It's Okay Thursday!

21 March 2013

Well, I haven't done an It's Okay for a long time now so I figured I might as well this week! I have been rather busy this week so nice to chill out with an easy blog post today! Anyways, lets get on with it!

It's Okay...

-that I'm uber excited for my scrapbooking weekend! Crop and Create here I come!
-that I have been listening to Tim McGraw's newest album a lot lately
-that I CANNOT wait for summer! I'm over winter!
-that I have wishlists on far too many websites right now
-that I'm obsessed with Big Brother Canada
-that Songza is my best friend, 90s one hit wonders!
-that I'm so freaking excited to meet Kelly Purkey this weekend!!
-that I'm excited for a nice weekend away with my sissy!
-that I'm already excited for maybe a shopping roadtrip in May!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!
See ya tomorrow! xoxo


  1. I so need a scrapbooking weekend!! I haven't had time in forever!

    I do love Tim McGraw's new album, good stuff!!


    1. I haven't scrapbooked at all in far too long! So excited for this weekend! Wish you closer and could come! :)

      Happy Thursday!

  2. I have a wish list on too many websites too! I can't keep track. Then I month later I will kick myself for not buying that dress because I forgot!

    1. Isn't that always the way! If I could just win the lottery I could fix that and they would shopping lists instead of wish lists hahaha


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