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Sunday Funday!

Youtube is great way to waste time and you can come across funny videos! This isn't so much funny as it is adorable!! I honestly have been watching this video for years now when I needed a pick me up! This little girl just makes me smile :), also here are some of the cutest baby laugh ever! I don't know how you can't help but smile when you see them :) Happy Sunday!

04.25.2012...Justin Blog

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  • If you’re a reality TV watcher like I am (I’m not proud, I admit), you’ve probably noticed the high proliferation of programming centered around the word “wife.” I blame (and by blame, I really mean “thank”) Bravo for kicking off this trend with their “Real Housewives,” series, which, fittingly enough, is the crown jewel in my reality TV lineup. 

    If you’re not watching any of the “Real Housewives” 
    franchises, you’re really missing out. I don’t care who you are, we all love a little mindless entertainment from time to time, and RH perfectly fits the bill. With six current installments airing in America (with such glitzy locales as Atlanta and Beverly Hills) and at least two international installments, including Vancouver airing exclusively for Canadian residents, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes. My preferred locales? Orange County (the mama location that started it all), New York City, and of course, Beverly Hills. 

    One prop I have to give the ladies of RH is that the majority of them actually are married, or at least they were when they began filming. Such is not the case for “Basketball Wives,” which really should be re-titled “Basketball Groupies,” or more politically incorrectly, “Ghetto Girls.” You’ve noticed this too, right? I don’t know what can be said for a group of single women in their 30’s and 40’s who live to brawl, but VH1’s cameras are there to capture every moment. If you prefer your cast to possess some modicum of class, this isn’t the show for you. However, if it’s a glammed-up version of Jerry Springer you’re craving, “Basketball Wives” is worth a look.

    Then there’s the mob wives of the aptly-titled, “Mob Wives.” Unlike the “Basketball Wives,” a handful of these women are indeed wearing a ring, but they’re not pretending to be classy. Instead, viewers are given an unvarnished look at the daily struggles mafia wives face while their husbands are serving time. While over-the-top at times, these aren’t scripted storylines, as evidenced by the headline-making incident that one cast member’s husband generated by striking a deal with authorities and turning in his own wife’s father. 

    However you slice it, housewives are definitely having a moment in pop culture, and unlike Donna Reed, these women aren’t content to be caught vacuuming in pearls.


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Tunes Tuesday!!

Yup it is that time again where I bring you great music for the week. This week we are talking about Lenka! She is a lovely singer and has great songs! Even her sad songs have an upbeat vibe to them which I love! I could listen to Lenka all day long and never get sick of any of her songs which is a great thing since I love listening to her so much! I will move on her video now since my internet is iffy today I want to get this posted before it goes out again! So lets get on with the show :)


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It is Sunday Funday!

This week we are going to take a walk down memory lane! This will be for people who had a birthday in the 80s or early 90s. Those of us of a certain age will have a good laugh if nothing else :)

Who didn't want to be Donna Jo Tanner? I actually was and have been told I looked very much like her when I was little! And who didn't love Uncle Jesse!


You loved it!

And I still love Ryan Gosling!

We are the K I D S! Fergie started on this show

Sleepovers needed this game

Loved a new box of crayons!

Hot fashions

Real Polly Pockets! The ones now suck!

the best vitamins!

You know you did this!

Matching shoes lasted a couple days then your dad would walking around and step on the missing one! ;)

Amanda and Bizzy! Ready or Not

Fraggle Rock

Best kids books!

Andrew Keegan...love of my life at 12

Best game ever!

Under the Umbrella Tree!!!!

Also the best kids books!

Saved by the Bell was my favorite show!

I wanted to be Punky Brewster!!


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What a blog Wednesday!

This week I’m featuring It’s Me KP! This blog is run by Kelly Purkey and she is amazing! I love her blog! Like I’m talking love at first sight! Why you may ask? Because she is basically living the life I would love to live! She lives in NYC, travels around the world, works with scrapbooking sites, companies that I love, lives in NYC oh wait I mentioned that one already but I think that is my favorite part of her life! She gets to live, eat, sleep, breathe NYC how could not want to live that life. Her blog is filled with her travel adventures (yes pictures are included), amazing meals she eats, great nights out with friends and her amazingly creative scrapbooking. And to add just a bit more she is cute as a button!

