I believe...

20 September 2012
Today I'm linking up with Erin over at Living in Yellow because she is doing an amazing link up it is all about what you believe in. So here is my list...

I believe in my family

I believe in my friends

I believe in high heels, make up, dresses and everything girly

I believe a baby can change your life even if they are not your own

I believe in the ugly cry, it will make you feel better

I believe your siblings should be some of your best friends

I believe in staying in your pjs all day and watching movies on snow days

I believe in sleeping in especially on rainy days when you can

I believe in forever love

I believe in Christmas

I believe in long distance friendships

I believe you can make amazing friends over the internet

I believe these Boys have lead me to some of the best friends I could find

I believe in saying I love you

I believe in taking vacations 

I believe in risking taking, even if it doesn't work out at least you tried

I believe in making memories

I believe a baby's laugh can change a mood from foul to amazing

I believe in crafting

I believe in wine and cocktails

I believe in laughing until you cry

I believe in being geeky

I believe in sleeping in the middle of the bed when you are not sharing

I believe sometimes a hug is all you need

I believe in fairytales

I believe a good cup of hot tea can make everything better

I believe a walk on the beach is best at sunset

I believe in smiling 

I believe my doggies are amazing

I believe in me

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  1. I just ordered glasses like the ones in your 'I believe in being geeky' I'm sooo super excited about it!
    And I LOVE the last line, thats the best thing to believe in!

  2. They are awesome glasses! Mine are just fakes though as I don't need glasses but they are fun!

    Thanks! It is a pretty good thing to believe in! Thanks for dropping by :)


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