Link Up Madness!

29 March 2013
Well it is Friday again and a long weekend! Happy Good Friday everyone! I just finished doing some cleaning because my brother and his girlfriend are coming home for the weekend! Haven't meet this girlfriend yet but she seems like a goodie! We will be introducing her to Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend because it is a tradition for us and she well needs to get with it LOL 

In honor of watching Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend I'm having a dance party to the soundtrack!


Happies :)

- had a great weekend away in Moncton!
- weather is beautiful today!
- Chase and Emma are here!
- The ladies from Crop and Create all added me on Facebook :)
- my room is all nice and clean

Crappies :(

- it is that time of month! Boo!

Have a great weekend everyone! And Happy Easter!


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