Happy Canada Day!

01 July 2017 No comments

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadians!
Have a safe and Happy Long Weekend!
19 June 2017 No comments
Will be back and blogging next week!

What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday: Dog Edition

07 June 2017 No comments
While I was browsing Pinterest the last couple of days there has been A LOT of dog pins which I love so I decided I would share some of my favorites today since who doesn't love cute dog picture right? And if you don't please don't tell me because I probably won't be able to be friends with you anymore because I will think there is something VERY wrong with you.

I'm not crying! You are crying!!

Okay I decided to only give you three because I could honestly sit here and post cute/sweet dogs things all day! Yes, I know I'm a crazy dog lady! And I'm totally okay with that!

One more just you though....Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Weekending on Tuesday

06 June 2017 1 comment
I had ever intention of blogging yesterday but the day got away me and now here I am talking about my weekend on Tuesday. I had of bit of working weekend so it isn't all that exciting but I feel like I haven't done an update in forever.

On Saturday, I was up bright and early to end down to Liscombe Lodge to help out with my first wedding of this bridal season. I also swear one of these times I will remember to take pictures of the hair that I do! In the rush of the day I always seem to forget. The day was great though. It is always a pleasure working my friend Nicole. Funny story, we went to elementary school together until grade 4 I think and then she moved away and we re-connected when I was in cosmetology school! I was like I think we went to elementary school together when she was in for a visit to talk to my class. My instructor was just like how do you remember that? Pretty funny but I'm glad we reconnected because I love working with her. The bridal party was great and the photographer was wonderful. It is always nice to get along with everyone. If you're looking for hairstylist/make up artist check out Nicole Smith and if you need a photographer look up Evan McMaster....they are both amazing!

On the way home, we stopped to take a quick picture of one of the Wilsons Cove road signs because it is my Wilsons'! It is my Cove haha

On Saturday night Erica and myself decided to go and see Wonder Woman! It was really good. Gal Gadot is fantastic and insanely beautiful! The whole movie was acted well and entertaining. After that it was time for bed! It was a great day but VERY long haha

Sunday, went to lunch at Sharon's, did some errands and was pretty lazy for the rest of it haha.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good week so far :)

Here Comes the Bride....

29 May 2017 4 comments
With spring here and summer just around the corner ( I think, the weather here would make that questionable!) we all know what is upon us.....Bridal showers, Bachelorettes and Weddings! Between going to these events and having to do hair for a number of weddings this summer, my weekends are booked!

We all love spending time together and having a great time with bride but something that can be hard is deciding what to get the bride! She already has everything, she is really picky etc etc. I often want to find something a little different for the bride because their are some standard gifts towels, candles, gift cards that brides always seem to get. But finding that perfect gift can be hard. So I have teamed up with Adore Me to help give you some ideas!

For the brides that lives away, I always like giving them a taste of home, so a beautifully framed picture or collage of different places she loves from around your local area. Maybe some coasters from her favorite local shop. I think when the bride is living away it is always nice to have some little nods from home.

I know they can be boring but I do like giving practical gifts at wedding showers as well but really just because they are practical doesn't mean they actually have to be boring! Dish clothes we all need them but why not look around and find some cute/funny ones on places like Etsy? At one shower I was at they got some dish clothes custom made for the bride with different things she loved. One of the best gifts I think she got that.

One of my favorite ways to do any type of shower gift is a gift basket, for my future brides I like to do up something pamper wise for them. Mine normally consist of hair products, body lotion, bridal magazines, lavender scented candle and bubble bath to help them de-stress. Just a few fun/luxury items for them all wrapped up in a pretty package!

Adore Me has some great Bridal Shower gifts from cute new pjs, sexy panties and bras, swimsuits, lounge wear, active wear and of course gift cards for when you can't pick that one you think the bride will love. The best part about Adore Me they carry all sizes! Petite to Plus and everything in between. Also a bonus you can browse for yourself as well! I personally would like one of almost everything from their site. Adore Me has also added in some great gifts as well! You should not have a problem with your gift giving this Bridal season!

Also, check out their Pinterest for more great ideas and shopping!