So What Wednesdays!?

05 September 2012
I'm linking up again with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" for So What Wednesday! 

  • I stayed in bed until 11am watching Criminal Minds! I don't have anything to do today and it is raining so lazy day is in order
  • I stayed up until 1am last night watching Coma and now I'm scared of hospitals! 
  • I plan on spending most of the day working on crafts!
  • I had cold pizza for breakfast!
  • I keep watching Backstreets Boys videos on YouTube which makes me miss my Deena, Danielle and Tiana! 
Hope everyone has a good Wednesday! Might be back with another post later today about homemade pretzels! :)



  1. I'm pretty sure you are having the BEST DAY EVER. Let's plan a Halloween roadtrip!!

  2. I'm enjoying it so far :) Yes lets plan for something!!


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