27 June 2014 1 comment
Hey, we all made it to Friday! It was long week and the it was rainy the last couple of days which was kind of awful because it was prom and graduation for the local high schools. The weather is changing and is suppose to be awesome this weekend! I'm so excited! It is suppose to start clearing off this afternoon.

Anyways, as we all know it is time for #backthatazzup Friday! I was trying to think of song to post but all I have been listening to this week is basically Sara Bareilles! I honestly could listen to her for the rest of my life and not have any complaints. If you don't like her, please don't tell me because I will have a hard time liking you after that information is bought to my attention. This being said I'm going to give you Sara today! Not the best for backing that azz up but still a great way to start your weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone! xo

The ABC's of Me

23 June 2014 8 comments
Happy Monday everyone! I bet you were all wondering if you would see me here today! But here I am in all my glory. Since I didn't get around to a couple of things I wanted to do for the blog I have decided to give you the ABC's of me today! I saw this on Brandi's blog a week or so ago and I think I have done one of these before but I decided to do it again. Have fun learning a few facts about me and go check out Brand's blog because it is pretty awesome :)

- Age: 30

B - Birthday month: October

C - Color: Pink, yellow

D - Drink: root beer

E - Eyes: green

F - Flashback: High tops! I have a purple and white pair.

G - Game: Hockey or curling

H - Hobby: Scrapbooking

I - Indulgence: Chocolate

- Job: Student until next May and then I will be a hair stylist :)

- Kiddos: I would like to have two

L - Love: Summer

M - Music: Country and pop music

N - Nation: Canada

O - Overstock: Shoes, sunglasses and purses

P - Pets: Two dogs....Gus and Jagger

Q - Quote: “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge. But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.”  Eckhart Tolle

R - Residence: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

S - Siblings: 2....Erica and Chase

T - Temperature: I don't know

U - University: NSCC

- Vehicle: none

W - Want:This beautiful weather to continue!

X - X: Marks the spot!

Y - Yuck: Cooked carrots! They make me gag!

Z - Zodiac: Scorpio

Friday Friday Friday!

20 June 2014 8 comments
Happy Friday everyone! It was a beautiful, sunny day until about 20 minutes ago and now it is cloudy, raining and I do believe I hear thunder in the distance! Today, I decided to get in my fix of link ups! So lets start with Five on Friday!

  • This week has gone by really quickly! Feels like yesterday was Monday!
  • I have been listening to a lot of Sara Bareilles this week and honestly she is so amazing! I did tweet this but if you don't like her please don't tell me because I will have a hard time liking you after that I think.
  • It is officially summer today! YAY! I'm excited but I really can't believe I have been off school for almost two months already! Kind of crazy! It is graduation day at my school and I kind of wish it was my graduation day but alas it will come soon enough!
  • I have been watching too many YouTube videos again this week. Really this isn't a new thing but man I have been watching organizing ones and I really don't need to watch those ones! LOL
  • I have a small addiction to HGTV which lead to me loving Damon Bennett from Holmes on Homes. He is such a sweetheart and he can build you house how could you not love him!? Anyways just wanted to let everyone know he is awesome and you should love him too. Fingers crossed he gets his own show soon since he has left Mike Holmes crew to pursue other things on his own. By far my favorite handyman! 

Also, on a completely different note here are my feelings on last night's Free Agents epsiode NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and that is all I have to say about that!

And since we are linking up we should link up with Whitney and get your weekend started right!

I'm coming back to you....

18 June 2014 3 comments
Well, I can say with certainty I have not been the best blogger lately! But, I won't make excuses or apologize for it. Sometimes you want to blog and sometimes you don't. I don't even really have an idea for this post but I decided to get on here and just tell you I'm coming back! I have ideas for some posts and I do miss writing so I will be back Friday. I decided that I'm going to try and blog three times a week, I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hope you're still with me! I have some beauty and fashion posts coming and hopefully some foodie blogs too! I'm also looking for guest bloggers so if you want to just let me know :)

I'm leaving you with a pictures since I was going to make this a wordless Wednesday but alas I talked too much for that! Happy Wednesday Folks!

A Belated Father's Day Post....

16 June 2014 1 comment
Since I don't post on the weekend I didn't get a chance to blog Happy Father's Day to my favorite man in the world...My dad!

