Why I Love Christmas....

23 December 2016
It is the most wonderful time of year. The Christmas season is hands down my most favorite time of the year and has been since I was a little girl. When you are young you love Christmas for fun of everything and the idea of Santa and presents. Of course as you get older hopefully your love of Christmas matures a bit. As the saying goes it isn't what is under the tree that matters but who is around it and as you get older this definitely becomes an accurate statement.

As a child, I had the most wonderful Christmases. They were always filled with family, presents, good food and lots of love. I believe most of love of Christmas has come from my mother who is probably the only other person I know who loves Christmas as much as I do. She puts her love of Christmas on her mother too. Sadly, Nanny passed away in 1992, I can only imagine what the three of us would be like together now at Christmas. My dad also likes Christmas but he is your man's man who enjoys it and does what he told when the decorating starts. He worked very hard and still does to make sure we have a great Christmas. I will forever have great memories of Christmas as child/teenager/adult because of my wonderful parents.

There is very little I don't like about Christmas. The only thing is probably the materialistic side of it but honestly I just push that out of my head and just think about all the good things because I think Christmas is what you make of it. I love all the traditions we have, lights drives, the movies and music, Christmas potluck on Christmas eve, turkey dinner on Christmas day, the crafts, day after boxing day sales, visiting with friends and family, the decorations, having quiet moments alone by the Christmas tree etc. I will always 'believe' in Santa and remember the real reason for the season. Christmas just gives me all the feels.

It is honestly the most wonderful time of year for me and I wish everyone else could love it almost as much as I do.

Merry Christmas Everyone! I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a magical new year!

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