Oh How Pinteresting!

29 May 2013 2 comments

Gosh I didn't think I was going to be able to post today! Internet is being rude! But, whatever I'm here and ready to do this Oh How Pinteresting post! I should be sorting and packing for my weekend away but whatever I'm going to do this first! So, lets get into these awesome pins I have for you this week!


Shopaholic Tag!

28 May 2013 2 comments
Two posts in one day! I don't think I have don't that with this blog! Or since I was on livejournal and probably needed to have some kind of silly vent session! haha Oh Livejournal!

I have seen this Shopaholic Tag around YouTube and the blog world for some time now and I have finally decided I might as well do it even though I'm totally not a shopaholic right? haha I can't even say that with a straight face! I'm laughing at myself right now even though you can't see me! So, anyways here we go with the Shopaholic Tag!

1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
Actually, I don't really! I mean I LOVE LOVE shopping but I have to say I haven't really shopped since December! But yes I guess I should somewhat consider myself a shopaholic because I do love it and I do get that rush from it!

2. How would you classify your style?
I would say I'm pretty classic in what I wear but I add in trendy stuff. I'm a jeans and nice top kinda girl but I do love to dress up!

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?
Oh gosh probably Shopper's Drug Mart or Wal-Mart sadly! haha And Forever 21 because one can never have enough necklaces!

4. Where do you find the best deals?
Normally online and especially at Old Navy! They have stepped up their game with some of their stuff and it is really cute now!

5. What designer are you willing to splurge for?
Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs!

6. Do you have a go to shopping outfit?
Not really but if you know you're trying on a lot of stuff something easy to remove and maybe have a pair of socks for trying on shoes! 

7. What is your guilty pleasure? (Not including makeup)
Probably purses! I love them I can't help it! haha

8. What is one staple clothing piece you cannot live without?
Dark straight leg mini flare jeans! You can dress them up and dress them down!

9. What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?
Lace! Love it! 

10. What trend did you love that passed way to quickly?
I don't know!

11. Who is your fashion icon?
Jennifer Aniston, I think she is amazing!

Carrie Underwood...I just love Carrie!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Tuesday Tunes!

Another Tuesday Another Tune! This week I'm going with someone who was once on the Voice! I have to say I'm really a fan but I love this one song by Dia Frampton so I figured I would throw it out there this week because I listened to a few times this weekend in between listening to Tim McGraw's latest album which I'm totally addicted too! Hope you all like this song too!

Have a great Tuesday!


Weekend Update: This Weekend I....

27 May 2013 6 comments

This is going to be a short post because my weekend was full of house cleaning and watching DVR'ed TV shows! So yes I cleaned the house on Friday/Saturday and cleaned the cars on Sunday because it was a pretty nice day minus the wind and I wanted to spend it outside! Plus, since we are going on a road trip the car really really needed to be done! It was lovely to have such a clean house and cars though! 

On Friday night I sadly watched my Ottawa Senators get eliminated from the Playoffs which sucks but they worked hard this season and I'm proud they got to where they did. Our team is young and little learning so YAY Sens great season boys! Can't wait until next season! On Saturday the New York Rangers where also eliminated so I really don't care who wins the Cup now. I would like to see the Bruins or the Penguins win *fingers crossed*. I sadly don't have any teams I like in the Western Conference so my teams always have to play against each other! haha

After I finished watching hockey I decided it was time to watch the Real Housewives of OC episodes I had DVR'ed. Oh my gosh these women kill me! I have to say I do love Alexis' hair cut! If I didn't love my long hair so much right now I would probably cut it the same way! Also, thank you to Lydia for telling Alexis she isn't being bullied and she signed up for it by signing up for the show! Honestly, if you're on drugs and seeing someone because of what these women did to you wouldn't you not be on the show anymore and if you still wanted to be on the show don't go to Tamra's party because you know what is going to happen! I have to say these are my favorite housewives! Maybe it is because I love seeing the beach in the background haha

Though she isn't my favorite I loved this moment from Heather!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope all my American Lovelies had a great long weekend!

Much love everyone!

