#backthatazzup Friday with the lovely Whitney!

30 August 2013 2 comments

I'm a little late to the party for this song I think but I have been listening to it so much the past week I had to start my weekend with it! Karmin's Acapella is the song I'm talking about! Their song Heartbroken was my jam last summer for sure so I'm not sure why I'm slow on the uptake for this song but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Just a fun song to jam out to! 

Have a GREAT Labour Day Weekend everyone! Love You ALL and I can't believe it is Labour Day weekend already!!! xoxo

Oh How Pinteresting! Wednesday with Michelle from Vintage Apple

28 August 2013 4 comments

It is Wednesday and we all know what that means! It is time for another Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! I have been pinning quite a bit lately! This is probably because I enjoy baking, cooking, crafting etc more in the fall and winter. I think most people are the same way because you just feel like being more homey during that time of year. Today, I have a random bunch of pins for you! Remember you can find me here on Pinterest! 

Taste of Tuesday with some Tunes!

27 August 2013 8 comments

Happy Tuesday Everyone! This week I'm doing another review for Taste of Tuesday (Ashley and Jessica) because I haven't made anything new in the past week! I know! But it is almost fall and I always bake and cook more in the fall and winter anyways! Summer I have better things to do! haha

This week I want to talk about New Glasgow Lobster Suppers in Prince Edward Island. This is probably my favorite place to eat in PEI because it is delicious and service is always amazing. At the lobster supper you pay as you go in for your lobster, which you can get in many sizes. With your lobster you also get all you can eat chowder/soup, salad, rolls, mussels, desserts, pop and water! Also, once you sit down you don't have to get up again until you're done because this is all served to you! Some places it is a buffet style but not for this spot. The servers are just running around making sure everyone is happy! They are a great group! I have been going to the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers for as long as I can remember because we always vacationed in PEI when I was growing up because my parents had there own business (still do) and my dad could never take an extended period away from the business so taking off for a long weekend to PEI was always a great plan because Dad could still be reached if need be but we as kids felt like we were getting away on a fun vacation! For a long time I think going to the lobster dinner was Dad's favorite part of the vacation because he loves lobster! Honestly I think people who don't like lobster might have something wrong with them ;) Anyways, it has been a place I have been going most of my life! Probably have been going there for 25 years! And the best thing it hasn't changed! Still amazing food and great service! This summer I was lucky enough to get to go twice because we made two trips to PEI this summer! If you ever find yourself in PEI between May and October I HIGHLY suggest going to  the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers I know you won't regret it (there is something for the non lobster lovers too).

(yes, it isn't the pretty food but man it is good!)

Since I'm going to see Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls on Thursday I'm going to leave you with two of my favorites by them for Tuesday Tunes! Have a great one everybody!

Weekend Update!

26 August 2013 No comments
Can we for one second talk about the fact this is the last Monday in August!? When did this happen? Where did this month go!? Honestly, it feels like last week I was getting ready for Jubilee and Danielle & Anthony's wedding! And I'm more sad that means summer is almost over! Summer is my favorite so I'm kinda bummed but that just means Christmas is around the corner and we all know how much I love Christmas!!

Okay, so this weekend wasn't eventful at all! I have to say I didn't mind because most weekend this summer have been jammed packed! On Friday, I went and got my brow did! Man, is there anything better than having your brows freshly done!? I love it! Then I had a little play date with my friend Danielle and her little one Quinn! I could eat Quinn up she is so freaking cute! On Friday night I ended up going to dinner with my parents and my aunt Bev and uncle Bill at Hebels'. It was lovely! The meal was fantastic as always! It was also nice to have a meal with my uncle and aunt because we haven't been able to do it much this summer. Saturday I was totally boring! I stayed in bed until late morning watching Criminal Minds and then Good Luck Charlie! Yup, that is what you get when you're almost 30 and still like the Disney channel haha Then I cleaned the house and laundry for most of the day. I also got caught up on my Real Housewives of the OC! We are finally starting the reunion episodes this week I think! I can't wait! Sunday, total lazy around the house kind of day because I finished what I needed to do on Saturday! 

