Christmas Party Outfits!

14 December 2016
One of my new favorite bloggers Sarah is doing a Christmas link up and I have been meaning to link up with her since it started last week but alas I seem to have become a terrible blogger again and can't quite seem to get my act together! I'm a day late with this one but I wanted to link up during her holiday outfit post, of course yesterday the day got away on me and I completely forgot to post. So better late than never right?

I normally do not attend fancy dressy Christmas parties so, I'm giving you what I think I would wear if I attended such events.

Just a bit more sparkle, I like the dress for dressier events and the added sparkle with the pants for something that was maybe more dressy but not overly dressy.

Now, normally my Christmas parties and gathering are more casual so here are two outfits you're more likely to see me wearing this Holiday season.

I know, they look like your average day outfits but add some jewelry and they can be a party outfit. I have to say I will probably be wearing almost the exactly same thing on Christmas Eve as the second picture.

Dressy or casual? What is your holiday style? I do enjoy both, I have to say I normally get more dressy with my make up because like I mentioned I just don't attend the dressier events around the holidays.

Now, go and check out Sarah and her link up buddy Victoria!

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