Oh How Pinteresting!

31 July 2013 4 comments

Happy Wednesday Everyone! You have made it to the middle of the week! YAY! Since I haven't done an Oh How Pinteresting post in a couple of weeks I think so I figured I should bring it back since I have posted a few things lately :) So here we go! PS If you saw my sweet and sour chicken yesterday I will be talking about it soon! :)

Tuesday Tunes!

30 July 2013 2 comments
This week for Tuesday Tunes, I'm giving you some old school stuff! I listened to Elvis this weekend a lot so here is one of my favorite Elvis tunes. I hope you're all having a great week! I have been rather busy already this week and it doesn't stop until next week but it is all fun stuff so you can't mind that!

I promise tomorrow's post will be better! ;)

Weekend Shenanigans! (day late oops!)

Monday....or Tuesday means another Weekend Update! This weekend was pretty good, no complaints from me! 

Friday, was chill just hung out and blogged about Rivals! I hope next week is better. I don't know I think I miss more of the vets because I don't really know the rookies. It was also hella muggy on Friday! Really wish I had AC during days like that! Saturday, weather not as muggy YAY! but overcast for the day which isn't great but at least it wasn't raining. I went to lunch with my friends Andrea and Lydia plus Andrea's little boy Riley. He is just too cute. Lydia was home from Toronto to shoot a wedding so it was nice to be able to see her even though it was just for lunch. Normally, she is here and gone! 

Sunday was a lazy day because the weather wasn't great and I had a few things to get ready for Monday. I ran and did some errands before dinner since me and Erica deiced to try the new place in Pictou which was quite yummy. I'm looking forward to going again sometime. I got their wings and they were delish! Erica got the buffalo chicken sandwich and she said it was quite good too. After that we got some ice cream and then headed down to our uncle's cottage to see some of our family that was home from Ontario. We had nice visit with them before we headed home. I had to get my clothes ready and everything because I was heading to Halifax in the morning for a wedding! Yes, a Monday wedding! 

On Monday moring my friend Andrea picked me up and we were off to Halifax to see one of our friends get hitched! We had only learned two weeks before that she was getting married but it was a lovely wedding. Also, I got to get some candles at Bath and Body Works. I have been wanting the London Calling candle for awhile now and I finally was able to get it and I actually got two because they were on sale! I'm going to Halifax on Saturday for another wedding and now my momma wants me to get her one too. Smells just like tea and lemon! Now onto some pictures!

Me and the Beautiful bride!

Me and the Handsome groom!
Have to say he had this grin on the whole day! So sweet!


The newlyweds

Some of my favorite ladies!

#backthatazzup Friday!

26 July 2013 No comments

Hey everyone! Sorry I missed posting yesterday but I just ended up not having the time to post and I didn't get to watch Rivals until today. I have to say it wasn't all that exciting but still there some drama!

Knight decided to be a jerk! This is shocking I know! *sarcasm* He made a rude comment then almost got into a fight with Marlon. But really I have to say this wasn't the biggest drama of the night. Trishelle decided to start running her mouth about Arissa and when Arissa confronted her about it she couldn't even string a sentence together! Trishelle, if you can't make a point and back yourself up don't run your mouth! Of course in the end Trishelle ended up looking like the idiot she is. In the morning knowing she was wrong and looking stupid she packed her bags and left. Sadly, since Trishelle quit and didn't have something to leave for Sarah also had to leave. I felt bad for Sarah because this is the second time she had to leave because of a crappy teammate. 

This week the challenge was more tame than last week. They had to climb a rope ladder, slide across ropes to the other side to get to a platform so they could ring a bell. If you will remember Preston and Wes would not to the challenge last week so they were given a penalty of 30 seconds onto their final time. Thankfully this did not affect CT and Wes but Knight and Preston actually ended up DQ'ing. Since they were the only team to DQ they went straight to the jungle. Johnny and Frank ended up winning for the guys and Emily and Paula took it again for the girls. That is three in a row for them! If I was going these I would want Emily has my teammate because she is a beast! The girls voted for Robb and Derek to also go into the jungle. They were not all that happy about it but what can you do really. 

