Critics Choice Awards Fashion Round Up

18 January 2016 2 comments
Another Sunday goes by another award weekend we had! Last night the Critics Choice Awards were given out but really we know we watched to see if the fashions got better from the Golden Globes which were so underwhelming I have to say I did like more of the dresses this time and there was three that stood out to me. In no order here are my choices for Best Dressed at the Critics Choice Awards

 Alicia Vikander
This heavily beaded custom Mary Katrantzou looked amazing on her. I normally do not go for the heavily beaded looks but this was beautiful. I love how she kept everything else soft, there was no need for heavy jewelry, make up and hair. The ease of the messy up do and the tan of her skin just perfectly when with her dress.

 Rachel McAdams
She is stunning in this burgundy Elie Saab! This dress was made for her! This dress was made for a small breasted woman! It would not have been half as perfect if it was trying to contain larger breasts! I love everything about this dress, her hair and make up! Hands down this was actually my winner of the night!

Saoirse Ronan
I love the simplicity of this dress. She is young she does not need an over the top dress. The pale blue of the this Antonio Berardi is such a beautiful color on her. I also love the chevron detail on the shoulders. I may have done her hair differently but all in all I did love this look.

Did you watch the awards? Who did you think was best dressed or worst dressed? Let me know :)

A little reading material....A Book Review

13 January 2016 2 comments
Surprised to see me again aren't you? Thought I was going to post once and run away for months again! Well, I'm at least giving you two posts before running away again. This one is a little different for me because I do not believe I have done a book review on here but this books begs for a review and to be read. The book I'm talking about it is Unflinching The Making of a Canadian Sniper by Jody Mitic.

For Christmas my dad got this book from my sister. I had remembered seeing Jody on Canadian AM talking about it and I remembered him from Amazing Race Canada because I had thought how crazy and amazing it was that he was on the show when he was working with prosthetic legs (came in second by the way! Nothing stops him!). I thought it would be an interesting read and actually I wanted to read it once my sister bought it for my dad but I figured I should not read it before it was given as the gift it was meant to be. Dad always gets a number of books for Christmas so I ended up 'borrowing' it before he could get to it anyways. I spent the whole day reading it, which takes a lot for me because as much as I can enjoy reading it is not something I do as often as I may like to. 

This book is well written and very easy to read, the flow of it works well. Autobiographies/memories are some of my favorite genres to read even though they can be hard to get through sometimes. Jody has a pretty amazing story, his determination is inspirational. If you put your mind to something you can accomplish it and Jody shows that a number of times during his memoir. I do not want to give too much away because I do not want to make anyone feel they have read the book by reading this review. Jody will forever be a soldier at heart and has never let his injury hold him back. This is a story about courage, bravery and overcoming adversities most of us will never even imagine. Don Cherry's quote is so true "Makes you proud that Jody is Canadian". Jody wrote a book that sheds light on a number of issues both good and bad. I love how he tells his story, he seems like one hell of a good guy. Son, husband, father, friend, soldier etc he is doing it well. If you enjoy a memoir I truly recommend this book, even if memoirs are not your thing maybe try this one you might just like it!

Chapters: Unflinching

Golden Globes Round Up: Strictly Fashion Talk

11 January 2016 2 comments
And Happy 2016 to you lovely folks as well! I know I said I would be doing Christmas posts and all that jazz but you want to know what...I was in a blogging rut, I hated everything I wrote and it was feeling like something I had to do instead of something that I wanted to do! When blogging feels more like work I can't do it! I also was very sick right before Christmas and lets be honest Christmas is not the best time to get back into blogging because it is an insane time anyways!

I figured I would ease myself back into blogging with a fashion round up of my favorite dresses at the Golden Globes. I have to say I was not overly in love with the fashions of the Globes this year. I hoping the Oscars will be something since the Globes though nice were not great. But alas I picked my favorites and here in no order are my choices for Best Dressed....

 Jamie Alexander
Perfect color for her, love the plunging neckline because she can pull it off! Simple with everything else, just loving this dress on her!

Amy Adams
This color is just amazing on her. I love how everything just looks effortless with this look for her. Everything is easy and just soft but still has that fitted look, this girl has a good stylist or really knows how to dress herself well.

Jennifer Lopez
This woman can basically do no wrong in my eyes so no real shocker here that she made my best dressed list. Her coloring is perfect for this marigold yellow. I love her soft make up and bold lip. And just hot damn look at that leg! Perfection!

Kate Winslet
This blue looks so great with her skin tone and honestly she is normally a contender for best dress. Kate knows to rock a red carpet. Nothing is over done with this look which I love. 

There you have top 4 picks for best dressed. Who are your top picks? Were you as underwhelmed as I was with the fashions this year? Let me know your thoughts!

I did some blog brainstorming today so hopefully this will be my real come back to blogging!

Happy Monday!