Link Up Madness!

29 March 2013 No comments
Well it is Friday again and a long weekend! Happy Good Friday everyone! I just finished doing some cleaning because my brother and his girlfriend are coming home for the weekend! Haven't meet this girlfriend yet but she seems like a goodie! We will be introducing her to Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend because it is a tradition for us and she well needs to get with it LOL 

In honor of watching Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend I'm having a dance party to the soundtrack!


Happies :)

- had a great weekend away in Moncton!
- weather is beautiful today!
- Chase and Emma are here!
- The ladies from Crop and Create all added me on Facebook :)
- my room is all nice and clean

Crappies :(

- it is that time of month! Boo!

Have a great weekend everyone! And Happy Easter!


Throwback Thursday!

28 March 2013 2 comments
Since I can't think of anything I really want to talk about today I'm going to do throwback Thursday! Everyone likes pictures so why not I say! I'm not going too many years back because I found these pictures from a few summers ago and they just really made me miss that summer! Hope you're all having a great week! :) Enjoy! xo

Oh How Pinteresting!

27 March 2013 5 comments

Oh, nice to see you again for oh, how pinteresting! I have to say the past week or so I haven't been on Pinterest much because I was busy with other things so I don't have many pins for you this week but a few is better then none and you can always find me here on Pinterest!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


Weekend Update! Crop and Create Moncton!

25 March 2013 No comments

Okay ladies I meant to have this up earlier today but I'm dead tired from my weekend of scrapbooking! Seriously who knew sitting on your butt all weekend would make you so darn tired! But today I have been laying around trying to get myself back to normal! It was one great weekend though! Well worth being this tired for since it almost didn't happen because of the weather! The weather forecast kept changing so we had no idea what it was going to be like when we woke up on Friday morning but it wasn't suppose to be too much and by the time we were leaving it should be just fine! Well when I woke up in the morning to start getting ready I couldn't see out my front window! We were suppose to get like 10cm of snow but it was more like 20cm! Luckily, it was early and we didn't have to leave for a few hours and the plows were starting go by so we figured we would be good to go! Thankfully, we did get to leave by 12:30pm! But got the first 45 minutes of the drive the roads were not good! We aren't sure how the plows were driving because everyone on the roads had to keep going from one lane to another! But, then we hit where the snow hadn't been and we were clear sailing!! 

Once, we were in Moncton, we got to the hotel where we were staying and where the event was! After we checked in we headed to the conference room to get checked into Crop and Create! That is where we got to first meet Catherine and Jen! Two of the lovely ladies who put this event on around Canada! They are some of the nicest women! We also got our awesome goodie bags! Then, it was time to head into the event and get started on some scrapbooking! Since it was our first time we were amazed at how many ladies were there and how much stuff some people take to a scrapbooking weekend! One woman took 5 trips from her car to the event room!! Luckily, we packed light! HAHA Not really but lighter then most of the women there! There was also 3 stores step up in the event room and they were amazing! They had some of the best products and papers! I could have spent a small fortune there but I was strong and only spent about $45. When I was walking around the stores I heard one woman I had spent 170 bucks and the event just started! I totally understand how she spent that though! The first day of the event, we scrapped a lot and then had a wonderful dessert bar at around 10pm which was a great pick me up! Then, we watched some of the teachers do different techniques, which was very cool and then we did a Make and Take (which is what it says you make something and get to take it with you) We did the Make and Take with Catherine and Leica which was a necklace! It was super cute! Sorry I don't have a photo to show you right now since the one I took is on my phone and I don't have it uploaded yet! Erica and I headed to bed around 11:30 because we were really tired and we wanted to get up early to go to breakfast at Cora's!

Day Two was awesome! We started at Cora's for breakfast then we scrapped all day! Stopped for a nice lunch, had some yummy soup and sandwiches! Then more scrapping! Until we had to stop for dinner! Our waiter at the hotel restaurant was awful! We almost walked out on our bill because we waited almost 25 minutes for it! Thankfully, we weren't in a rush because I would have been livid with him because he basically disappeared! I hate bad service! After dinner we headed back up to the event to do a bit more scrapping before we were heading to our class with Kelly Purkey! This class was a lot of fun! She does some super cool techniques I wouldn't even think of using so it was nice to see different ways to use some the products you have but don't know what to do with them! There was also closing remarks and birthday cake for Kelly Purkey! Super fun time! Then, we had another dessert bar and a bit more scrapping before we had to say goodbye until next year! I have to say the weekend was amazing and I cannot wait until next year for the next one! Thanks for putting on such a wonderful event ladies! It was amazing!!

Lecia, Me, Erica and Vicki!

Vicki is picking up Kelly! She is a very tiny girl!

Happy Birthday Kelly!


Our scrap table! We had the best tulips!

Kelly Purkey and Me! She is a sweetheart!

Catherine and Me! Catherine is one awesome lady!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
PS sorry for any huge grammar mistakes, I'm just too tired and none are jumping out at me so I hope there isn't many! LOL


Friday Link Up Madness!!

22 March 2013 No comments

It is that time again for some Friday Dance Party!! You must be linking up with Whitney! Anyways here is my choice this week for #backthatazzup Friday!