At the jungle, they found out they were going to be in a circle, blindfolded, trying to break a stick over each other. Robb and Preston went against each other first and Robb broke his stick over Preston. Then Derek and Knight went at it and Knight ended up taking it so that means tie breaker. Robb and Knight faced-off and Knight got Robb first. Robb and Derek were sent packing. I kind of wished Preston and Knight had of been kicked off but really I didn't care because I don't like either team all that much. I'm just happy CT and Wes are safely still in the game.

And what else do we have to do today!? Oh right #backthatazzup Friday!!

This week I'm bring you some Boyz II Men! 

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

What Inspires Your Blog Posts?

24 July 2013 2 comments

Hello My Lovelies!

I was reading through Helene’s blog the other day and saw that she was having a one-day link up about what inspires your blog. When I saw this I thought well I think I will do this next week! Then, came the hard part, writing this post! One would think it would basically write itself since it is suppose to be what inspires your blog! But alas it did not write itself so I’m sitting here trying to figure out what I want to say and how I want to say it.  I think I’m having a harder time writing this because I always just want my blog to fun, so my stuff is fluffier often, which is okay with me. When I need to get serious or more emotional I do it, like with my breakdown last week about Talia and Cory. I think you’re blog should be whatever you want it to be. No one should tell you how your blog should be. If you’re happy with it then that is all that matters!

Okay, hmmm….I think what inspires me most for my blog is just that I like writing and having fun. I like knowing that I can go back and relive a moment because I blogged about it! Pictures are posted and moments are written down. It is there forever to remember. If you forget that detail about that one weekend you know you can call up your Weekend Updates and know yes that is what really happened that weekend that is why we laughed so hard. I get different inspirations from everywhere and everyday!  I think of myself as a rather creative person with a creative mind. I try to draw my inspirations from as many different places as I can. There are different bloggers who inspire me to be a better blogger! PinkLouLou is who bought me back into blogging. I had many failed blogs before this one and for whatever reason this one has stuck. I started reading PinkLouLou and decided to get back in the game. It is bloggers like her who juggle work, personal life and blogging, that inspire me to keep blogging.  I always had the problem that when I got busy the first thing to go was the blog because who is reading it anyways! Now, though not a big following I know someone is reading it, which makes me feel good and keeps me going.  There are of course the regular inspirations such as music, books, movies, other blogs, random Hollywood news and such but it is nice getting random inspiration. I once wrote a blog about different scrapbooking pages I have seen.

I think I have turned this post into something more than I thought it was going to be! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got some inspiration out of it. Remember you can find inspiration everywhere, in the smallest idea/thought/action you can often find the most wonderful things.


Tuesday Tunes and Button Swap!

23 July 2013 8 comments

Another Tuesday everyone! Did anyone watch Brother vs Brother last night (or Sunday if you're in the US)? I rather liked it so far because well I like most things Jonathan and Drew do. I'm not sure which Brother I'm rooting for because I'm not sure which team memebers I like more yet. So, we will just have to wait and see! 

Anyways, it is my last day of puppy sitting and I'm gonna miss my little Belle not that I can't come and see here but not quite the same as being with her all day. Currently she is asleep on the sofa. I kind of have busy rest of the week but I have blogs planned and basically sorted out already so I'm not leaving you hanging. 

This week I'm having a hard time figuring out a song for Tuesday Tunes! I honestly can't figure out one! Hmmmm geez it really should be this hard! Oh because it is only a week away until the new Backstreet Boys albums comes out I will give you In A World Like This!

I'm looking for people to button swap with! I haven't changed up in awhile and while I'm going to keep the ones I have up right now I'm looking for a few more to add! If you want to button swap just let me know in the comments or feel free to email me @ brittanylea02@gmail.com

Hope you're all having a great Tuesday!

This Weekend I....My Weekend Shenanigans!

22 July 2013 2 comments

It is Monday again! The days are flying by of course because it is summer and the weather has been pretty awesome! Yes, it is has been a little on the too hot side but I would rather be talking about the heat in the summer then it not being hot enough! Can't win anyways because when it is cold we complain and when it is hot we complain! haha

Anyways, I'm starting this post with Thursday because I went and had lunch with my lovely cousin Amy and her little guy Cameron! I hadn't seen in them in far too long so it was nice to sit and catch up with her. Cameron was pretty good too and didn't make too much of a fuss until momma was done her lunch and really that is all you can ask for in an almost 8 month old! Also, I was puppy sitting for Belle on Thursday! What a stinkin little cutie she is! Makes me miss having a puppy! Well kinda it is too much like having a baby for the first little bit haha!