So, that right there in a nutshell was my weekend! Hope you all had a nice weekend too :)


#backthatazzup Friday!

23 August 2013 No comments
Happy Friday My lovelies! It is time for the weekend! This week was good week! I hope you all had a good week too! Next week is kind of busy but it is going to be a great week too because I'm going to PEI for the day with the siblings and I'm going to see Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls! So, I'm pretty pumped for next week. Hoping tomorrow and/or Sunday I can sit down and work out some blog posts for next week so I don't have to worry about it next week.

Anyways, it is time to start the weekend off right with the best link up #backthatazzup Friday!

This week we are going back to our boy band roots! I'm giving you a little bit of New Kids on the Block! I had to pick two songs because honestly one just wasn't enough! Enjoy!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday with Michelle!

21 August 2013 2 comments

Hey Hey Hey! It's Wednesday! That means it is time for some great pinteresting ideas! I have been a tad addicted to Pinterest again because I want to have a bunch of cute stuff for my new apartment in January so I have been pinning away lately! I don't want to bore you with all of them but here are some of the cute ones I have found :) Also, a couple fashion pins and just randoms! 

Happy Pinning Everyone!

Weekend Update and a Tag!

19 August 2013 No comments
Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was great weather, had good people around so I could I have not had a great weekend!? This weekend was the 5th annual Beerfest for my brother and his friends. I swear they will be bringing their kids at some point because whenever it is talked about being maybe the last year for it they all freak out! 

It was lunchtime on Saturday and the boys start coming! Yes, this is an all day event of beer pong, endurance challenges and whatever else they can turn into a beer game. There are teams and brackets and at the end of the night a winner is named. Sadly, Chase's team did not again this year. Since, we have the two dogs myself and Erica decided to take them away for the day as make sure they did not get in the way of beer fest. We headed off for our doggie adventure soon after the boys started to arrive. We ended for Antigonish with a stop in Arisaig and then we stopped for a little snack at Tim Horton's before headed on to Pomquet Beach. It was a lovely day! It kind of became overcast but it didn't rain on us so it was all good! The poopies were so tired they slept much of the drive home. It was great day out exploring around Antigonish because honestly I have never been to Arisaig or Pomquet! They were both very nice. It nice to actually tour around your own province sometimes. When we got back Beerfest was in full swing! The night ended around 11:30 and clean up began! Thank god for one of the boys who works at the local garbage dump for the summer! He took over 3 huge bins and we got to throw everything in them and he would look after it for us! That made clean up much easier! Thanks Nick! It was great day for the boys and they are good boys so it isn't bad having them around. Another successful Beerfest in the books with our Mom as MVP 2 years in a row because without Brenda there would be no beerfest.

Sunday, somewhat productive day! Did laundry, cleaned up, got some blogs ready for the week and just chilled out. Good Sunday! Hope you all had a great weekend too and I hope you're all having a great week!

Now, onto the tag that Miranda tagged me in last week! The 6 Things You Should Know About Me Tag!

1. If You could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose?
-I really had to think about this one because there is a few I would love to meet! But lets be honest, we know all I would love to meet PinkLouLou in person at a Carrie Underwood concert! We would have so much fun! PLL just seems like one of the sweetest people around! We have lots in common and she could do my hair! haha Yup it would be PinkLouLou for sure!

2. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
-Watch terrible reality TV! I have a few episodes of RHOC to catch up on right now! But I also love to take pictures, scrapbook, listen to music and write.

3. What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
-Just to be yourself and don't think you have to prove yourself to anyone. I think just being yourself is hard a lot of time because you're trying to please people or whatever but I think for the most part now I'm at a place in my life where I don't feel the need to act a different way around certain people or whatever. I can be myself and that is perfectly okay. I think that might come with age too, you just get more comfortable with yourself.