PS Yes I'm posting today because it isn't a holiday here in Canada but I will link up with these lovelies tomorrow :)

#Backthatazzup Friday!

24 May 2013 No comments

FRIDAY! Honestly, I can't believe it is Friday already! But it is and that means it is time to link up with the wonderful Ms. Whitney and get this party started! I had a hard time this week picking my song but finally it hard me when I saw Faith's latest blog about what she learned from O-town (yes the boyband and not that town!) Hope you enjoy and hopefully it brings you back to your early teen years ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

13 Personal Questions

23 May 2013 6 comments
Happy Thursday Coffee Breakers! The days are flying by this week! I know it is a short week but this is just crazy! I'm excited for next weekend because I'm heading down to Portland and North Conway for some shopping :) I'm excited! I haven't gone shopping in far too long so this will be a great trip! The only thing I need is new sneakers for working out so yay for fun shopping! Also, I have to say I love a good road trip in the summer! Long range forecast says the weather is going to be nice too :) It isn't bad that I have already started planning outfits right?

My brother got a job in another town! I'm super happy and sad at the same time! Normally, Chase is home all summer because he is on summer break from university but this year he was having a hard time finding work here so he ended up getting a job closer to his girlfriend. I know we will all still get to see him but he starts on June 3rd so I will be away his last days home! Bummer but YAY for his job! He is going to working at a golf course in the Pro Shop and doing some bar tending at the clubhouse. Already miss my baby bro! He is growing up too fast! Man he is already almost 23!!

We are the 3 best friends anyone could have!
3 Musketeers! 

This is why I don't understand when siblings don't get along! I couldn't imagine not getting along with mine!

Anyways I was over at Bliss to Bean reading some of her latest blogs and she had one with 13 personal questions and I decided I should answer them too! If you don't follow Jenn you probably should her blog is super cute! So is she and her little family. But yes I liked the questions and I didn't really know what I wanted to write about so here you go 13 Q and A with me!

13 Personal Questions:

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
I have a slight obsession with the Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers right now so when ever I can get my hands on one I will get that and for a hot drink I get a vanilla latte normally.

2. What is one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?
Good pair of jeans, they are a staple in most people's closet I feel.

3. What's one thing most people don't know about you?
Oh gosh I don't even know! Maybe that I was afraid of dogs until I was in grade 5 because of a documentary my parents watched when I was like 2! Yup, they didn't think I was paying attention and then I hated being around dogs! I can't even imagine that now! I love doggies!

4. What is one thing you want to do before you die?
I would like to travel to New Zealand, back to England, Ireland and Scotland.

5. What's one food you cannot live without?
Seafood! I love fish, lobster, mussels, clams Yup anything from under the sea!

6. What is one quote you live your life by?
“You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge. But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.”
Eckhart Tolle

7. What do you like and dislike about the (You Tube) Community?
I will refer to the blogging community and not the YouTube community here. I love the friendships and bonds you can make with you 'meet' here in the blogging community and it is nice to be able to talk to people who can give advice, know what you're talking about etc. Making new friends is something I love so that is for sure what I love best about the blogging community. 

Now, on the same dime, I hate how 'high school' blogs can be! We all should just be supporting each other in whatever kind of blog you blog the other one has. I think everyone should just be nice to each other and not judge because it might not be the same kind of blog you have. Some people like beauty, lifestyle, travel, sports, fluff whatever just spread the love people!

8. What's your #1 song on your iPhone/iPod?
The number one most played song on my iPod is actually I'll be home for Christmas by Michael Buble! haha! But what I have been playing lately is Serena Ryder and Backstreet Boys' new song!

9. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
Basic, Classic with pops of trends and color.

10. Favorite number?

11. Two hobbies?
Scrapbooking - which I love and I'm getting back into since I went to Crop and Create back in March because I had really gotten away from it and I have so many supplies I should really do more of it!

Watching YouTube Videos! - I honestly spend at least 30 minutes before I go to bed watching YouTube videos! I'm totally addicted to them!

12. Two Pet Peeves?
1. People who wear black jeans as dress pants! Sorry we can all tell your slightly faded black jeans are not dress pants!
2. People who don't listen but expect you to hang off every word they say!

