Unboxing! Erin Condren Life Planner!

11 March 2013
Happy Monday Everyone! I know it is the first Monday in Spring Forward time change so no one is a happy camper today! I do love that we get an extra hour of sunlight but man it still sucks getting up in the morning when that extra hour is gone! But, this means it is closer to SUMMER!!! My favorite season! I mean who doesn't love summer!? If you don't like summer we probably can't be awesome friends haha

Anyways, I have been meaning to do this post forever seeing as I got my planner in January! But, better late than not at all! Last year I got my first Life Planner for Christmas and I have to say it was on my of favorite gifts because I love being organized and be able to write everything down! I know most people have moved on to working everything in with their smart phones but I love writing it down myself! I love pens and pencils too! I have quite the collections sitting beside me right now but seriously I will probably never not have a planner! It started back when I was grade 7 so really it will continue the rest of my life. Lets move on to the pictures!

It's finally here! (back in January haha)

Packed up all pretty!

Lots of goodies!

Everything is just so pretty even the packaging for the pen holder!

Isn't she a beauty?

Again this year I decided to ask for one of Christmas and again it didn't disappoint! Well, actually Erica forgot to order it and I didn't get it until the first week of January but that is okay because I love it so much and really I didn't need it until the first week of January anyways since I still had my old one! If you want a better look at the life planners you can visit the official Erin Condren Website or you can look up reviews on YouTube.

I don't really want to do a review on these planners because I will just gush about how much I love them! I really don't have any complaints so it is hard to do a review when you just plan on talking about you love something! That being said, I know they are pricey so I would say if you don't really like writing everything down or planning I would not spend the money on this planner because you will not get your money's worth. If you're like me you will get your money's worth, I don't think there is a page in my planner from last year that doesn't have something written on it. I do love the updates that they have done with the new planners, it is thinner, the monthly tabs are plastic now and there are lined pages in back instead of just unlined, I know I'm crazy! I prefer lined pages. Erica also ordered me the note pads, pens and pen holder. I love it all. If I won the lottery I would probably order everything off the website! Yes, I have an addiction but I love it! :)

Have a great Monday everyone! See you again tomorrow!


  1. I had to run over to the website and check it out. I want one of everything! I love writing stuff down too. I will probably never get used to doing all of that on a phone/tablet.

    1. Nope I won't get used to it either probably because I will never do it! I have an iphone and ipad and still have my planner and pens :)

  2. thanks for the great post! LOVE! just pinned to our pinterest boards, check it out! pinterest/erincondren #enjoy!


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