1/2 What's Happening Wednesday

02 January 2019 2 comments
And we are back to regular scheduled programming. I hope it is regularly scheduled anyways. I'm back to work tomorrow and I'm happy to be back into a routine but already miss the holiday. It is such a happy time and the laziness I let myself get into between Christmas and New Year might be one of my favourite things. Alas, I do fully enjoy structure and routine so I won't be complaining all that much and I now get to dive into my planner for the year so bonus on that front.

It is the season for New Year Resolutions, but you're not going to get a blog post about mine because I actually don't believe in them. I think goals are great but I always found when I made new years resolutions I failed at them. I much prefer setting monthly goals like I try and do on here and even weekly goals I much better at keeping. For me new years resolutions are too overwhelming and set you up to fail often. I will keep plugging away at my monthly goals instead thanks. So, now that leads me to my January Goals!

  • get back on the meal prep train
  • try at least three new recipes, one in the slow cooker
  • read more
  • do more things that bring you joy (make plans with friends, watch your favorite movie, take a bath)
And there you go...there are some of goals for this month anyways, I haven't put a lot of thought into it them because I'm just getting out of my post holiday funk but I will probably add some more over the next week or so or I will just leave this list and maybe actually accomplish them all. Sadly, I think it is the recipes that will give me a run for my money just because I always tend to go back to old faithfuls instead of trying new ones even though I have a bunch I want to try.

Are you a New Year Resolutioner? If you are what to do to help keep yourself on track? Also, any good recipes you're loving right now or what are some of your old faithfuls?

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