Tip Tuesday!

29 April 2014 3 comments
Since I'm in hair school I figured I should share a few tips from what I have learned over the last few months. Now, some of these I knew before and I'm sure some of you know them too but I figured I might as well just throw some out at you!

-DO NOT brush your hair when it is wet! Always use a comb, if you must use a brush there are special ones for wet hair. Your hair is the weakest when it is wet and that means it will break easier. Be nice to your wet hair.

-Start at the bottom when combing out your wet! This will help prevent some breakage. 

-If you hair get really tangled when wet invest in some leave in conditioner! It will become your best friend!

-Hair feeling blah and kind of weighed down? Try a clarifying shampoo once a week! It will get rid of the junk on your hair from styling products.

-Conditioners really only need to be applied from the mid-shaft down especially if you're on the oily side (like me).

Last one...

-Products are your friend when you know which ones to use! When you're getting your hair done ask what they using and what they would recommend for your hair! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

Monday Monday....

28 April 2014 6 comments
Well, getting back into blogging isn't as easy as I hoped it was going to be! I really don't have any ideas of what I want to blog about! But we are going to power through this and we are going to blog today!


Hmmm....Okay, I can tell you what I'm excited about for this coming weekend! On Sunday I heading up to Halifax to see some of favorite people and going to see the Backstreet Boys! Yup, if you read this blog you know this girl right here is a Backstreet Girl and will be one forever. I have to say I'm most excited about finally seeing them as 5! The one time I did see them when they were still 5, AJ had hurt his foot and only came out for one song so that doesn't really count but now it will be glorious with all five! And to top it off I might have gotten a VIP so I'm going to meet KEVIN!! He was never my favorite but man I'm excited to finally meet him. I'm so excited to seeing my friends because I haven't seen as much I would like to because of school I wasn't in Halifax as much. It is going to be a great night for sure! Throwback to the last time I met them! :) Poor AJ had a scatch on his cornea.

I have to say I'm really lost without having to go to school! I'm happy to have the break but man I just don't know what to do with myself yet! I'm sure it will come! I also miss the girls! It is weird going from seeing someone Monday to Friday to not seeing them until September! Though I'm sure we will have a few gatherings over the summer. 

Alright, this is a terrible blog but I honestly I have got nothing! Better tomorrow promise xo

And I'm back!

22 April 2014 8 comments
Wow! I honestly I haven't been on my blog since February! I hope some of you are still with me! I'm not here to say sorry for not posting because I really just didn't have the time for blogging while I was at school. The semester is over now(well there is one more day but it really doesn't count) so I'm back! I hoping that I can get a better routine down for when I go back to school in September so I don't disappear for months on end. Anyways, I guess I will give you a bit of an update on what has been going on in my life!

Mainly, my life has consisted of school, school and more school! I have to say I have been loving it though. For awhile there I was really feeling down about of a lot of things in my life but going back to school has changed all that! I feel like I'm going forward and I'm really content with my life right now. I have learned so much this semester but there is still so much to learn it is kind of scary! Best and most scary day was last client day because we had to actually cut hair! Until then our client days were shampoos and styles, not cutting! It was scary but we got through 30 clients and everyone left looking good and loving their new do's! I'm really look forward to next semester and getting into coloring hair! I swear it is going to be the downfall of my own hair because I love coloring my hair! I will have some new pictures of my hair as I'm getting done very soon (actually today). Here are some pictures from school from hair cuts I did and just some playing around with different styles


Now, what else have I done since I last blogged!? Oh I attended another Crop and Create in Moncton! It was another great weekend of scrapbooking and catching up with friends. I have to say this one was even better than last year because it we were more comfortable this year being our second year there and I become good friends over facebook with one of the main organizer Catherine. It was one of my favorite weekends and I can't wait for next year! I swear I will go to these until they don't have them anymore!

And lastly I got followed by one of my favorite men on Twitter LOL Yes I'm totally fangirling here over Damon Bennett following me on Twitter and he tweets me back all the time! Le sigh!