4. How did your blog come about?
-I have always loved writing and had some kind of blog! It started back with livejournal and has evolved into this blog. I have started and stopped many blog but for some reason this one has stuck! I like having a place where I can write whatever I want and save my memories.

5. Name one good deed you did that went unseen?
A few years back I helped out an elderly couple quickly. The husband was having trouble getting his wife out of her wheelchair. I quickly gave hand and went on my way. I know it did not go unseen by the couple I helped but it made me feel great for days because they were so thankful.

6. Who inspires you?
-My parents, they have always told me I could do whatever I wanted to. They have been together for 35 years and are still very much in love. I couldn't have asked for better parents.

I tag...

Choose six to answer for yourself!
1. What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
2. If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose?
3. Blogs you're loving right now?
4. What's your biggest struggle in life?
5. How did your blog come about?
6. Name one good deed you did that went unseen.
7. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
8. Tell us something we don't know about you.
9. Who inspires you?

#backthatazzup Friday!

16 August 2013 2 comments

It's Friday so we all know what that means! #BACKTHATAZZUP Friday with the ever lovely Whitney! 

This week I'm going a little old school with the ever awesome Paula Abdul! Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!!

Today we are getting real.

15 August 2013 11 comments
Okay last night on Twitter I said I was getting real on the blog today because I don't often get overly real on my blog! I normally like to keep things light and fluffy but today my kind friends were going deep! I have to say unless you're a member of my family or someone close to me you probably have not heard this story in full. I know I have mentioned it before because I have done lists of facts about me but telling the whole story doesn't come easy for me because I have to say it was the scariest time in my life. 

I was told I had cancer. I was told I would probably need chemo to shrink the tumor before I could have surgery to remove it. 

Now, lets back up to the beginning of this story. My sugars were messed up and that is a sign of PCOS (if you don't know what that is look it up because I don't feel like explaining it) and my sister has it so my doctor decided to have me checked for it. I first went for a vacation to Dominican because I was like I know I don't have it because that was the only sympton I had that could be linked to PCOS. When we came back from vacation, I went for my ultrasound to see if there were anything on my ovaries. The tech who did it was lovely but of course couldn't tell me anything. I went to see the doctor and I was then scheduled for a CT scan...Okay I have to admit I was little freaked out because I was thinking well they must have found something. I was told they just wanted to double check things. Having a CT scan is freaking weird! You hooked up to an IV thing so you glow inside and whatever it is in the IV is makes you feel like you wet yourself! Yup, not the most pleasant thing. When I went to my doctor to get the result of course my momma came with me but my doctor hadn't listened to the report yet so he quickly listened to it when we were there on phone so we couldn't hear anything. When he was finished, he again picked up the phone and called a specialist, it was end of the day so he was hoping the receptionist was still there. She was and my doctor proceeded to her I needed an appt with the doctor as soon as possible, she told him something and he said no, do you have anything tomorrow. Now, I'm freaking out because why do I need to have an appt with the gyno specialist so soon!? Since my doctor isn't a specialist he basically said hope for the best but prepare for the worst. So could be nothing or could be cancer. This all is happening right before we are getting ready to leave for Erica's graduation. I won't lie it was a restless night. Next day myself and my momma are sitting in another waiting room waiting to see the specialist, he told us there was mass/tumor attached to my ovary that was about the size of grapefruit, before it could be removed it would need to be shrunk a bit. This meant a round or two of chemo. He said things would be okay and explained everything we asked about. I was hoping he would do my surgery since he was family friend but I was being sent to Halifax. I was off for more blood work before going home so it could be spent to the specialist in Halifax. The woman who took my blood, who wasn't much older than me told me she was a cancer survivor and I would be fine. This woman made me feel so much better. On the way home, my mom and myself talked about everything and it was decided I would get one damn great wig if I needed chemo. When we got home, Erica was taking off for her weekend celebration with friends before her graduation on Monday. I have to say I felt awful all this happening when we all should have been celebrating her accomplishments at university. 

