. I love her books, if you enjoy not super cheesy chick lit check her out.

Happy Planner...My New Favorite

03 October 2016 No comments
If you know me you know I love planning and having a cute planner. I have gone from the ones they gave you at school to Erin Condren's to Kate Spade to know Happy Planners by MAMBI. I love the Erin Condren planners but when they are between $50-$75 US I'm more into maybe getting a different one. I have paid that much for 3 EC planners before I don't say it isn't worth it, if you plan and actually it, it is totally worth it especially if you love a good planner. Now, saying this the dollar is not so hot right now so paying closer to $100 for a planner just is not going to happen right now. I do love my Kate Spade I got it on sale after Christmas at Chapters but once I found the Happy Planners I really wanted one! 

My sister Erica is a teacher and because she is a wonderful sister I got her the teacher planner before school started. After seeing hers I wanted one even more and I lasted maybe a day before I decided to had to get my own. When buying things from Michael's I always make sure I have a coupon because honestly you can almost always get a 40% off coupon which I love. When purchasing both my sister's and my own planner I used the 40% off coupons which made my planner to be around $30, Erica's was around $40 with the coupon. The teacher planner comes as a kit so it is more expensive.

The Happy Planner are a lot like the EC planners which is why I think I love them so much they have the same things I love in a planner. The quality of the paper is great which is something when it isn't great drives me crazy. It is pretty filled with color, wonderful quotes, enough space to write! I love it! There is a page at the beginning of each month where you can fill in birthdays and important dates. There is also a spot where you can fill out different information like what you're reading, feeling, planning etc but I do believe it is different in each planner. The covers are beautiful, I had a hard time picking out the one I wanted. They also have enough stickers and accessories to sink a ship! I have already gotten two books of stickers and an extra folder for my planner. I at least look at all the stuff for the planners if not pick up something when I'm at Michael's which is too often anyways!

I HIGHLY recommend these planners. The only con I have for this planner is that it can get bulky but since I didn't get mind until almost September I took out the July and August sections which made it is easier. OH and saying that this planner is not coiled so you can easily remove and put back the paper! It is an arch system I do believe. I honestly could go on and on about this planner but I think it would be better if you just went to your local Michael's and checked it out for yourself!

Happy Planning!