Friday Favorites

27 January 2017 1 comment
Well it is Friday again! This week passed quite quickly, it was good week. Nothing overly exciting but a good week. Does anyone else find that January and February are normally boring months? I think I feel this way since I'm normally coming down from the holidays and then you don't really want to do anything for awhile since you have been going like crazy person since mid November! haha Anyways, since I feel that way I feel like I have nothing to post about because I haven't been doing much or really even wanted to. Thankfully, I have a couple of posts planned for next week that don't involve me having to actually done something! So hopefully you will look forward to that. Since, I don't have to say today I'm going to link up again for Friday Favorites! Here are some of my favorite things of the week....

YES! How to Get Away with Murder is BACK!! This is one of my favorite shows and if you read my blog you would already know that! Everything is so crazy with the show right now and I love it! Even if the show wasn't as good as it is I have a feeling I would still watch it because of Charlie Weber aka Frank Delfino....he is one good looking man! Google him, I swear you won't be disappointed, I also say that for watching the show. But if you don't like it don't tell me okay ;)

Last night, a local film club Plaid Marquee brought Manchester by the Sea to our local theatre for whatever reason Cineplex decided they didn't want to just show it! It sold out rather quickly so I'm glad we were able to get tickets. I can see why Casey Affleck is getting nominated for the awards! It is great movie, it sad with some great comic relief. I don't want to say much about it for those who might want to see it. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

Michaels coupons! I NEVER buy anything at Michaels full price at Michaels and lately man they have been just sending out so many I love it! In fact I just got one for 55% off a regular priced item! Now, do I need anything nope! But getting some washi tape for 4 bucks isn't something I'm going to pass up! I thought I would use my 40% off coupon on it but 55 sounds much better! haha Yes, I know I have a problem and that this will be my 4th trip to Michaels since last Friday!

Well, short and sweet today folks! I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Friday loves!

My Favorite People to follow....

26 January 2017 1 comment
We all have a few people on social media who we like a bit better then the rest of the folks we follow right? Well I decided to have a bit of a series telling you my favorite people to follow on different social media sites. I'm hoping you find a few more new people to follow or you can tell me yes I love following them too! Anyways, today I'm starting with YouTube because yes I get sucked into the YouTube hole a lot. Go one to watch one video and a hour later you're still watching plan with me videos! But lets not get into that one! Here are three of my favorite YouTubers...

Fleur is a beauty blogger/vlogger from England and I have been watching her videos for a number of years now. I really enjoy her videos because they are doable for your average person, right now she doing a whole month of just drugstore products! She also does the high end but she has a good mix! There are some Youtubers and I'm like okay I will watch you just to see products I will never buy because nope, too expensive even for me who likes to splurge on a product every once and awhile. I also love her vlogs, I love seeing her dogs and husband Mike. They just seem like such a great couple. I think most people who like beauty videos would love watching Fleur.

Claire Marshall
Again, Claire is a beauty vlogger and I LOVE HER! Sometimes when I'm watching Youtubers who are younger then me (most seem to be) I'm like okay I can't do this because they just are not at the same place in life and whatever but Claire could be my bff! She makes real videos and she puts so much effort into her videos, not saying most don't but her videos are beautiful shot and edited. I love when she takes us along on her trips, talks about the hard stuff in life and shows us what she bought at Sephora! Go now and watch her videos!

Alfie Deyes
I won't lie for a long time I didn't watch Alfie (pointlessblog) because he is like 10 years younger then me and really not who I was into watching on YouTube but for the last few months he has quickly become one of my favorites to watch. I love his daily vlogs, he just so happy and positive 99% of the time it is hard to be a good mood after watching him. I have been watching his girlfriend Zoella for longer because she is a beauty gal on YouTube. I enjoy seeing their life together and seeing their dog Nala. If you're just looking for some easy, fun watching I highly suggest checking out Alfie!