I won't sit here and make you read through all the reasons I have the best dad but I wanted to knowledge him on here because I do not normally talk him and not because I don't want to just seem to talk about others more. My dad is the strong silent type, yet is silly and the weird dad everyone thinks they have. He has provided me with everything I have ever needed and wanted throughout my life and today I just wanted to say thanks dad xo


10 June 2014 No comments

  Dave Ross   Fabrice Gevaudan Doug Larche

Thank You

Random Monday

09 June 2014 5 comments
Okay, last week I planned on blogging all week but we can all see that didn't happen! Things come in three or so they say so I'm thinking I'm good now! I had my ear ache, that time of the month and now I have a cold which is probably bugging me the most out of these three things! I hate having a cold and not being able to breathe! I just feel like blah!

Anyways, I'm not even really sure what I should talk about today since I didn't do a thing this weekend expect lay around and be sick. I did start watching House of Cards last night since I decided it was time for me to embark on a new TV series and this was one I was looking at and since it was right there on Netflix I decided to go with it. I have only watched the first epsiode but I really liked it so I'm hoping the more I get into it the more I will like it. I also watched Catfish the Movie yesterday since I love the show I thought I should probably watch where it came from. It was an interesting movie! I loved seeing Nev and his brothers argue about different things and how they just decided to go and see 'Megan'. I think it is so weird when people lie about themselves online and play with people's feelings in such a way. I liked seeing Nev's story because you now know what it was like for him and he really does know what the people on the show are going through. I enjoyed it and if you watch the show I think you should check it out for sure.

I really wish I had something more fun to tell you but alas I don't! I will leave you with a couple of pictures I took last week when I was down at the beach :) Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow! xo

Weekend Update on Tuesday!

03 June 2014 4 comments
Yesterday I had every intention of blogging but it was a beautiful day and my cousin Ashdenne decided we were going to go on adventure so that is where my day went instead of blogging. It is better to be out and enjoying the weather then inside working on the blog.

This weekend the weather was beautiful! On Saturday, I went out with Erica and her friend Johnny for lunch in Pictou at Sharon's and it was lovely as always. After lunch and once we dropped Johnny off, Erica and I got some ice cream and then headed home ourselves. Later in the day we got a phone call from our family friend Peter who got a new puppy!! We quickly went down there to see the puppy who is a bull massif and named Moses. He is the sweetest little thing! He cuddled right into me and I was loving life because I love puppies!

Once we finished our visit with Moses, Erica and myself went and got Johnny so we could all go and see X Men. I really liked the movie and I have never seen the other movies and really know nothing about X Men. I do love me some Hugh Jackman though!
Sunday was another beauty of a day so myself, Erica and our momma headed out to have brunch together and then mom saw a plant sale so she got some stuff before we dropped her off and headed out to do some errands. Erica made BBQ chicken and ribs for dinner that night and they were amazing. I love BBQ anything and these were just delish! My aunt Bev and uncle Bill were over for family dinner too since they were down at their cottage and it doesn't have a kitchen right now haha. On Sunday I was also able to have a nice catch up with my friend Justin! We hadn't had a real chat in for too long so it was great to be able talk to him. I had a great weekend and really my weekend moved into Monday too with the adventures with Ashdenne.

Monday morning around 9:30 I think I got a text from Ashdenne saying it was too beautiful out so we needed to go on an adventure! I had a few things to get done so we decided after lunch we would head out. We didn't know what the adventure was going to be but we decided to head to Brule once Ashdenne came over because it was more of an adventure then just going to the beach. On the way there is a lavender farm and we stopped there. Ashdenne got some nice bath salts and we decided to try some lavender chocolate. Now we can say we have tried it! It is was nice chocolate but just too perfume-y. We are happy we just shared a piece instead of getting two. Once we left the lavender farm, Ashdenne saw that there was a wool shop and sheep farm not too far so we headed there next! The shop was very nice and full of nice things but both me and Ashdenne didn't see anything we really wanted at the time. There was some very nice mittens though that I would like but as it is summer I didn't really want to get them yet! There was also sheep you could go and see! They were so cute! The noises they make is really funny though! They were super cute but kinda stinky haha Once we were done at the farm we headed to Rushton's beach! It was beautful down there! The sand was soft, the water was cold and the sun was hot! It was a great adventure day. Ashdenne then came back to our house for the evening to watch Master Chef. Great day and awesome to spend it out adventuring with Ashdenne.

Also big congrats to my friends Lauren and Matt on their engagement! So happy for both of you!