Friday Favorites!

24 February 2017 1 comment
This week was a short week but kind of seemed long. I know it doesn't really make sense but whatever I know you all know what I mean. Since it is Friday I think it is time for some Friday Favorites! If you have read any of my posts this week you might be able to figure out a few of my favorites already.

This week's episode of This is Us had me shook. I haven't cried that hard at a TV show ever. I think the only other time I really cried at a TV show was the episode of 8 Simple Rules when Jon Ritter dies. It was so sad because he had actually passed away. But, back to This is Us, I could honestly just watch a show just about Randall he is my favorite. I would also need William and Jack in the show in some way. Yup, seriously such a good episode and show in general.

Another shocker....Lion but more specifically Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar! They play the main character Saroo at different ages and I just love them! Dev Patel is a fantastic actor and Sunny is one of the cutest kids in the whole world. He did such a good job in the movie too. Love Love Love! This is the real life Saroo and the two who played him.

This favorite is kind of attached to the movie, only because myself, mom, sister and brother went and we were the only ones there so it was a fun evening spent together. Also, Erica thought the movie started at 9:10 but it didn't! 9:20 so we were there a tad early but all good. We were just missing Dad and Lindsay!

All the clothes in the stores and online shops are so springy and summery! I love it but now all I want to do is shop and buy all the things! I will be getting some of it because I want a few things for my Cuba trip if it happens. I think I want some new bathing suit tops too. Lets be honest I want it all! hahaha

My last favorite for this week has been the weather! Omg it has felt so spring like and the sun has been out. Such a nice change from the weather that we had been having. This morning when I put the trash out it was already 5 degrees! I love this weather I hope it keeps up and melts even more of the stupid snow!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

What's Up Wednesday On Thursday?

23 February 2017 1 comment
Another month as passed already and it is time for What's Up Wednesday! My bad for being a day late but the day got away on me yesterday so lets just be happy it is coming at all!
What I'm eating this week?
I didn't plan for this week so I don't really have a good menu nothing really exciting, just whatever has been the plan for this week.
What I'm reminiscing about?
This week I was in a group chat with some of my lovely friends who I met because of the Backstreet Boys and I was thinking about all the good times I have had with them and how much I miss them and need to get to Halifax soon to see them!
What I'm Loving?
This is Us and Lion! Two nights in a row and have gone into ugly cry because of this show and movie. The episode on Tuesday of This Is Us is one of the one best most well acted I have ever seen. Sterling K Brown and Ron Cephas Jones are just amazing. I honestly cannot put into words how wonderfully tragic and beautiful that episode was. For last 5-10 minutes I could barely see through my tears. I know I'm hyping it up a lot but it just really struck a cord and I think it has for most fans of shows. Last night I went and saw Lion and cried basically through the whole movie! Knowing it was a true story was just heartbreaking. In all honesty it is hard movie to get out of your mind once you have seen it because it is a real story and things like this will much sadder endings happen every day. If you can see it I would highly recommend it....bring tissues and no need for eye make up.
I'm also loving the weather this last couple of days! Feels like spring!
What I've been up to?
Just regular life, nothing too exciting right now haha
What I'm dreading?
Nothing :)
What I'm working on?
I'm working on planning a trip to Cuba, organizing my packing list for Crop and Create, planning blog post (hopefully they get blogged) and organizing/spring cleaning
What I'm excited about?
My trip to Cuba, it isn't booked yet but I'm hopefully going away again at the end of April with my momma, cousin and two aunts. I can't wait to be back on my favorite beach for a week.
What I'm reading/watching?
I'm still working through Talking As Fast as I Can...I hope to finish it this weekend and then I think I will read the Couple Next Door.
Watching....My regulars This Is Us, Criminal Minds and How to Get Away with Murder. Oh and now The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions! CT IS BACK!!! I love that man.
What I'm listening to?
James Arthur on repeat! One of the best albums I have come across in a long time! Can I Be Him? is one the best songs ever.
What I'm wearing?
Today, jeans and cute black lacey top. Sorry I don't have a picture haha!
What I'm doing this weekend?
I have no idea yet!

What I'm looking forward to next month?
Crop and Create! It is my yearly scrapbooking trip with my sister Erica to Moncton and it is a great weekend! I can't wait to see all the girls and just have a fun weekend with my sister! 
Bonus Question : What is your favorite beauty product?
Mascara! Hands down My favorites are Diorshow and Better Than Sex

Tuesday Tuesday

21 February 2017 1 comment
Okay, so lets start off with an update from last snowed and it snowed and it snowed and guess what it SNOWED! So, to be perfectly honest I didn't feel like blogging at all because I didn't do really anything expect stay tucked up in bed catching up on my DVR'ed tv! Does anyone watch Criminal Minds? If you do what the heck!? Craziness!

