Christmas Movies: Lifetime, Hallmark and W Network Edition

16 December 2016
I have never been one for Christmas Lifetime/W Network movies but this year I have been watching many more. Not to say I didn't watch them before but this season I did watch a lot them and I thought I would let you know which ones I liked and maybe you will be able to catch some of them before the season is over.

The Mistletoe Promise - This one is about two people who don't have the best track records with Christmas but they decide to ban together and get through Christmas together. He is trying to get promoted at work and she is trying to get over her ex husband who she owns a company with. Jamie King and Luke McFarlane are stars of this movie and I have to say I did like this one, it is probably my favorite one. The acting is fine and I didn't mind the storyline of this one. Of course it is cheesy, it wouldn't be a W network Christmas movie if it wasn't but it is a good one. If you like these kind of movies I think you would really like this one.

Guess Who's Coming to Christmas - I have already mentioned this one before and it still one of my top picks. This is about a woman who moves home with her family due to lack of employment. Her little brother signs up for a contest that would bring her favorite pop star to their town for Christmas. He of course and hilarity/cheesy goodness ensues! MacKenzie Porter and Drew Lachey star in this movie. 

A Snow Capped Christmas - I just watched this one and really it is one of the cheesiest movies I have watched so far but for some reason I liked it. It is about a figure skater who injures her ankle and she heads off to a rehab in the country to rest before Nationals and of course meets a man who changes everything. Now, like I said before this one is full of cheese and maybe because I was a tad high on Gravol when I was watching this could have made me like it more then I should have. This movie stars Leah Renee and Naill Matter.

These are the top cheesy Christmas movies of this season. Do you watch these kind of movies? If so which ones are your favorite? Have you watched any of these? Let me know!

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