10 January 2017
So it is 2017 huh? When and how did that happen? I honestly feel like it was just turning 2016. It is true the older you get the quicker time passes! Or maybe it is just not wishing your life away anymore like we often do as kids wishing we were older because being an adult is so much 'better'.

I took a longer break from the blog than I thought I was going to but of course after the rush of the holidays and getting things back to normal I got sick! This cold is driving me nuts and from what I hear it is really holding on to most people so I'm hoping it doesn't hold on too long! Some people are into their 3rd and 4th weeks with it :| But lets be positive and hope I don't have it that long.

How was everyone holidays? Mine was lovely as it always seems to be. Lots of great company, food, presents etc! Best part as always was spending time with family and friends. I often wish over the holidays that we could take the time all year to spend the same quality time with each other but as hard as we try life gets in the way. Now, I see that life getting in the way just makes it more special when we do get to come together and spend that quality time with each other.

I was thinking about doing a wrap up to 2016 but since I didn't blog most of it I feel like I would have explain everything so just some highlights of 2016 instead

  • Wonderful trip to Cuba with my Mom
  • having a great summer with wonderful brides
  • having my work in a magazine! Wedding Bells featured one of my brides from the summer.
  • spending time with family and friends who truly matter.
I know there is many more highlights but honestly I don't want to sit here forever. There was of course lows in 2016 but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right.

I wish everyone the most wonderful 2017! I hope it is whatever you want it to be!

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  1. I feel like the older I get the faster time flies! It`s so crazy!


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