Random Rambling Monday!

18 March 2013
Okay, so it is the beginning of another week! I'm staying with my cousin and her baby for a couple of days because her hubby is off on a business trip until Thursday I do believe! So, thankfully I planned ahead and I have some posts all ready to go for you guys in case I don't have the time to do some while I'm at Amy's. I actually have a pretty busy week ahead of me because Friday I'm leaving for a scrapbooking weekend! Crop and Create is having a weekend of scrapbooking fun in Moncton so of course me and my sister Erica decided we should probably go and partake in that! I was a busy little bee over the weekend trying to get as much ready for Crop and Create as I could because I didn't want to be rushing trying to get all of it done after I came back from Amy's. I much prefer to be organized, which I think I am. I have a couple more things to get done but I'm basically ready to go. I'm very excited that Kelly Purkey is going to be there this weekend! She is one of my favorite scrapbookers! And we are taking one of her classes so that is going to be awesome. From what I have gathered on this scrapbooking weekends I think we are in for one great time! 

Alright, before I started writing this post I was looking at what people search to find my blog and wow some stuff is pretty interesting! I think my favorite was birttney coffy blog! Nice try on the spelling of my name and coffee! Some of the more interesting ones were John Morris curling and how to wear a checked shirt!! Honestly, looking at the searches makes me laugh! I wish John Morris found my blog through searching his own name! Look him up he is a hottie! One of the reasons why I watch curling is because of him haha. Also, I know I have never talked about checked shirt so I'm blaming PinkLouLou for that one! Actually you know I love her to bits so Thank you Doll!

I'm starting to ramble now so I'm doing to wrap it up and go pack my bag for Amy's! Can't wait to see my little man Cameron! I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! Love you all and see you tomorrow!!


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