Keep Calm and Carry On....It's the Holidays

15 December 2016
Last day of the link up with Sarah and Victoria and it is about how we make the holiday about something more than just the gifts and the craziness associated with it. I honestly believe you make Christmas what you want it, if you want it all about the presents then do it and if you want it more about your family/friends do it! And yes I do that is easier said than done! I watching a vlog a couple of weeks ago and the vlogger said she didn't do Christmas because it was just too materialistic and commercialized. Yes, I don't disagree but you should be able to make Christmas more of how you want, especially if you have family who are more on the same level. I don't know maybe I'm dreaming or maybe I say this because I don't have kids who want everything but I remember being kid and yes wanting all the presents (yes, getting lots too) but my parents made it about being with family and enjoying it all.

I think you need to pull back and relax around Christmas. I do love the craziness at times and just the spirit of everything probably because I do love Christmas that much. I think it is probably because how I was raised and how much my mother loves Christmas. The holidays are about spending time with your family and friends so make sure you do that and actually enjoy it don't be thinking about what else you have to get done just be in the moment. At the end of the night turn on the Christmas lights and just enjoy the moment.

They do say the older you get the more you care about who is around the tree and less about what is under it, this is true and make sure you remember that. Do your best during the holidays that is all you do.

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  1. That saying is definitely true! My favorite part of Christmas is being with my family...being unhurried with my family and just enjoying each other.


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