On Friday, I also went to lunch with my friends Danielle and Laura. Laura is living out west right and just home visiting so had to get a lunch in and Danielle's birthday had just past so it was a celebration lunch! We went to Hebel's for lunch and it was lovely as always! I had tomato and basil soup with feta and holy it was amazing!! After lunch we went to see one of my favorite little munchkins Quinn! Then we headed to the mall because Laura needed to pick up a couple of shirts. It was a lovely day with some of my favorite girls. For dinner Erica and myself just picked up some chinese food since we were both tired and didn't feel like cooking anything.

Saturday was a pool day because it was super hot but luckily there was a breeze! So, I spent my day in the pool! We also took the dogs for ice cream! haha There is a doggie delight option and I have to say our dogs loved it! They even top it off with a milk bone! Sorry I forgot to get a picture of that! And you could hardly see what was going on because the boys were just head down and eating away! I did remember to get one of Jagger when we had to fix his hair because it was failing in his eyes when he wouldn't stay out the pool! And I'm just gonna throw Sunday in here too because it was another pool day for me! Had a nice dinner with the family and headed down to Mary's because I'm puppy sitting until Tuesday! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday and remember to smile :) Makes you prettier! xo

Rivals 2 Recap!

18 July 2013 3 comments
Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who messaged, commented, tweeted etc yesterday. It made me feel better that I wasn't the only one feeling upset by the news of Talia and Cory. Today, I wanted to really switch things up so we are going to have a little review/recap of MTV's show the Challenge: Rivals II

We all know I love me some bad reality TV and I feel like the Real World is the original so when they started doing challenges of course I loved them and we are now into many of them! Rivals II started last week and I have to say I was amped because CT is on the show but his teammate is Wes who I cannot stand but I guess I will have to get over because I want CT on the show as long as possible. Last week ended up being a guy's elimination and Tyrie and Dunbar got the boot. Dunbar was a totally baby about it since it was his fault but he blamed Tyrie.

But lets move on to this week. Frank started a fight with CT and I think he thought if they actually fought he could beat CT. Come on I think Zack is the only one in the house who would have a chance to beat CT. When Knight broke up the fight Frank went a little crazy then went and cried to Johnny! Dude crying on Rivals is for the dramatic little girls! Which leads me to Anastasia, what a silly little girl she is! She hooks up with CT and then must think well he is mine for the season. First off stupid, Diem is there and she just had another bout with cancer so CT is her guy. Did Anastasia not watch the season they met on? Like come on you're not competition for Diem! Plus, CT is just doing it because he knows you're an easy mark. She ends up figuring it out that CT isn't really interested in her and then she proceeds to yell and slap CT making herself look crazy! Good job hun!

When we get to the challenge Cooke is waiting to be introduced to her new teammate because her old oneb Naomi had a family emergency at home. Since Cooke is new I was wondering who else she could have beef with since this is Rivals but turns out she didn't even know her new teammate! And who is the new teammate CARA MARIA! BLAH!! This girl is useless! She is dramatic and isn't so great at the challenges, if it was not for Laurell she never would have gotten to the finals in Rivals I. Anyways, no one was happy to see her to say the least. This challenge was weird and awkward! There was thrusting, balls in mouths and basically 69 positions. This being said Wes would not do this challenge and since it is a female elimination day there is no reason for him to do it. Preston after the first part of the challenge was complete refused to complete the rest challenge too. Zack and Trey won the challenge of the guys and Emily and Paula took it for the girls. Same winners as last week. Anastasia and Jessica ended up being last and where sent straight into the jungle. Cooke and Cara Maria were sent into the jungle by the guys. Also, because Wes and Preston would not complete the challenge they will have a disadvantage at the next challenge which is a guys' elimination. Good job Wes! CT was kind of pissed when he found this out.

During the jungle Anastasia near fainted and almost had to quit but TJ told her to buck up and get it done. Well, they couldn't get it done and Anastasia and Jessica were sent packing. I think the others were kinda bummed Cara Maria was still there. BEST moment of the night was when Jessica and Anastasia got the boot and TJ said I guess that what happens when you don't eat and just smoke cigarettes! LOL I love TJ! He will say anything.

