I think I have a crush on you!

07 March 2013
Hey Everyone! Today I'm doing a link up with Erin who blogs over at Living In Yellow! She has one of the best blog out there so I would say you should go and check her out, because it would be totally cool and you know that is how we roll here! You can click the picture below to get to her blog :)

Now, Erin's link up this week is to spread the love around! So, we are all telling you about our blogger crushes! I have had a very hard time narrowing it down to a suitable amount because I know you all don't want to sit around and read my post for days and honestly I don't know to sit around and write this post for days! But I have come up with my top 5 so let's get this party of love started! 

Firstly, Erin has an amazing blog with everything on it! You will go from fashions, to friends, to food, to life, to blogging advice! She is your one stop shop! She is super funny too! I was so happy when I found her blog because she is real, sweet, funny and just pretty cool! Girl, you're just too awesome! Here's to Erin, wine and bubble baths!

Secondly, PinkLouLou! I don't think I can say enough about this girl! She is one of the reasons I got back into blogging because I loved her so much! I don't think I will ever gain her popularity which is quite okay but even with her popularity she always has time for her readers. I was beyond thrilled and so excited when she said she would guest blog for me! I have a little blog and wasn't even sure she would have time but the sweetie that she is, she made the time and didn't care that my blog doesn't even have 100 followers yet. She put together a great post too! I honestly could go on and on and on about this girl but I think you should just go and check out her blog and see for yourself how amazing she is!

Thirdly, lets talk Pam over at Yes it is, Kevin! If you like fashions and YouTube videos this girl is for you! She is such a sweetie too! She does great videos and blogs! I always want new things when I read her blogs or watch her videos! She is also a super awesome person and great blogger friend! I knew as soon as I saw her blog I was going to love her and then we both have the Les Mis obsession so what more could you ask for really!

Lastly, we are going with the lovely Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants To Work! I have been friends with Whitney for several years now and seen her go through her ups and downs, which is shares and doesn't make excuses. She is pretty real and straight to the point. But, I think she love her best for being so dang funny though! If you need a laugh hit this girl up on twitter or on her blog because you will quickly find yourself laughing! She is a riot and a sweetie! Love ya Whit

I know for sure I'm forgetting some people but these are some on my top picks for the best bloggers out there! xoxo

Happy Almost Weekend Everyone!


  1. Love you, girl!!! :) Love having LJ life in the blog world! <3

    1. It was the next step to take LJ to blogger! Love you xo

  2. You are so sweet Brittany :) Your words meant so much!! Keep on rocking it sister. xoxo

    1. Thanks hun! I mean it you're awesome! xoxo


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