Friday Letters

28 September 2012

Dear Quinn, your smile and little laugh makes my day a little brighter whenever I see you! Thanks for being such a good girl today minus spitting up on me twice! Next time save that for momma or auntie Ro okay? Auntie Britt loves you! 
Dear Fall thanks for finally showing up I was not happy with that muggy weather last week! 
Dear Halifax I'm coming to see you on Tuesday please don't make me want everything I see I don't have any money!
Dear Old Navy thank you for putting BSB in your ads makes me happy whenever I see your commercials now :)

Happy Friday Everyone! xo


  1. Those Old Navy commercials get me every time! Anthony just informed me I can comment on your blog through my google account, so I don't have to sign up for a blogger account. Hurray!

    Miss you xoxo

  2. Hurray! That smart boy Anthony letting you know!

    I miss you too! xoxo

  3. Love the Old Navy commercials! Who doesn't love a good boy band appearance?

    Enter my giveaway on today!

    xoxo - Allana

  4. I totally want to shop at Old Navy because of the commercials.
    And what time are you in Hali on Tuesday? I'm at work 8-5...

  5. It is a great commercial! Love BSB so much!
    I'm in Halifax for the day but I will probably be heading out by the time you're off work. Just tagging along with my momma since she wants to go to Bayer's Lake, next visit fingers crossed you're not working :)


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