It was long weekend for us but we had a nice day on Monday at Erica's graduation and when we got home we had good news, the gyno specialist (family friend) called and said my blood work came back excellent. Any bit of good news right now was amazing! On Wednesday I was headed to Halifax to meet with surgeon/specialist who would be looking after me. She was my shining star! She didn't want to say for sure but she didn't think I had cancer! She didn't mention chemo and didn't mention anything bad! She said yes you have a mass in there but it just doesn't look like cancer to me. Even though it wasn't for sure it was like a weight had been lifted off me. She booked me for surgery in two weeks and we headed home feeling much better than we had coming up. The next Wednesday I had my pre-op and the next Wednesday I had my surgery. If you want to feel like you're 1000 years old when you're 25 have your stomach cut open! Walking is not your friend. To be honest other then laying on your back nothing is your friend. The nurses and doctors I had were honestly amazing! There was one nurse, she had a unique name so I can't even try to spell it but I don't think I would have been able to make it through a couple of nights without her, mainly because morphine made me an emotional wreck! My parents and aunt Mary were with me the day of my surgery, Dad went home at the end of the day and momma and Mary stayed with me. Dad was coming back on Friday because they said I would be released on Saturday or Sunday if everything went well. Everything was going really well but I wasn't on the right floor since we requested a private room so when my star doctor came in she said sorry but I was being moved. In the end they was probably for the best because the nurses on the floor I was moved too were better at taking care of me because they dealt with my kind of surgery more. They also gave me morphine every four hours instead of when I asked for it. They didn't want the pain to get ahead of me which was great but this turned me into a crying fool. I cried when Mary had to leave to go home even though mom was with me and dad was back on his way. But all in all everything was great and I got to go home on Saturday!

It was a good 4 weeks before I could most things, getting up and down stairs was awful for most of that time but they said it was good for me to move around. Doing even small things for the first 6 weeks tired me out so much having a shower required a nap after it. But everything was worth it when Dr Rittenburg called me to tell me there was no cancer! It was my ovary that had torn off and had blown up like a balloon! So, now I'm down an ovary and have a 10 inch scar from my belly button down. 

I don't know how some people deal with their illnesses with such courage but I'm in awe of them because I don't know what I would have done if that call had of been different. My world crashed when I thought I might have cancer but it was quickly pulled back up with the knowledge and support of my wonderful specialist in Halifax and all the people around me. My family was amazing through everything. Friends were great (especially Nathan who came to visit me in the hospital). The most thanks goes to my momma who was there every minute, the one who took care me when I couldn't do most things for myself, the one who took the brute of my frustations because I couldn't do anything for myself, love you mom! xo

Okay, I'm gonna end this now because it is the longest blog I have ever written! Remember to smile and don't take anything for granted! Love you all and have a cookie if you made it through this whole post!

Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday with the Vintage Apple

14 August 2013 4 comments

In my no to blog last week I didn't get to post anything from Pinterest! And actually I really hadn't pinned anything all that exciting so you didn't miss much haha but this week I have pinned some good stuff I think so I should be sharing right! You can also see that Michelle made a new button for the link up to match her new layout and it is lovely! Link the button above and you will get to see her new layout :)

You can find me on Pinterest here :) And I'm giving you a heads up now that Christmas pins can pop up any time now since half my page is filled with Christmas pins! None this week but they will start soon! Lets get to the pins...

Taste of Tuesday!

13 August 2013 2 comments
Happy Tuesday my lovelies! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Before I start this post I just want to say welcome to my new friends on my side bar! If you're feeling friendly go and check them out after you have read this post! 

This week I'm again linking up with Ashley and Jessica for a Taste of Tuesday! Sorry but this week I don't have recipe for you but I have a review of a lovely meal I had on Friday!