So, there you have my recap and slight review. Since it is just getting started I don't have much to say yet but you know I will because there are some people on the show I cannot stand (trishelle, wes, johnny, paula) and some I love (CT). I hope you like that I'm doing these! Have a great night folks and we will talk soon! 


A Different Wednesday Post....

17 July 2013 4 comments
Normally my Wednesday posts are reserved for the fun Oh How Pinteresting but this week I don't feel like going through Pinterest to find some funny/fashionable/cooking pins. Today, I want to talk about how I have been feeling for the past couple of days. If you don't want to get a bit emotional me maybe skip this post and come back tomorrow when I will hopefully be back to my normal self.

Yesterday, I had just finished working out on the treadmill and I decided to check my twitter to see if there was any new updates about Talia Joy, as she seemed to be having an okay couple of days. Then I see the tweet that tells me that my favorite little YouTube beauty guru has gotten her wings. 11:22am Talia became an angel where she doesn't have pain anymore and she can be free. I instantly felt empty and my eyes filled with tears. I wanted nothing more but for her to get a miracle and start to get better. I know how that sounds almost like a childhood wish that you know will probably never come true but this little girl was so amazing how could she ever be gone? I started watched Talia's YouTube over a year ago just by chance because I saw this bright face with the most amazing eye make-up! I thought someone must have done it for her but when I started watching the video I saw how amazing at make up she was! I think I could practice doing make up everyday and not be as good as Talia was. Then I watched some of her cancer vlogs and couldn't help but tear up not because she had cancer but because she was so upbeat and knew she could fight it. She also had no fear when she did her vlogs, she told it how it was. She wasn't going to sugar coat it and that is how she wanted it told to her. She was an old wise soul in a 13 year old body! I will forever remember that smile, laugh, silly face. If this world had more Talias we would be living in a much better place but there could only be one Talia Joy. My prayers go to her family and my love is being sent to the heavens where I'm sure she is surrounded by love and the most amazing make up room. 

As I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks I feel blessed to have been touched by Talia's story, I will try to live my life to the best it can be, I will love unconditionally and try to leave this world a better place. Thank you for being you little angel.

You said, remember that life is not meant to be wasted.
We can always be chasing the sun!
So fill up your lungs and just run
But always be chasing the sun!
- Sara Bareilles

This week heaven got two amazing angels. I normally am not affected like this when hearing about deaths outside my family/friends but I can't get Cory Monteith out my head since I heard about this death. It just doesn't seem real that he is gone. You never truly know what people are struggling with. I believe he was fighting and trying to win the battle he had with his demons but sadly the demons won. Just remember don't judge a book by its last page. I'm going to remember him as a great talent and wonderful person.

RIP Talia Joy and Cory Monteith

I heart Summer Tag! from Ingrid!

16 July 2013 8 comments
Happy Tuesday Everyone! Hope you all had a good Monday. Today, I decided to do the I heart Summer tag! If you watch YouTube videos you know Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi. She came up with the I heart Spring Tag and did the I heart Summer tag recently. After I saw it I decided why not just throw it as a blog post! So, here are my answers to the I heart Summer tag! You can find Ingrid's YouTube channel here!

The Questions:

1. Favorite bronzer for summer? My favorite bronzer is Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow...it is perfect bronze for me, I like the color it gives you. If you're really pale you might not like this bronzer. 

2. You're relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? (Favorite summer drink) light rum and lemonade, makes me think of Dominican and the beach :)

3. Favorite summer lip product? EOS lip balm in Sweet mint! Love it for keeping my lips soft. 

4. Pool or Beach? Both! I love laying by the pool or at the beach :)

5. Summer = crazy hair! What's your must-have styling product? Not really a product but hair ties! So you can throw your hair up in a messy bun and still look fashionable.

6. Sun bathing or fake tan? Both, sorry I'm outside too much in the summer not to tan! Just remember your sun screen folks!

7. Favorite summer nail polish? I have been LOVING Selena by Selena Gomez for Nicole OPI. I think it is the perfect peach shade!

8. Any summer traditions? Family BBQs, drive in dates, girls dinner at Saltwater, PEI Wilson kids trip.

9. Favorite summer scent? Sunscreen! haha 

10. Favorite BBQ food? I'm going with Ingrid on this one and I'm gonna say meats!

11. What's your favorite summer-proof product? Again, going with Ingrid and I'm going with Urban Decay's De slick setting spray! It is great!

