Weekend Update!

04 March 2013

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did! This past weekend I spent my time in Halifax. Myself and my sister headed to Halifax on Friday after she is was done at work. We were suppose to only be going up for Saturday night but since the AUS basketball was going on that weekend, some of Erica's friends were going up for the whole weekend so Erica wanted to see some basketball too and we decided why not make a whole weekend of it! When we got the hotel on Friday, Erica quickly got ready and headed out to the basketball games! I got cozy and relaxed in the hotel! I love hotel living! I curled up and watched some Big Brother Canada live feeds! Go Team Jillian! For anyone that is watching BB Canada I know the house guest Jillian! It is so much more fun watching the show when you know someone lol 

Look who I found on the TV! Serena Ryder!!

On Saturday, we slept in for a bit because that is what you're suppose to do at the hotel right? Then we got ready and headed to the mall for just a bit of shopping. I also met up with my friend Natalie, we chatted and shopped around for bit! Very nice seeing her since I haven't seen her since the summer I think! Then, we headed to another shopping centre for some more shopping! I finally realized I hadn't eaten all day so when we were at Chapters I got myself a snack at Starbucks so I wouldn't pass out before supper! 

Refreshers from Starbucks make my life!!

We shopped a bit too long and only gave ourselves a short time to get ready before we had to head to dinner! But we got it all done and made it to Il Mercato before a huge rush came in behind us! Il Mercato is one of my favorite places to eat! I honestly don't think I have tried anything I didn't like there! So, yummy in your tummy and they have the best white wine there called Spy Valley! It is my favorite and I always get a glass even if I didn't plan on it so I should probably just embrace it and know I will get one each time!
Jumbo shrimp appy! Yes please!

Then it was onto the concert! Serena Ryder is probably one of the best performers I have every seen! Not only is her music amazing she really knows how to put on a good show! If we could have we would have stayed Sunday night too because Serena was playing another concert on Sunday night in Halifax again but alas we couldn't do that! But, I know I have said this 1000 times over but if you haven't listened to Serena Ryder do yourself a favor and go and check her out! You won't be disappointed and if you are we are not longer friends okay. :) The girl who opened for Serena was very good too but I can't remember her name for the life of me and Erica isn't home right now for me to ask her! But she was really good. So, happy we got to see her again! 4 times! Still loving every minute! Hope she comes back again soon!

En route to concert after dinner!
 Waiting for Serena to come on stage!

After the concert Erica went to out with her friends for a bit in their hotel room but I was kinda tired so I opted to tuck in with some snacks and watch curling! Brier time baby! Wish I was in Edmonton! I would love to go to the Brier again! I also may have have the BB Canada live feeds going on too! Slightly addicted! I can't help it! Ended up not getting to sleep until 2am that night and was up at 8am so not too bad but it would have been nice to sleep in longer! We had breakfast plans though!

I met up with my lovely friends Danielle, Deena and Gavin for breakfast at Cora's It was nice to have a catch up with them because I haven't been them in about a month! Wish Tiana could have been there but she was off in New Brunswick for the weekend! After breakfast I headed back to my cousin Callee's place because Erica was off to the last basketball game! I had a lovely afternoon with Callee! I hadn't seen her since like Christmas so it was nice to catch up! Good laughs!

Gavin, Deena, Me and Danielle! Love them!

It was a great weekend! I loved seeing everyone and going to the concert. It was a good time whenever me and Erica go anywhere with each other! I hope everyone else had a great weekend too! I don't have anything planned for this weekend so we will see what happens!

Happy Monday Everyone! xoxo

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