If you have read my weekend update post you know I was in Halifax on Friday and had dinner at Montana's. I have been to Montana's 3 times in my life including Friday. If you know me you know I love BBQ everything! One would think I would eat at a place like Montana's more but back in the day I heard bad reviews when it was opening up in Halifax so I just never went there. This past March when I was coming home from Crop and Create we decided to eat there and boy was I missing out! I got brisket the first two times I was there and it was amazing. I know it probably better at other places but I was pleasantly surprised with how good everything was. This time when we were there I decided I needed to branch out and get something other than brisket because well it was just time to try something else and I didn't really want the brisket sandwich. I ended up ordering the Portabello Mushroom Sirloin. This was probably the best decision I had made all day!I often find my steak over or under done which makes me kinda mad because you asked how I wanted it so please cook it that way! Also, a family friend has his own restaurant and probably cooks the best steak in the world so I'm kind of a steak snob now! But, I was super excited when my steak was done perfectly, my baked potato was great and they have great coleslaw! Okay, I'm making myself hungry now and dinner isn't for a few more hours! Also, their steak sauce could make just about anything taste good! Beyond having a good meal, I find we always have good service at Montana's, yes sometimes it can be a tad slow but never bad. The waitresses we have had are always very friendly and helpful! We know that even when a place has good food if the service is not good you don't want to go back. I'm giving Montana's two thumbs up! Have you been to Montana's? What is your favorite thing to order?

Summer BBQ....Weekend Update

12 August 2013 No comments
Hello My Lovelies, sorry I didn't blog much last week but I really didn't feel like blogging and I was having some writer's blog! I had some ideas of what I wanted to write about but I couldn't get anything into a post! But, we have new week and I'm ready for it! I can't believe it already the 12th of August! Where is the summer going? Honestly it feels like yesterday it was May and were having my dad's 60th birthday party and now it is almost time for back to school, fall, my 30th birthday etc! CRAZY!!

But lets get back to why we blogging on this lovely Monday! Weekend update! Friday I headed to Halifax for a quick trip to pick up stuff for our family BBQ on Saturday. It was a just a quick trip up to Costco, the mall and then we had Montana's dinner! It was a great meal!

Saturday we had our annual Pitts Family BBQ. It was great fun as always! Honestly we never have a bad together. There is a lot of little ones right who are adorable and they make the days even more fun now. We had great food, swimming and entertainment! My cousin Ben and uncles Mike and Lance always bring their guitars so the entertainment is always top notch from them. 

Sunday was a totally chill by the pool day! So I don't have much to say about that since I went out by the pool at about 12:30pm and didn't come back in until about 6pm! It was a great weekend though! Love hanging out with my family and just enjoying summer. Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Taste of Tuesday!

06 August 2013 4 comments

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I'm linking up with a foodie link up because I haven't done one in a long time and I made amazing chicken last week! Remember to check out Ashley's and Jessica's blogs...the great hosts of this link up!

If you have me on Instagram or Facebook you saw my photos of my sweet and sour chicken I made last week, it was the best sweet and sour chicken I have ever eaten in my life! I of course find it on Pinterest and pinned it right away but I didn't try it right away because sometimes lots of work/steps makes me not want to do a recipe but finally I decided I needed to try it and boy I wish I had of tried it earlier! 

Prep time took me longer then it said because it was the first time I was making it so it took me more like 40 minutes to get the chicken coated and browned but it was still easy, just a bit time consuming! The homemade sweet and sour sauce is delish! I think everyone would love this chicken. I served it with rice and egg rolls and everyone really liked it! Wish I had of made more to have for lunch the next day! I hope you all try this because it was tasty and pretty easy to make. I will probably make it again next week! Remember you can find me here on Pinterest!

click for recipe

Lets not forget that it is Tuesday Tunes too! I'm giving you some old school music today to round up a great weekend because it was a nice day for Wight wedding this weekend!

