Link Up Madness Friday!!

08 March 2013

My girl Whitney has new link up! And this one is pretty darn awesome! It is #backthatazzup Friday! To start the weekend off right we all need some tunes so hop on over to Whitney's grab the button and post your jam! Don't forget to link up with her so we can all have an awesome dance party!

My jam this week is Montell Jordan's This is How We Do It!



- it is two weeks until Crop and Create Moncton! YAY for weekend of scrapbooking which I haven't done in FOREVER! I hope I remember how!
- it is a beautiful sunny day!
- I was in and out of the blood clinic in less then 30 minutes this morning! That never happens! I was of course the youngest one there at 6:45am! Me and the old men waiting to get our blood taken LOL
- I had lots of Starbucks last weekend :)
- I'm loving Big Brother Canada! Go Jillian! And I LOVE Andrew! This is probably because he isn't basically 12! haha


-big brother live feed is down right now because they doing a competition lol
- I had to get blood work done today! I really hate needles!
- I don't get to go and see Halifax friends for awhile now :( 

Basically no crappies this week because it was a good week! Gotta love that! I'm in a really good mood today for being up since 6:20am! Hope everyone is planning a great weekend! And I will see you all again on Monday! 



  1. I am TOTALLY dancing to your song selection right now. So. Good. Dance parttyyyyy!

    1. This is how we do it Whit! Always a good choice with Montell!! DANCE PARTY!


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