12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream summer trip! I have already been on one summer trip to PEI with my sister Erica and our friend Katie to see a concert featuring Serena Ryder but we plan on going over again for the day because we have a tradition of the Wilson kids going over! So, myself and my siblings have to go over! Other than that I'm doing more staycations this summer because it is that kind of summer :)

And lets not forget it is Tuesday Tunes!

Today I'm going with Brave by Sara Bareilles because she is amazing and I love her! Enjoy! PS her new album is out today and you should get it!

This Weekend I....Weekend Update

15 July 2013 6 comments

Welcome to Monday Again! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! I know I did! And I have NO pictures to show for it! I swear I need to make a better effort with my picture taking on the weekend especially! Anyways, lets get on with this post!

On Friday night I had a super chill night, I wasn't feeling all that great so I just lazed around most of the night. Saturday, again I was pretty lazy and it was hot so why not really! I did have to run out and get the rest of my present for my lovely Danielle since it was her bridal shower yesterday! I also got some big news that one of my friends is getting married in TWO WEEKS! Yup, wasn't expecting it but great news for sure! Spent most of my Saturday night texting and FBing about that news! haha

Sunday was Danielle's bridal shower as I mentioned before and it was a lovely (very hot) afternoon. Her sister Monique hosted a fantastic shower for her! The weather was super hot but we all dealt with it in style! This should just show Danielle how much we love her! They had a lovely spread of sandwiches and sweets, can we all agree on the fact that sandwiches taste so much better at showers!? We course did the how well do you know Danielle games and all that fun jazz. I'm not a big cheesy shower game player but the games Monique planned were the good ones! Our party favors was a little tea cup with lavender planted in it! I'm hoping I don't kill the lavender! After the shower, I headed to dinner with my momma and Erica at Montana's and it was delish! After that we headed home and I spent the rest of my night reading The Storytellers by Jodi Picoult and wow such an amazing book so far! I have never read anything by Jodi Picoult before but Erica has read most if not all of her books and Erica said this was her best one and it isn't quite the same as most of her books. I'm totally wrapped up into this book! A very good read for anyone looking for a new book!

Now, I wasn't sure I wanted to bring this up on my blog just because I find it so sad, but as a Glee fan I wanted to send my love and prayers to all of Cory Monteith family and friends. As many of us did I woke up to the news of him being found dead in his hotel room. I was shocked and when I saw it I didn't even want to believe it like it must have been some kind of twitter death joke but when you see things on CNN it makes it all too real. I know none of his family or friends will never see this blog but I'm heartbroken for them, I could not imagine losing someone like that. No one had bad words about him, he took as much time as he could for his fans and he worked hard. He didn't seem to have the Hollywood attitude many younger stars get. This just makes me so sad. He was young, talented, handsome and kind. 

RIP Cory Monteith

#backthatazzup Friday!

12 July 2013 2 comments
Hey Hey! It is FRIDAY!! Everyone loves Friday right? I can't see why you wouldn't like Friday! But anyways we all know what Friday means....#backthatazzup Friday!

This week we are going with Thift Shop! I don't know why but I have been listening to this a lot haha! 

Also, I have decided I'm going to try and do recaps for Rivals starting next week because I see recaps for Big Brother and Bachelorette, I'm hoping someone will enjoy my recaps! I love Rivals so someone out there must love it too :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Guest Blogging!

11 July 2013 3 comments
Happy Thursday Everyone! It is almost Friday and you have made it! I hope you're all having a great week and have fun plans for the weekend! I'm just here to remind you that I'm guest blogging today over at Miranda's blog! I'm talking about summer fun and fashions!

Check me out here!

PS Did anyone watch Rivals last night?? I know CT is tad crazy but man could he get hotter?? Love him, can't help it!

Oh How Pinteresting!

10 July 2013 No comments

I feel like I haven't done Oh How Pinteresting in a long time! And sadly I had to go on Pinterest and pin stuff before I could even do this! But, I think I have some good ones :) They are just random ones because I didn't have time to think of a theme, nor did I have enough pins for a theme! You should be happy it isn't a Christmas theme because many Christmas pins filled my feed today! But lets get on with this!

Just Another Tuesday....