And just for a quick list of a few more YouTubers you should check out
Louise Pentland
Joe Sugg
Jim Chapman
Marcus Butler
Fun for Louis


Next week: Instagram!

Last Wednesday In January!?

25 January 2017 2 comments
Oh hey there! Yes, you're seeing this right I'm blogging! I have been very slack with my blogging I know but I just haven't wanted to sit down and write! When I was posting something it was a chore even when it was just a link up! Hopefully, I will be more into it again now.

Speaking of link ups I'm trying a new one today! Some of the girls I follow on here all do link up at the end of the month so I decided to get myself back into blogging mode I would try it! So where is what is up with me....

What we're eating this week...
Had slow cooked pulled pork last night, unsure what is on for tonight and the rest of the week actually! I was not good with the meal planning this week but what can you do!

What I'm reminiscing about...

Nothing really, yesterday a baby picture of my best friend's baby came up on my facebook memories which made me think about how much she has grown and what a great kid she is but I haven't been reminiscing much lately.

What I'm loving...
Ben Affleck....hahaha...but really I do love him. I even liked Live By Night which was good but a tad too long and dropped the ball on some story lines.
Right now I'm loving my coffee honestly! It is very dark grey rainy day and I feel like it is going to be a least one cup of coffee kind of day! It is the kind of day you would rather of stayed cozied up in bed but alas here I am up, showered, dressed and having some coffee.

What we're been up to...
Not a whole lot, just the regular routine of life. I did go to Truro with Erica on Saturday to see Live By Night and check out a different Michaels because we all know I go to the one here too often!

What I'm dreading...
Luckily, I can't think of anything I'm dreading!

What I'm working on...
A scrapbook of mine and my momma's trip to Cuba. I have been itching to scrapbook lately so I decided to start the scrapbook early, I wasn't going to start it until Crop and Create in March because I don't have that much to scrapbook right now but it is all good!

What I'm excited about...

Trip planning, even for trips I may not take. I'm hoping to go South at some point in April or beginning of May. Also, for How to Get Away with Murder! It is back on Thursday and I can't wait! If you're not watching it you should be!
What I'm watching/reading...
Watching: This is Us, Criminal Minds, SIX, How to Get Away with Murder.
Reading: Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham and Summer at Tiffany's by Karen Swan.

What I'm listening to...
Mostly 90s radio on Apple Music but also toss in Hamilton Soundtrack because we all know that is always on my playlist.

What I'm wearing...

Jeans and flannel shirt today and normally something like that most of the time unless I'm in my sweats/pjs.

What I'm doing this weekend...
No plans for this weekend yet, probably just a lazy weekend.

What I'm looking forward to next month...

The Progressive Conservative AGM, I'm looking forward to going up and seeing what is it all about. I'm also excited to see Rona Ambrose at the luncheon on Saturday.

What else is new...
Honestly not much it is January, not the most fun month of the year.

Bonus: Who is your all-time favorite Bachelor?
I have only watched 3 seasons of the Bachelor because honestly I don't really like it. I watched Andrew Firestone, Matt Grant and Jesse Palmer....we will say my favorite was Matt but he totally picked the wrong girl. Pretty sure he has a kid so good for him!

5 on Friday Favorites

13 January 2017 3 comments
Closer to the start of this week it felt like it was going to be a long week but honestly I can't believe it is already Friday! Also full moon and Friday the 13th! Mind you my favorite number is 13 so I don't normally have the same freak out as some people do.

I haven't done a Five on Friday link up for awhile now so I figured why not today!

1. The weather this morning! I don't know if it is going to get worse as the day goes but this morning the weather was beautiful! It was mild and sunny felt like a spring day! I love it, even if it only lasts for a bit.