I honestly hope one day I will have a life kinda like hers mind you I have to get on that because she isn’t that much older than me like 2 years actually but not quite. But really Kelly’s blog is one of normalcy but fantasy for me anyways. For the next couple of years I would love to her life and then move into the life of Dear Lizzy! Of course making it all my own because it would be weird if I just totally wanted to me like them even if they are pretty amazing.

To sum it up I think you should check out Kelly’s blog! You won’t regret it but you might envy her!

Check Kelly out here It’s Me KP!


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Another Tunes Tuesday has come around again! This week I give you Blind Pilot! I have only been listening to them for a short time but I love them! I saw/heard them on the final episode of One Tree Hill and really liked the song that they played. This lead me to going to and downloading their album from iTunes and I have to say it was totally worth the movie. How I leave you with some videos to check them out for yourself! Enjoy! :) 

4.16.2012 Justin's first post!

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Hi everyone! 

I just thought I’d do a quick introduction. My name is Justin, and as Brittany already kindly introduced me, I’ll try and keep this short. The two of us go back nearly ten years now (and yet somehow, we haven’t aged a day…hmmm…), so when she asked me to guest-blog, I absolutely had to say yes. 

So what do you need to know about me? Here are the vital statistics: 

Twenty-something. Pisces. More of a Samantha than a Carrie. Obsessed with all things 80’s (especially Joan and Jackie Collins, Dynasty and shoulder pads…you can bet you’ll be seeing these words again). Currently unemployed, as my college majors don’t lend themselves to “real world” careers, post-economy collapse. Aficionado of venti lattes from Starbucks and dirty martinis. The Great Gatsby and Valley of the Dolls are among the pinnacles of literature in my world. I believe everyone’s life is enhanced by the addition of a little glamour. 

I promised I’d keep this brief, so I’ll wrap this installment up. I look forward to sharing the page with the always-fabulous Brittany, as well as “meeting” all of you! Until next time, feel free to check out my personal tumblr athttp://justinwinkelman.tumblr.com/

Ciao…for now 



It is my pleasure to introduce our new resident guest blogger Justin! I was thinking about what I could do to freshen the blog and add something to it and of course lets add a resident guest blogger! We will be having other guest bloggers but Justin will be your main blogger boy! Your BB if you will!

Now lets talk a bit about Justin! I ‘met’ Justin back in 2003 or 2004 I think on LiveJournal and we became fast friends due to our love of fashion, celebrity and everything glamourous! Justin has opinions, smart wit and great writing skills which is why I decided to ask Justin to be a part of my blog. He has been writing for years, some for pleasure and some on his school’s newspaper among other things! I know you will all love Justin as much as I do and if you don’t I really don’t think we can be friends anymore! ;)

Hopefully in the next couple of days we will have our first blog from Justin! Thanks everyone J


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Sunday Funday!

I'm tired of doing movie reviews mainly because I haven't seen many movies lately and I don't really feel like reviewing old movies I have watched! So Sunday is becoming Funday! What will funday consist of you ask? Well let me tell you! I’m going to posting funny pictures, stories etc that make you feel good, give you laugh and put a smile on our face! I hope everyone enjoys Sunday Funday because I really was dreading doing the movie reviews each week! And I’m never up to date on movies anyways!

But on with the 1st Sunday Funday!!

Hot Sand! Hot Sand! Hot Sand!

What we have here is an actually Angry Bird!


Us? No mom we didn't play in the mud!

Bed and Breakfast!


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Tunes Tuesday!

Yes time for some more music suggestions! This week I'm suggesting Laura Jansen because she is awesome! Laura is probably more of the girls reading this blog which I think is the majority not to say guys won't like her. She music is sweet but has a killer vibe to it! Here are some video so you can take a listen and found out how good she is!

PS I have some changes coming to the blog over the next week or so and I'm very excited about them! So I hope you will all enjoy them too :)


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Sorry for my lack of posts this week but I was down with an ear and throat infection! This was the 4th of this cold and flu season and be better the last for a long damn time! Also, Chase was home and it became more of a family weekend, which leads me into this week’s lazy Sunday movie review! The Hunger Games! (Yup got roped into that one!)

