Oh that's blinding....

14 March 2017
Over the weekend I was in Halifax to pick up my mom at the airport and since we were going up anyways last minute myself and Erica decided to head up a tad earlier so we could run into the mall and do a bit of shopping. We of course hit up Sephora because I have been eyeing the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit she did with Anastasia of Beverly Hills since it Nicole posted a sneak peek on Instagram. I also had watched Jeffree Star's review on the kit and that confirmed my want for the kit.

This kit is beautiful! If you enjoy a good highlight this is it! There are six great shades in this kit for $52 Canadian. It is available in stores at Sephora and online. Packaging is on point but all of Anastasia's products have beautiful packaging.
At first glance at the store I was like yes! I need this! Kitty Kat and Forever Young were basically calling out to me. A couple of the sales' girls on the floor were like oh you're getting it! You're going to love it. I felt like saying duh how could one not love it and I hadn't even tried it yet but I did swatch it just in case.
When you first open it and look at the colors they do look like they are going to glittery but I promise they won't be. They are like butter, not chalky at all and glide on like a dream. I will say if you don't like stronger highlight, I would maybe not pick up this kit. So far Kitty Kat, Forever Young and Forever Lit have been my favorites because I'm not tanned right now so Daydream, Glo Getter and 143 not overly working for me but I know once I have a tan I will totally be loving them. Well 143 might always be a tad too dark for me to highlight with but all of these shades would be awesome eye shadows as well. This morning I used Forever Lit for my brow highlight and it instantly picks up your eye. For my cheeks and cupid's bow I have been laying Kitty Kat and Forever Young, in the sun you basically need your shades on. I'm going to take a quote from Jeffree Star and say they are basically a wet dream highlighter! The pigmentation is great, the consistency is smooth and if you have texture on your face it doesn't overly pick it up like many highlighters will. I wanted to have pros and cons for you but right now I don't have any cons for this Glow Kit. It is beautiful and does exactly what I want it too. You can't ask for more than that.

From top to bottom 143, Glo Getter, Forever Lit, Day Dream, Forever Young, Kitty Kat
First picture swatches in natural light and second picture bathroom lighting.
This is Brittany approved!
I'm also so happy for Nicole! I love her videos on YouTube, she just seems like the kind of girl I would be good friends with. Glad to see her making great products!


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