Sunday Social

23 September 2012

1. What is something you wanted to do but are afraid of?

- I have always wanted to ride a horse but scares me! I know people who have been thrown from their horse so yeah that just freaks me out a little too much!

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-Honestly I haven't planned that far in advance, I would just love to be living a happy and loving life.

3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2012?

-I'm looking forward to my birthday in October, the birth of my cousin's baby and Christmas with my family!

4. What are your hopes for your blog?

- My hopes for my blog are that keeps growing and that I keep being able to do it and loving it :)

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current city/town?

- I'm totally sure right now, I do love my town but who knows where life could take me.

6. What is your morning routine?

- Wake up, shower, brush teeth, have breakfast, check facebook and twitter



  1. just stopping by for sunday social! october is just a few days away! and ride a horse. Just do one of those horse trail things where the horses are so trained they don't do anything but follow the trail.

    Trish - My Sunday Social

  2. Hey Trish, Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait for October since it is my birthday month I have to wait until the 28th but that just means I can celebrate the whole month right! I plan on riding a horse someday for sure :)

  3. what a cute tag! i love surveys like this! new follower :)


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