2. This is Us is back! Man I love this show! If you're not watching it you really should be. It is so good, the characters are great and the acting is wonderful. I have to say Randall is my favorite, I adore him!
3. Getting things organized again! I love Christmas more than your average person but even I'm happy to have everything back to regular order and now I have been working on organizing things that got pushed to the wayside while I was busy being Christmasy!
4. The Continental Cup for curling is going on with week and I always find this one fun to watch because it is more of a group thing. It is held in Vegas and they are divided into North America and the World. Good fun to watch and nice to see them all having fun with each other.
5. Oh going back to Christmas for a second I love Clearance Christmas deals at Michaels! I have gotten such nice stamps for dirt cheap!
So those are some of my favorite things this week! What are your favorite things with week?

What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday! Currently.....

11 January 2017 No comments
First Wednesday I have posted in the new year so of course I'm linking up with Jennifer and Jessi for what's hap'pinning' Wednesday. This week we are focusing on what I'm doing currently....


I actually have three books on the go on right now which is weird for me because often I don't even have one. But right now I'm reading....


Summer at Tiffany's by Karen Swan is a sequel to her novel Christmas at Tiffany's. If you like chick lit but not the overly cheesey kind Karen Swan is the one for you. I love her novels. When I saw she did a sequel to Christmas at Tiffany's I could not have been more happy and so far so good :)
Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham was a Christmas gift and I love Lauren so I'm liking the book so far but sometimes I find myself not liking how it is written but still a good read so far.
The Woman I Wanted to Be is a book I have been wanting to pick up for awhile now and whenever I was at the bookstore for whatever reason I kept talking myself out of picking it up but finally I did and I'm not too far in but I like it. I love Diane Von Furstenberg so I can't imagine I won't end up not loving this.

 I just started this one last night! I have a few people tell me to watch it so I dove in last night and I'm happy I did so far. I swear all I watch on Netflix is British period TV shows!

Trying to be better in the eating front since the holidays are over. Nothing too exciting to report on this front.

Looking Forward to...
Right now I'm looking forward to the work day being over so I can go home and get some other things done around the house and continue watching Call the Midwife!

I would win the lottery so I could go on a nice beach vacation for an extended period of time! This snowy weather is the pits!

Listening to Matchbox 20, I forget sometimes how much I like their songs and how much I adore Rob Thomas' voice!

Water....lots of water

My new rose scented perfume from the Body Shop! Hot damn I love all the British Rose products! Check them out if you love rose scented things :)

A snack but I forgot to bring something with me! HA

Jeans, plaid shirt and black tank top.....basically my work uniform.

Grateful for....
waking up this morning and having another not take life for granted.
Happy Wednesday everyone! One day closer to the weekend!


10 January 2017 1 comment
So it is 2017 huh? When and how did that happen? I honestly feel like it was just turning 2016. It is true the older you get the quicker time passes! Or maybe it is just not wishing your life away anymore like we often do as kids wishing we were older because being an adult is so much 'better'.

I took a longer break from the blog than I thought I was going to but of course after the rush of the holidays and getting things back to normal I got sick! This cold is driving me nuts and from what I hear it is really holding on to most people so I'm hoping it doesn't hold on too long! Some people are into their 3rd and 4th weeks with it :| But lets be positive and hope I don't have it that long.

How was everyone holidays? Mine was lovely as it always seems to be. Lots of great company, food, presents etc! Best part as always was spending time with family and friends. I often wish over the holidays that we could take the time all year to spend the same quality time with each other but as hard as we try life gets in the way. Now, I see that life getting in the way just makes it more special when we do get to come together and spend that quality time with each other.

I was thinking about doing a wrap up to 2016 but since I didn't blog most of it I feel like I would have explain everything so just some highlights of 2016 instead

  • Wonderful trip to Cuba with my Mom
  • having a great summer with wonderful brides
  • having my work in a magazine! Wedding Bells featured one of my brides from the summer.
  • spending time with family and friends who truly matter.
I know there is many more highlights but honestly I don't want to sit here forever. There was of course lows in 2016 but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right.

I wish everyone the most wonderful 2017! I hope it is whatever you want it to be!