24 June 2012 No comments

Finally it is summer time! This is my favorite time of year because of the sunny weather and warm temperatures! Also one of the best things about summer is that you get to go out and do more things! In the winter half the time it is too much hassle to get ready and leave the house and what are you going to do once you’re out! Yes I do there is winter sports but I’m a girl who doesn’t like being cold and all that jazz so me and summer have a special relationship! In all our years we have hardly even had a fight.

Right now I’m trying to make up a little list of things to make sure I do this summer before I move away.  I was also on pinterest (shocker I know) and found a great summer to do list. I have added to mine because of this list that found. I think everyone should make a summer to do list even if it is couple of things you can do in a day.  Make you Sunday Funday a summer to do list day. It could be as simple as eating popsicles on the deck in the sun or camping out in the backyard for the night.

But honestly what is better than a warm summer evening, chilling with drink in hand and spending some time with good company? I know nothing better comes to mind!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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19 June 2012 No comments
Tunes Tuesday!

Hey everyone! It is that time again for Tunes Tuesday! This week I have an artist by the name of Laurell to introduce you to :) She is a Canadian singer and songwriter hailing from Vancouver, BC! Her voice is sweet and her songs are delightful. I honestly could listen to her for hours and not get tired of her voice! You may have heard her song In the Air and if you haven't please listen! If you want to know about Laurell check out her website at http://www.laurell.ca/ and check out some of her songs below!


10 June 2012 No comments
Sunday Funday....The Before I Die Edition

Here is a small list of things I want to do before I die and hoping a lot of them happen over the next two years! Hope you're all having a great Sunday :)


04 June 2012 No comments

Monday Monday...Sorry there was no Sunday Funday this week but I was very busy and my internet decided it didn't want to work last night so what can ya do! On with the show today :)

So I’m at the age where my friends are getting married and having babies! It is kind of a scary age because you feel as if you should be at a certain place in your life when these things are starting to happen but whatever I’m not here to talk about real adulthood! I’m here to talk about my new obsession with baby clothes!

Yes baby clothes! I have always thought they were adorable because really how could you not!? But now since I have friends with babies I can buy the stuff and let me tell you it is addicting! Now, instead of just browsing around for clothes and things for me I find myself heading to the baby section or worse the children’s stores! I have to remind myself that a baby can only wear so many outfits before they will be into a new size and that most adorable little outfit is longer needed! I have been much better lately because I have been saving for my move, can’t drop 20-40 bucks each time I find some cute babies clothes anymore, well I could but I won’t be able to do anything once I move!

I hear I’m not the only once who has experienced this which makes me happy but I’m worried if I’m like this with my friends kids what am I going to be like with my own!? Not to worry about that now since there is NO plans for that anytime soon!

PS I will talk about my move soon! Big plans ahead!