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02 April 2013
As you can tell from the title of this blog today we are going to be talking about beauty favorites! Since I love seeing what everyone else is loving I thought maybe you would maybe like what I have been loving! I probably won't be doing one a month of these because I don't normally try out that many new products each month but I will be doing them when I have some stuff I love and think that maybe you will love it too!! Anyways, lets get on with my current beauty favorites!

Firstly we have some face and eye products!

I'm going to start in the middle here with the Boi-ing! by Benefit, this is a concealer and it is amazing! Honestly you can't have something it doesn't hide! It is used to hide tattoos so there you go! This one is almost gone and I got it before Christmas I do believe so it lasts a good long time too! I'm in shade 02. I thought I would be 01 (lightest shade) but the rep from Benefit was at Sephora the day I was there and she helped me out with picking my shade. It covers well, lasts, it is not heavy so I'm totally loving this product and it could be a part of my holy grail products. It is pricey, it is $26 at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora. YAY for Shopper carrying Benefit!

Next up we will talk about Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch, this is a highlighting concealer. It does give some coverage which I like but it does really help brighten dark circles under your eyes and anywhere else you like to face highlight your face (down your nose, cupid bow etc.) It was on sale for $8 (walmart) I think when I picked it up this weekend, it is my second buying it and I'm sure I will buy it again!

Smashbox Bronzer time! This is just a sample size of the Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte from Smashbox, I got it in a Best Of Smashbox set when I cashed in some of my point at Sephora. This is a great bronzer! If you don't like any sparkle in your bronzer this one is for you! I'm more of an all over bronzer girl and don't really contour but I think this would be great for contouring too because as I have mentioned it does not have sparkle to it. Full size of this bronzer is $32.00 at Sephora, so it is on the expensive side but I have had this sample size going on 4 months now and I still have a lot of it! I do go back and forth between this and my MAC bronzer in Golden, but I would say this is a good pick if you're looking for a matte bronzer and want to treat yourself to something a little more high end.

And finally for this picture I have the Max Volume Lash Mascara in extreme black by Rimmel London. This is my new favorite mascara after Diorshow because I don't think I will ever find another mascara I like more than Diorshow! But this is close! The only thing I'm not super amped on about this mascara is that is it really wet! But I love the brush and I love how it goes on and make my lashes look great! Plus it is only like $9! Who doesn't love that!? My lovely Diorshow is more like $25! Hands down though this is my new favorite!

Lip Products! I should not be allowed to even look at lip products because I have so many now but I love them so much and with spring and summer coming they are coming out with so many fun colors and shades it is killing me not to buy everything in sight! These are three of my favorites right now!

We will start with Relvon's Lip Butter in Gumdrop! I really want a lavender lipstick and I figured this would be a good place to start because I knew with the Lip Butter it would not be too much, I have seen a couple at MAC and thought oh I love that but really where am I going to wear such a color! So, this was perfect! It has a little sparkle in it and it goes on like butter! Love it and it is around $7-8 at Walmart.

Onto Maybelline's Color Whispers! These are probably my most favorite products out right now! I love love love love love them! I have already bought 4 I think! This one is Pink Possibilities and it is such a nice pink for spring and summer! I also love that you can have a 'whisper' of color or really build up the color with this lip product. I do believe they are around $7-$8 too at Walmart!

Lastly, we have the Kate Line by Rimmel London! This color is 102 and it is so nice! Perfect pink/coral color for spring. I got it for Easter and I love it! I wore it to family dinner on Sunday. It is smooth, easy application which I love because some lip sticks are just too dry and you feel like you have to apply lip balm/gloss over top of them! These are not like that! Has a nice sheen to it but isn't overly glossy. I have been loving matte lipsticks lately too so this has just a bit more to it then a matter I find. I also think this is like $8 at WalMart. 

Here are just some color swatches for you :) 102, Pink Possibilities, Gum Drop

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I'm loving right now! Yes, there is a lot more so maybe I will do another one of these blogs again soon! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and are having a great week! See you again tomorrow!


  1. I love makeup shopping! :) If only I could put on eye liner.


    1. Eye Liner is a struggle for sure sometimes but practice makes perfect Laura!! :)

  2. Is there a Sephora in Halifax? I thought there was one in Mic Mac but I couldn't find it. I need someone to teach me what to use and how to use it and I heard they did that so now I'm all intrigued.

    1. The Sephora in Halifax is at the Halifax Shopping Centre, it is basically across the hall from MAC, both places will show you use whatever product you're looking at/for. Sometimes I find the people at MAC are better then the ones at Sephora but both will help you for sure! Also, if you wanted to pick up some drug store stuff you can always find awesome make up tutorials on YouTube! Let me know if you want me to point you in the direction of some good ones :)


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