Weekend Update! Crop and Create Moncton!

25 March 2013

Okay ladies I meant to have this up earlier today but I'm dead tired from my weekend of scrapbooking! Seriously who knew sitting on your butt all weekend would make you so darn tired! But today I have been laying around trying to get myself back to normal! It was one great weekend though! Well worth being this tired for since it almost didn't happen because of the weather! The weather forecast kept changing so we had no idea what it was going to be like when we woke up on Friday morning but it wasn't suppose to be too much and by the time we were leaving it should be just fine! Well when I woke up in the morning to start getting ready I couldn't see out my front window! We were suppose to get like 10cm of snow but it was more like 20cm! Luckily, it was early and we didn't have to leave for a few hours and the plows were starting go by so we figured we would be good to go! Thankfully, we did get to leave by 12:30pm! But got the first 45 minutes of the drive the roads were not good! We aren't sure how the plows were driving because everyone on the roads had to keep going from one lane to another! But, then we hit where the snow hadn't been and we were clear sailing!! 

Once, we were in Moncton, we got to the hotel where we were staying and where the event was! After we checked in we headed to the conference room to get checked into Crop and Create! That is where we got to first meet Catherine and Jen! Two of the lovely ladies who put this event on around Canada! They are some of the nicest women! We also got our awesome goodie bags! Then, it was time to head into the event and get started on some scrapbooking! Since it was our first time we were amazed at how many ladies were there and how much stuff some people take to a scrapbooking weekend! One woman took 5 trips from her car to the event room!! Luckily, we packed light! HAHA Not really but lighter then most of the women there! There was also 3 stores step up in the event room and they were amazing! They had some of the best products and papers! I could have spent a small fortune there but I was strong and only spent about $45. When I was walking around the stores I heard one woman I had spent 170 bucks and the event just started! I totally understand how she spent that though! The first day of the event, we scrapped a lot and then had a wonderful dessert bar at around 10pm which was a great pick me up! Then, we watched some of the teachers do different techniques, which was very cool and then we did a Make and Take (which is what it says you make something and get to take it with you) We did the Make and Take with Catherine and Leica which was a necklace! It was super cute! Sorry I don't have a photo to show you right now since the one I took is on my phone and I don't have it uploaded yet! Erica and I headed to bed around 11:30 because we were really tired and we wanted to get up early to go to breakfast at Cora's!

Day Two was awesome! We started at Cora's for breakfast then we scrapped all day! Stopped for a nice lunch, had some yummy soup and sandwiches! Then more scrapping! Until we had to stop for dinner! Our waiter at the hotel restaurant was awful! We almost walked out on our bill because we waited almost 25 minutes for it! Thankfully, we weren't in a rush because I would have been livid with him because he basically disappeared! I hate bad service! After dinner we headed back up to the event to do a bit more scrapping before we were heading to our class with Kelly Purkey! This class was a lot of fun! She does some super cool techniques I wouldn't even think of using so it was nice to see different ways to use some the products you have but don't know what to do with them! There was also closing remarks and birthday cake for Kelly Purkey! Super fun time! Then, we had another dessert bar and a bit more scrapping before we had to say goodbye until next year! I have to say the weekend was amazing and I cannot wait until next year for the next one! Thanks for putting on such a wonderful event ladies! It was amazing!!

Lecia, Me, Erica and Vicki!

Vicki is picking up Kelly! She is a very tiny girl!

Happy Birthday Kelly!


Our scrap table! We had the best tulips!

Kelly Purkey and Me! She is a sweetheart!

Catherine and Me! Catherine is one awesome lady!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
PS sorry for any huge grammar mistakes, I'm just too tired and none are jumping out at me so I hope there isn't many! LOL


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