Friday's Letters

14 September 2012

Dear X Factor, Thanks for being awesome! I love that Britney and Demi are on the show! I enjoy them so much more than Nicole and Paula! There has been some really good singers too! Of course there are some crazies too which made me laugh! Sorry dude Britney is not your sister!

Dear The Voice, thank you for bringing Adam Levine and Blake Shelton together they make my night because of their bromance! Love them!

Now for something a little more serious

Dear Talia Joy, thank you for being such an amazing little girl. I have watched your videos which make me cry and feel uplifted because you're such a positive amazing spirit. Also, at 13 you do make up better than I will ever in my life! Thank you for being you!

If you don't know Talia Joy's story you should check her out at

Have a great Friday night everyone!


  1. Ahhh. I loveeee the Brit Brit and Demi combo so much!! That anti bullying segment last night made me cryyyyyyyy like a baby.

    Love you girly!!

  2. It is the best combo! Totally made me cry too!

    Love you doll! xo

  3. love the xfactor one!

    New follower!

    Have a great week! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot and say hi!

  4. Thanks for dropping in and following Nicholl! xo


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