13. Guilty pleasure?
Backstreet Boys! Whatever I don't even deny that! I have loved them since I was 13 and I don't think I have any plans to ever stop! I have made the most amazing friends because of the Backstreet Boys and yes I still enjoy their music! Fingers crossed they announce more concert dates so me and said friends can plan a date!

Have a great Thursday Everyone!

Oh How Pinteresting!

22 May 2013 4 comments

I cannot believe it is Wednesday already! But we know what that means another Oh how Pinteresting post! Honestly I love checking out what people are pinning so I hope you guys enjoy checking out what I'm pinning! I guess I should get started showing you! 

Happy Pinteresting!

Tunes Tuesday!

21 May 2013 No comments

So yesterday I didn't get any more posts planned like I wanted to but whatever! Today is Tunes Tuesday so I guess I should give you something to listen to! I know I have talked about Kat Edmonson before but that was awhile ago and I know a few of you really liked her so maybe there are some new people who would like to find out about her too! I think her music is great and very easy to listen to I often have her playing in the background while I'm working or just relaxing. She has a jazzy sound and just is delightful! I hope you like her too!


Weekend Update!

20 May 2013 4 comments

This weekend was the long weekend in Canada and well it wasn't the best one because it was freakin' cold here! It actually snowed on Saturday! Well it was just big wet flakes but there was still snow in the air! So, the weather could have been much better to say the least! Normally for the long weekend we are lounging by the pool so not cool Mother Nature no cool! 

Anyways, lets see what I did this weekend which I have to say wasn't all that much because my tummy wasn't having much of anything! But it wasn't a total bust of a weekend, I had a little boy's birthday party to attend! My little man Riley was one on Friday! I can't believe a year has passed! Honestly sometimes it feels like yesterday that Andrea was still preggers! We must be getting old! The party was fun! Lots of little ones running/crawling around having fun, good snacks and BBQ'ed hot dogs! The party was jungle themed and was very cute! The cake was adorable! Riley seemed to love all his presents especially the big truck which got his attention and he didn't really care about the other gifts after that! He is for sure a boy's boy! Thanks to Andrea and Mike for having a great little party even though it was a tad cold! 

After the party I came home and had a nap even though I didn't mean too! Cloudy blah day it was bound to happen when I laid down even if I didn't want it to! Later, that night I watched Hope Floats (which I love! Sandra and Harry melt my heart) and went to bed early because I wasn't feeling great! On Sunday, I headed to the movies with Erica and Katie to see the Great Gatsby which was a pretty good movie. I enjoyed myself and really Leonardo DiCaprio can't do wrong in my eyes! I have loved him since I was like 9 so that is 20 years people! He makes my heart flutter! And Sunday was also game day for the Ottawa Senators and boy was it a good game! We tied the game with 30 second left in the final period and then won in double overtime! I almost had a heart attack but we did it!! Love my boys!

And today, I have been lazy again I won't lie! I laid around watching TV or YouTube most of the day but I really didn't have anything to do so why not be lazy! I'm totally late with blogging today too because I was trying to do it earlier but sadly my internet didn't feel like working for an hour or so! But we are here now so lets just be happy it is working again and I will hopefully get some more blogs in order before I go to bed tonight.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 
love you all!


17 May 2013 2 comments

Time to get this long weekend started with some #backthatazzupfriday! Everyone loves a long weekend and everyone love backthatazzupfriday so what I great combo to start this weekend off with! I hope you like my choice of songs for this week and I hope you have a rockin' weekend!!


Oh How Pinteresting!

15 May 2013 2 comments

Another Wednesday Another Oh How Pinteresting! I have to say I wasn't sure if I good enough pins for this week but yesterday I went on a bit of a pinning spree so I think we are all good and I hope you like some the pins I going to be showing you today! Remember you can find me here on Pinterest! But lets get on with the pinning!....