Because everyone needs a little Britney in their lives!


Friday also means it is mean for some Happies and Crappies!

-it is time for Crop and Create! Off to Moncton around lunchtime today!
-had great time visiting with Amy and Cameron this week!
-had a great play date and lunch with Nicole and Clara!
-it is officially Spring! Closer to summer!!
-Got my eyebrows did! Small things are sometimes the best things!

-it is Spring but still snowing! 
-Snowstorm #2 of Spring has happened and we are only a few days in!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I will!
See You All on Monday!


It's Okay Thursday!

21 March 2013 4 comments

Well, I haven't done an It's Okay for a long time now so I figured I might as well this week! I have been rather busy this week so nice to chill out with an easy blog post today! Anyways, lets get on with it!

It's Okay...

-that I'm uber excited for my scrapbooking weekend! Crop and Create here I come!
-that I have been listening to Tim McGraw's newest album a lot lately
-that I CANNOT wait for summer! I'm over winter!
-that I have wishlists on far too many websites right now
-that I'm obsessed with Big Brother Canada
-that Songza is my best friend, 90s one hit wonders!
-that I'm so freaking excited to meet Kelly Purkey this weekend!!
-that I'm excited for a nice weekend away with my sissy!
-that I'm already excited for maybe a shopping roadtrip in May!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!
See ya tomorrow! xoxo

Oh, How Pinteresting!

20 March 2013 2 comments

I missed last week's oh, how pinteresting! So this week I guess I should have some pretty good right!? I was super lazy last week with my blogging so time for good Pins to make up for it :)

Remember you can find me HERE on Pinterest :) 

Random Rambling Monday!

18 March 2013 1 comment
Okay, so it is the beginning of another week! I'm staying with my cousin and her baby for a couple of days because her hubby is off on a business trip until Thursday I do believe! So, thankfully I planned ahead and I have some posts all ready to go for you guys in case I don't have the time to do some while I'm at Amy's. I actually have a pretty busy week ahead of me because Friday I'm leaving for a scrapbooking weekend! Crop and Create is having a weekend of scrapbooking fun in Moncton so of course me and my sister Erica decided we should probably go and partake in that! I was a busy little bee over the weekend trying to get as much ready for Crop and Create as I could because I didn't want to be rushing trying to get all of it done after I came back from Amy's. I much prefer to be organized, which I think I am. I have a couple more things to get done but I'm basically ready to go. I'm very excited that Kelly Purkey is going to be there this weekend! She is one of my favorite scrapbookers! And we are taking one of her classes so that is going to be awesome. From what I have gathered on this scrapbooking weekends I think we are in for one great time! 

Alright, before I started writing this post I was looking at what people search to find my blog and wow some stuff is pretty interesting! I think my favorite was birttney coffy blog! Nice try on the spelling of my name and coffee! Some of the more interesting ones were John Morris curling and how to wear a checked shirt!! Honestly, looking at the searches makes me laugh! I wish John Morris found my blog through searching his own name! Look him up he is a hottie! One of the reasons why I watch curling is because of him haha. Also, I know I have never talked about checked shirt so I'm blaming PinkLouLou for that one! Actually you know I love her to bits so Thank you Doll!

I'm starting to ramble now so I'm doing to wrap it up and go pack my bag for Amy's! Can't wait to see my little man Cameron! I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! Love you all and see you tomorrow!!


Link Up Madness Friday!

15 March 2013 4 comments

Again, I have been listening to Songza today so that means it is time for the awesome link up #backthatazzup Friday with the ever lovely Whitney! Songza has been giving some good choices but here is my choice for today!


Also, lets do some happies and Crappies this Friday!


-it is Friday!
-Had great visits with some of my favorite babies this week
-it was a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday!
-it is one week till Crop and Create!
- Andrew and Jillian are still safe in the Big Brother house
-Songza playing the best songs!

Crappies :(

-it is snowing today!

Have a great weekend everyone and I will see ya on Monday! 

Dance Party! Tunes Tuesday!

12 March 2013 No comments

Hey Everyone! I haven't done a tunes tuesday in such a long time but this week it isn't going to be quite the same because I don't have any new artist to introduce you too! So, I have been listening to Songza a lot lately so I decided to give you some of my favorite dance party songs! Everyone should have a dance party everyday so lets get this party started!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Unboxing! Erin Condren Life Planner!

11 March 2013 3 comments
Happy Monday Everyone! I know it is the first Monday in Spring Forward time change so no one is a happy camper today! I do love that we get an extra hour of sunlight but man it still sucks getting up in the morning when that extra hour is gone! But, this means it is closer to SUMMER!!! My favorite season! I mean who doesn't love summer!? If you don't like summer we probably can't be awesome friends haha

Anyways, I have been meaning to do this post forever seeing as I got my planner in January! But, better late than not at all! Last year I got my first Life Planner for Christmas and I have to say it was on my of favorite gifts because I love being organized and be able to write everything down! I know most people have moved on to working everything in with their smart phones but I love writing it down myself! I love pens and pencils too! I have quite the collections sitting beside me right now but seriously I will probably never not have a planner! It started back when I was grade 7 so really it will continue the rest of my life. Lets move on to the pictures!