09 July 2013 8 comments
Hello My lovelies, I have been trying to figure out what to blog about today and I have to say not a bunch as jumped to mind. I had some good laughs at Faith's and Whitney's dating blogs today! You should probably go and check them out because they are excellent. I was hoping reading some other blogs would give me some inspiration for my own blog post today but alas something is keeping me from having anything good to write about so sorry if this is just a rambling mess!

Oh I will remind you on Thursday but I'm guest blogging over at Miranda blog! She is on vacation this week so yours truly said she would help out! If you want to know some of my summer staples are you should head on over there Thursday :) Miranda has guest bloggers all week so check it out for them and keep checking her out when she is back from vacation!

The heat wave we had over the last week has finally broken! Yesterday was a lovely day and today was pretty great too nice temp and sunny skies! Sadly it is suppose to rain tomorrow! Fingers crossed it is nice again on the weekend. Fingers double crossed for a beautiful day on Sunday because I have a bridal shower to go to in the city. Can't wait to see Danielle, Tiana and Deena!

Okay I have rambled on enough for one day so I will leave you with a song for Tuesday Tunes! This is actually my cousins Ben P and Ben M with my uncles Mike and Lance :) Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! xo

This Weekend I...Weekend Update

08 July 2013 4 comments

Hey My lovelies! Sorry I was such a slack blogger last week but I just wasn't feeling it and I was busy with other things! Also, it was too hot to be inside last week! We had a bit of a heat wave and I was in the pool most of the time!

 source mine

I wish I had more to talk about but honestly I laid by the pool all weekend because it was too hot not to! It was like 40*C all weekend. I love me some heat but it was muggy and we all know I hate it when it is muggy! But since I was able to lay by the pool all weekend can't really complain! On Friday night I did go to dinner with my family at Hebels and it was delicious as always! Saturday, was another pool day and we had some family over! We ended the night with a lovely BBQ too! BBQ is one of my favorite things about summer! My cousin Ashdenne made a greek salad and man I love greek salad so freakin good!! She made a watermelon salad with mint and feta cheese but I don't like watermelon so I didn't have any of it but the ones that did try it liked it a lot :) Sunday was yet another spend the day in the pool because of heat. Family visited again and it was good day. Myself and Erica went to dinner at Salt Water Cafe for the first time this season and it was as good as always. Once we got back from dinner we headed to our aunt's house because she got a new puppy! Belle is a black lab and she is adorable!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great Monday even though Mondays never seem to be great :) xoxo

Happy Monday! Stay Classy Bloggers!

Weekend Update!

02 July 2013 4 comments

Yes, I'm a day late with my weekend update but I was away since it was long weekend here in Canada :) I had excellent mini vacay away in Prince Edward Island! I have been going to PEI since I was a little girl and I swear I love it as much now as I did then. 

We went over for the last day of the Big Red Music Festival to see Serena Ryder and Great Big Sea! They were amazing! I have seen Serena Ryder five times now and she still gives me chills! I just love her! Now, I had never seen Great Big Sea before and boy was I missing out! They are fantastic, since a fun band to party too! I'm so happy I get to see them again at the Jubilee! Also, got a bit ahead of myself talking about the concert first because before that we did some fun stuff too! We did some shopping and I got my dress for my friend's wedding YAY! We went to Cows to get the best ice cream ever, I got Messie Bessie so yummy! We went to Anne of Green Gables Chocolates to get some chocolate covered potato chips for a treat after the concert! And probably my favorite thing we went to New Glasgow Lobster supper! Best place to have a lobster dinner ever! 

The next day was tourist day! We got up and went to Smitty's for breakfast because we knew Cora's was going to be super busy! We had a nice yummy breakfast and then headed out to Cavendish! When we got there we headed for some mini golfing and I won! Whoop Whoop! It was overcast for the most part but we decided to head to the beach after mini golf because it was rather muggy and when we were at the best the sun came out and it was beautiful! I love the beaches in PEI! Cavendish is actually rated one of the top 10 in the world! Love beaches! After the beach we headed for the boardwalk! Love walking around there and having a beaver tail! This year I got a chocolate and banana one and man was it tasty! Then, we decided on another round of mini golf and I didn't do good this time but hey I won the first one hahaha Then, it was time to head to Fisherman's Wharf for one more lobster dinner before we headed back to the ferry to head home. Another wonderful dinner! 

Another great to trip to PEI! Hope to make one more this summer so the Wilson kids still get their annual PEI trip together :)