06 December 2013
It is Friday! Is everyone excited? I am! This is kind of late so I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. It is rainy and dark here today so it is kind of a lazy day feeling but still a good day.

I want to thank Ashley from Let's Get Bananas for taking over the blog yesterday. I love her post as soon as she sent it to me and I knew you all would have to love it too! Huge thank you to Ashley for doing that!

I also just wanted to remind you that on Monday I will be starting my Christmas countdown! From Monday to Friday each day until Christmas I will posting something Christmas related! I will have some must haves, gifts ideas, memories and so much more. I hope to see you back here on Monday for Day One!

Have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend, Brittany! :)

  2. Happy Friday! I'm excited for the Christmas countdown!

  3. Ooo sounds fun! I love countdowns! Have a good weekend girlfriend!


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