It's finally here! (back in January haha)

Packed up all pretty!

Lots of goodies!

Everything is just so pretty even the packaging for the pen holder!

Isn't she a beauty?

Again this year I decided to ask for one of Christmas and again it didn't disappoint! Well, actually Erica forgot to order it and I didn't get it until the first week of January but that is okay because I love it so much and really I didn't need it until the first week of January anyways since I still had my old one! If you want a better look at the life planners you can visit the official Erin Condren Website or you can look up reviews on YouTube.

I don't really want to do a review on these planners because I will just gush about how much I love them! I really don't have any complaints so it is hard to do a review when you just plan on talking about you love something! That being said, I know they are pricey so I would say if you don't really like writing everything down or planning I would not spend the money on this planner because you will not get your money's worth. If you're like me you will get your money's worth, I don't think there is a page in my planner from last year that doesn't have something written on it. I do love the updates that they have done with the new planners, it is thinner, the monthly tabs are plastic now and there are lined pages in back instead of just unlined, I know I'm crazy! I prefer lined pages. Erica also ordered me the note pads, pens and pen holder. I love it all. If I won the lottery I would probably order everything off the website! Yes, I have an addiction but I love it! :)

Have a great Monday everyone! See you again tomorrow!

Link Up Madness Friday!!

08 March 2013 4 comments

My girl Whitney has new link up! And this one is pretty darn awesome! It is #backthatazzup Friday! To start the weekend off right we all need some tunes so hop on over to Whitney's grab the button and post your jam! Don't forget to link up with her so we can all have an awesome dance party!

My jam this week is Montell Jordan's This is How We Do It!



- it is two weeks until Crop and Create Moncton! YAY for weekend of scrapbooking which I haven't done in FOREVER! I hope I remember how!
- it is a beautiful sunny day!
- I was in and out of the blood clinic in less then 30 minutes this morning! That never happens! I was of course the youngest one there at 6:45am! Me and the old men waiting to get our blood taken LOL
- I had lots of Starbucks last weekend :)
- I'm loving Big Brother Canada! Go Jillian! And I LOVE Andrew! This is probably because he isn't basically 12! haha


-big brother live feed is down right now because they doing a competition lol
- I had to get blood work done today! I really hate needles!
- I don't get to go and see Halifax friends for awhile now :( 

Basically no crappies this week because it was a good week! Gotta love that! I'm in a really good mood today for being up since 6:20am! Hope everyone is planning a great weekend! And I will see you all again on Monday! 


I think I have a crush on you!

07 March 2013 4 comments
Hey Everyone! Today I'm doing a link up with Erin who blogs over at Living In Yellow! She has one of the best blog out there so I would say you should go and check her out, because it would be totally cool and you know that is how we roll here! You can click the picture below to get to her blog :)

Now, Erin's link up this week is to spread the love around! So, we are all telling you about our blogger crushes! I have had a very hard time narrowing it down to a suitable amount because I know you all don't want to sit around and read my post for days and honestly I don't know to sit around and write this post for days! But I have come up with my top 5 so let's get this party of love started! 

Firstly, Erin has an amazing blog with everything on it! You will go from fashions, to friends, to food, to life, to blogging advice! She is your one stop shop! She is super funny too! I was so happy when I found her blog because she is real, sweet, funny and just pretty cool! Girl, you're just too awesome! Here's to Erin, wine and bubble baths!

Secondly, PinkLouLou! I don't think I can say enough about this girl! She is one of the reasons I got back into blogging because I loved her so much! I don't think I will ever gain her popularity which is quite okay but even with her popularity she always has time for her readers. I was beyond thrilled and so excited when she said she would guest blog for me! I have a little blog and wasn't even sure she would have time but the sweetie that she is, she made the time and didn't care that my blog doesn't even have 100 followers yet. She put together a great post too! I honestly could go on and on and on about this girl but I think you should just go and check out her blog and see for yourself how amazing she is!

Thirdly, lets talk Pam over at Yes it is, Kevin! If you like fashions and YouTube videos this girl is for you! She is such a sweetie too! She does great videos and blogs! I always want new things when I read her blogs or watch her videos! She is also a super awesome person and great blogger friend! I knew as soon as I saw her blog I was going to love her and then we both have the Les Mis obsession so what more could you ask for really!

Lastly, we are going with the lovely Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants To Work! I have been friends with Whitney for several years now and seen her go through her ups and downs, which is shares and doesn't make excuses. She is pretty real and straight to the point. But, I think she love her best for being so dang funny though! If you need a laugh hit this girl up on twitter or on her blog because you will quickly find yourself laughing! She is a riot and a sweetie! Love ya Whit

I know for sure I'm forgetting some people but these are some on my top picks for the best bloggers out there! xoxo

Happy Almost Weekend Everyone!

Oh How Pinteresting!

06 March 2013 No comments

Today is Wednesday so we all know what that means it is time for another edition of oh how pinteresting! This week I'm going for a fashion theme so here are some of the looks I'm loving on Pinterest!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!
See You all again tomorrow