Last Sunday I was in Halifax for a few hours for my cousin's bridal shower. It was lovely. Honestly I'm not sure when I became old enough for her to be old enough to actually get married but there you go, it is happening in June! It was nice to spend the afternoon with some family and meet some of Callee's friends I don't know.

I do really wish I had more to say in this post because one would think in the time off I had in the last week or so I would have had something to say but alas the stuff I would want to talk about right now isn't something I would care to have on my blog because it is really political and close to my heart. Anyone reading this from Nova Scotia can probably guess what I'm referring to. I would love to make a blog post about it but I don't know if I could get out what I want to say in way I wanted to because it makes me upset and gets me quite passionate. So, we are going to leave it at that.

Alright, I'm just going to wrap it up now because this post is going nowhere and I'm just rambling about nothing at this point!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Weekend Update on a Friday? AGM Weekend

10 February 2017 No comments
I mentioned in my last post that it was a busy week so I tried to blog a few times but it just never happened so I never had the chance to get my weekend update about the NS PC AGM. This is going to a bit of a photo dump but who doesn't love a good picture dump once and awhile!

This past weekend I was able to attend the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party's AGM and I had a great time. The weekend was packed with fun events and just had a great time with the people I was with. On Friday, there was the opening and hospitality suites which were a lot of fun and then on Saturday we went to the luncheon where our interim leader of the federal party Rona Ambrose was the one of the guest speakers. She was one of the main reasons I was looking forward to the weekend. I'm sad she isn't running for the leadership but I'm sure she has reasons for it. She will be the best Prime Minister we never had. After the luncheon we had a CA 'meeting' that term is being very loosely used there. Then we had dinner and got ready for the 'debate' of the candidates running for the federal party leadership. I say 'debate' because it is hard to have a real debate with 14 people. Now, that being said it was a good 'debate' and I'm happy to say I got to see it! I knew some of the candidates who were running but not all of them so now I know! Some I liked and some I didn't but lets not get into that. After the debate we headed home, though if we had of known what fun we were going to have we would have stayed at the hotel for Saturday night too but what can you do. We still had a great time. It was nice to spend the weekend with momma bear taking in something we both enjoyed.

Warning picture dump ahead!

Momma Bear, Peter McKay and Me (wish he was running!)
Myself and Rona Ambrose
Myself and the boss man Pat Dunn

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Girly Chat Monthly Link Up!

09 February 2017 6 comments
I guess I have become the end of the week blogger, this week was busy so I just didn't get a chance to sit down and write anything! I did try a few times I promise but it never happened. So lets just  move on with this post and forget about it.

One of my favorites in the blogging world Emily is co-hosting a monthly link up so of course I have to link up! And look at me for remembering the first one! The first topics is Valentine's Day plans, this is going to be a short post sadly because I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I did went I was in school because you all kind of had to because it was thing at school and it was fun. Now, I don't have celebrate because I'm single or have something against it. It is a sad day for me, my Nanny (mom's mom) passed away from cancer on Valentine's Day 1992 when I was 8. She was one of the most important people in my life and I just would rather spend the day thinking of good times with her instead of celebrating Valentine's Day. Now it is nice to have a love dedicated to love and all the mushy stuff but remember to tell the ones you love, that you love them everyday because it is nice to say it and hear it :)

Don't forget to check out Emily and the other co-hosts!

Friday Favorites

03 February 2017 1 comment
This week was a tad more busy than I thought it was going to so plans for more blogs were there but never quite happened! Today, I have a half day of work then off to Halifax for the AGM. Last night I went out to see if I could find a new shirt for this evenings events and of course every shirt I picked and tried on I wanted! I picked 2 and I also picked up a new pair of shoes haha I will have pictures another day maybe next week if I get my act together!

So Friday Favorites....

Saw this movie on Wednesday night and it is probably one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! It is a smart movie and I love seeing how women were a part of things in a time where one would have thought it was just men. This movie touched on issues of civil rights but it was more focused on the work of the black women at NASA. The three main characters are outstanding women and the actresses who played them were FANTASTIC! There are few better than Octavia Spencer. I can't say enough about this movie it is wonderful....go and see it! You will not be disappointed.

I already gave my opinion on La La Land but I have to say I have been listening the soundtrack a lot this week and I just love it. There is just something about certain songs that bring you back to a time of Fred and Ginger which I'm sure that is what they would have been going for somewhat but it just makes me happy. I'm happy I got it! A Lovely Night is basically my favorite song right now. If you enjoy the sounds of a musical you might want to check out this soundtrack.

I now wish I had of taken some pictures of my shirts and shoes so I could show them to you! They are for sure favorites and splurges of this week because I really only going to get one top! Thankfully I got everything at Winner's so they were a good deal at least.

Well my loves I think I'm going to wrap it up now, I hope you all have a great weekend!