Friday's Letters

07 September 2012
Another Friday another link up! I'm linking up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters.

Dear Pinterest, What did I do with myself before you came along? I owe most of my craftiness, baking and cooking skills to Pinterest (the rest is probably due to my mother being Martha Stewart minus the jail time). Also, thank you for giving me so many idea for Christmas crafts but can you give me a bigger house so I have a place for all the stuff for the crafts and then places to put all of them?

Dear Truro, You need more things to do in your town. I only come to visit your scrapbooking store. I was there today and wished we could have done something but we couldn't figure out something to do.

Dear Fall Weather, I'm oddly happy you're here. I'm sad summer is basically over but I'm liking being able to wrap up in my blankets at night and not sweat to death and I love that I'm able to wear my new sweater!

Dear Woman who was Singing Alone with her music while walking in Truro, Thank you for making my day! I hope you were actually enjoying your tunes as much as you seemed to be!

Thanks for stopping in! More to come this weekend and fingers crossed I find my camera!


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