Okay, so last night my family decided to all go and see the Hunger Games. My sister Erica has read all the books and was very excited for the movies to come out and she did see it opening weekend with her friend Nicole but she of course wanted to see it again! Since my brother Chase was coming home for Easter weekend and wanted to see it too we all decided to go! Of everyone I was the least excited about going because I didn’t read the books and it just isn’t a movie I wanted to see because it isn’t my type of movie. I can’t say I overly enjoyed the movie but I can say I didn’t hate it! I can also see why people would enjoy the movie but it wasn’t something I will want to see again but I see myself watching the next ones just to see what happens! I think the movie was well acted and I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. Cinna who is played by Lenny Kravitz is great in the movie and I just love him anyways! Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson which great in their roles, I love Jennifer Lawrence, I think she is a great role model for girls, she isn’t in trouble all the time and know how to act her age! She comes across very well in interviews also! She is a hoot! I haven’t really since Josh in anything but seems like a good little actor! All in all the acting was great but just not the movie for me. I’m not going to go into detail because I don’t know what is important or not in the storyline and I don’t want to give anything away just in case! I do think many you will like it since I know many people have already since it and loved it! If you’re bored go and see it! Or wait until it comes out on DVD/OnDemand! J

Happy Easter/Long Weekend!


PS I would be Team Gale based on the fact I think Liam is better looking then Josh but Liam brother's Chris is much hotter then both of them and was in three previews last night! Can't wait to see Snow White and the Huntsman!


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Tunes Tuesday!

Mumford and Sons is my new obsession right now! I have been on and off listening to them for a few months now but this past month I have had a crazy obsession with them. I will listen to their album on repeat for hours on end!  Dust Bowl Dance is probably the best song I have heard in a long time. I love the lyrics to their songs and the music! The music just makes me want to get up and dance and shout the words at the top of your lungs!

Here are some videos for you to see for yourself how amazing they really are J


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Yummy Yummy I Got Love in my Tummy!

Yesterday I felt like baking so off to Pinterest I went and found a recipe for s’more cookies that I decided to make. I know I made s’more cookies before but these ones were different and I decided to make them without the graham cracker bottom because no one in the house seem to want them when I mentioned them until I said I would make them without the graham cracker bottom! So really I made marshmallow and chocolate chip cookies! But I’m sure they amazing with the graham cracker bottom.

These cookies are delightfully easy and super yummy! They light and chewy and just perfect with a cold glass of milk or hot cup of tea!  These cookies don’t even take long! Honestly start to finish I think it was like 45 minutes and that is with baking times! Super easy to whip up whenever you may need some yummy after school snack or quick dessert when family decides to show up J


I love Carrie Underwood! Last night was the ACM awards and Carrie did not disappoint with her fashion choices or her opening performance!

Photo from Just Jared

And here is her performance if you missed it!


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Okay so there is no movie review this week because I didn’t have time to watch a movie this week/weekend so I’m just leaving it to next weekend when hopefully I will have watched something! Actually I think I might be getting forced into seeing the Hunger Games on Friday so we will just have to wait and see. Anyways today I’m going to be blogging about the pasta I made on Friday evening! Let me tell you it was touch and go there for a while because I honestly thought I ruined it even though it says in the directions that it will look like you ruined it! She really isn’t joking about that!! But it was a creamy mushroom and shrimp pasta and I added scallops to it! I think we all almost killed ourselves eating it! Ashdenne was over for dinner too and loved it!

This sauce could easily be used with chicken if you don’t care for seafood, like my sister. I think this is one of the best sauces I have come across and that include pasta sauces from restaurants! The recipe is still pretty simple but more involved then most of the dishes I have cooked before. If you try this pasta please push through the shock and know your sauce is going to be okay!

PS This isn’t a diet meal this is a treat yourself meal! My mouth is watering thinking about it! If you’re looking for a meal to make for a dinner party or just something a little nicer this is the meal to make! Delish you won’t regret it!!