Holiday Season + Vacation = Netflix Binge

02 December 2016
With the holidays upon us and some vacation days being taken it is probably likely you're going to want to sit down and Netflix for some of your Christmas vacation. I know I will binge watching something. Now, here is the problem....what do you watch? There are so many choices and all of them seem like a good choice! Luckily, for you today, I'm giving you a few picks, ones I think most people will be happy with and if you're not...what is wrong with you? These shows are great! No I kid, there is nothing wrong with you if you disagree with my choices (maybe). Please let me know what you have been binge watching so maybe you will make my next choice easier too!

Now onto my picks for binge worthy shows!

1. Friends - Good old faithful, always makes you laugh and doesn't matter how many time you watch it, it is just as good as the last time.

2. Gilmore Girls - For me this is another old faithful, I watched it every Tuesday when it was on and just finished the revival. It is quirky and charming. Watch and love it!

3. Broadchurch - I honestly don't know why I even started watching this one day but I'm glad I did. It is about the murder of a young boy in a small town and the events following which are full of twists and turns. I HIGHLY recommend this show.

4. Downton Abbey - When this was on TV I thought no I won't like it, I'm normally not into period pieces but one night last year I started it and well no one saw me again for days expect when I needed some food! I just feel in love with the characters and well Maggie Smith makes everything better.

5. How to Get Away with Murder - I love this show! Yes, it is tad insane and intense but I love it. I love the characters, crazy plot lines and hello Frank (Charlie Weber)!

I hope some of you decided to watch one of these over the holidays and love it! If you do please let me know :)

Happy Binge Watching!

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