A Nice day for a WIGHT Wedding! Weekend Update (Picture HEAVY)

05 August 2013 4 comments

Hey Everyone! Happy Natal Day to anyone who is celebrating it! Sorry this post is coming a tad late but I have been trying to be productive while trying to recover from the weekend! Yes, that is right I'm not 20 anymore so trying to be a weekend warrior really isn't my thing! But it was a great weekend so I won't be complaining. 

This weekend was a the big annual Jubilee Music Festival here and on top of that I had a wedding in Halifax on Saturday! Busy times! On Friday, I headed out to dinner at Salt Water Cafe with Erica and Johnny for a bite and a drink before heading back to ours for some drinks and then heading down to the Jubilee. Johnny bought a new Smirnoff Ice by accident as he thought it was a new beer so I ended up drinking it and I really liked it! It was fruit punch flavored! Very yummy! We headed down to the Jubilee around 9:15 to catch the end of Gloryhounds and to see Sheepdogs. Fun fact about the Sheepdogs they were the first unsigned band to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine! Both bands were really good and I'm glad I got to see them. We didn't stay for most of Alert the Medic because we had to get up early to get wedding ready and then head off to Halifax!

It was funny because we picked up food on the way out of town for lunch and we actually took towels to use as bibs so we didn't get anything on our dresses because we were going straight to the ceremony when we got to the city! The ceremony was lovely and everyone looked amazing. Danielle the bride was stunning! Her dressed matched her personality perfectly! I don't think she could have found a better dress for herself. Anthony the groom looked great in his grey suit too!

Once the ceremony was over we headed to our hotel because we had some time between the ceremony and cocktail hour. We actually stopped at Wheaton's to try and find Erica a lamp but that turned out to be a bust! We stayed at the Westin because it was really close to Pier 21 where they were having the reception. Cocktail hour was very nice and everyone got 2 drink tickets when they came in (thumbs up). Since it was nice out and kinda warm I won't lie it was great that there was AC in the venue because no one likes to sweaty all night! Once cocktail hour was over we headed into the other half of the space to have dinner and get the speeches under way! Dinner was very good! We started with a mixed greens salad with pear, walnut and feta...HOLY YUMMY! Then I had the beef tenderloin and boy was that tasty! Erica had the chicken and she said it was really good too. Both were served with veggies and potatoes. Dessert also very good! Chocolate tart or a cream pastry. The speeches were great and luckily no one took eight years to get theirs out. And I only cried once! It was for the Maid of Honor speech because I know I will be the same when I have to do one for Erica. Monique who is Danielle's older sister did a great job making me cry! They had cupcakes for the cake and they were yummy of course too! Both Danielle and Anthony are very into music so our favors were vinyl records and guitar picks! Love them! Also, because they are music fans they had the BEST playlist for the night! All the songs you wanted to dance too and just have a great time! Best ones of course were the Backstreet Boys ones because well me and Danielle know each other because of Backstreet boys! I honestly could go on and on and on about the wedding because it was one amazing night but I will tie it up here and just give you some pictures :)

Just going to add one thing: Love you Danielle and Anthony!

Okay almost done now! On Sunday we got up and I swear I was almost dead because I was so tired! Two night in a row of partying was catching up to me! This is almost 30 not 20! lol I had a headache too LOL But, we got ready, checked out and headed to the Farmer's Market for some browsing before we headed to the mall to find that lamp we didn't find at Wheaton's! Shopping Sunday was a much better day because we found a lamp and rug! Success! Anyways, it was a great time in Halifax but it was time to head home because we had one more night of Jubilee to hit up! When we got home I went for a nap lol but ended up not being able to sleep. Around 8:30 we started to round everything up and left around 9 so we didn't miss any of Great Big Sea well when we got there the line to get in was MASSIVE!! We ended up missing the first 3 songs before we got in but we did have a good time! It is funny that they could get people beer faster than they could get us in the venue! haha Great Big were great as always and I hope we get them back again because they sold out the night! First time it has happened :)

It was a great weekend! I'm still tired so time to get this finished so I can soon go to bed! Hope you all had a great weekend too!