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday Tunes

14 May 2013 2 comments

Hello my lovelies! Here we are for another Tuesday Tunes! This week I'm giving you some Martina Sorbara. I have been listening to her since my second year of university when my roommate Lynn introduced me to her! Basically stole the cd from Lynn until Lynn got me my own for Christmas maybe! She is now the lead singer for Dragonette but I like her better when she is just a solo gal! Here are some of my favorites and I hope you like them too :)

This Weekend I....Weekend Update!

13 May 2013 3 comments

Oh my gosh! I had a such a busy week and weekend! I have totally missed you my lovely readers! But, I just didn't have time to think about blogging I really didn't go online all week expect on my phone and I just can't blog from my phone! We had Chase's girlfriend Emma here for the week who is lovely! We had her over for Easter too but that was just for a couple of days this was a whole week so it was nice she was here since we all love her. 

Then on top of that we have been planning my dad's 60th birthday party! And of course we decided it was going to be a surprise! We started planning it back in January but of course you can't do everything that far in advance! So this last week was the scramble to get everything done! Also, we were all wondering if Dad knew about the party and just wasn't saying anything! We had been lying to him all week and on Friday we all just thought he must know and just isn't saying anything! Luckily we were all wrong and when he walked into the party he was totally surprised! WE DID IT!! We pulled off the impossible! He was so happy and excited because so many of his friends showed up and lots of family to celebrate with him! We were lucky enough that one of our close friend's has a restaurant and he was nice enough to close down for the evening so we could have the party there. It was actually his idea in the first place! Thanks Peter! Also, thanks to the lovely Shona and Cathy for being lovely and working the party! Everyone had a fantastic night that is for sure! Couldn't have asked for a better reaction from dad too! 

Erica, Chase and Myself

Myself, Emma and Erica

Birthday Kisses for Dad from Momma

Cake Time!

After that awesome night and not getting to bed until far too late I was up and at 'em again on Saturday morning for my little woman Quinn's 1st birthday party! I'm still not sure when a year flew by to get her to one but I guess it happened! Her birthday was Sesame Street themed and it looked amazing! Props to Aunt Michelle for making a lot of it! And of course props to Danielle and Derek for great party with lots of sweet little babies crawling around! 

After the party we headed out to the mall because we need to finish getting stuff for mother's day! Yes, this weekend just didn't seem like it is going end with all the celebrations! We got Momma a new iPod since hers basically bit the dust when she was away in Dominican! Needless to say she was very excited when she opened her gift! Which we were very happy about :) We knew wanted a new one but you can never be sure! On Sunday we also, made her breakfast and dinner. It was lovely day and it was nice for momma to just be lazy for the day because she was busy busy with Dad's party!
Love you Mommy and Daddy! Glad we all had such a great weekend together! 

Hope everyone had a fab weekend and I will see you tomorrow! 

Small Hiatus!

07 May 2013 No comments
Hey My Lovelies! 

Just wanted to let you know I won't be posting this week! I have a million things to get done for a party on Friday and it is my Daddy's 60th today so I have to get done for that too! My head hurts thinking about everything! Everyone have a great week and I will see ya next Monday!! xoxo

#Backthatazzup Friday!

03 May 2013 2 comments

Time for another #backthatazzup Friday! I had been debating on a few songs and I couldn't pick just one so here are my choices for this week! Hope you enjoy them! They are totally different from each other!

Here is your uplifting song for the day! It is a beautiful day here and I have a lunch date planned with two lovely ladies, and Play offs tonight so great day for me!

And now time for a dance party!

Happy Friday Everyone!!



02 May 2013 No comments
Hey My Lovelies! 

I don't have time for a real post today so just wanted to say hope you're having a great Thursday and YAY for it almost being the weekend! I have Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight! So GO SENS GO!!! 

Love you all!


Oh How Pinteresting!

01 May 2013 2 comments
I cannot believe it is May! The months are flying by! I am happy it is almost summer time though! I love love love love summer! It is also one of my besties birthday today! Happy Birthday Laura! Love you and miss you! Can't wait to see you this summer! xoxoxo

Back in Mexico when I was almost too blonde!

It is Wednesday again so again I had to spend time on Pinterest which I never do for you lovely people! ;) How I wish that was the case! Damn Pinterest being so darn addictive! Well anyways here is what I have been pinning lately