A Taste of Tuesday with Jessica and Ashley

03 December 2013
It is Tuesday again! I was going to have a nice baking post for you today but I didn't take photos so you will have to wait for another Taste of Tuesday for that. I still want to do a day a Taste of Tuesday today though.

Meal Planning! It is something I have been trying to do more lately just because it is busy and it is nice to know what you're having! The menu this week is nothing special but it is great knowing and they are all easy meals. I have my meals planned out but if anyone would like to come and make it for tonight I won't have any problem with that.

This Week's Menu:

Monday ~ Pasta
Tuesday ~ Roast Beef and Veggies
Wednesday ~ Soup and Sandwiches
Thursday ~ Meatloaf
Friday ~ Seafood Chowder

What are your favorite quick and easy meals for the week? Do you meal plan? 

This past weekend I was suppose to go and see Catching Fire again but we didn't get the catch so we are going tonight. I'm most excited! I know I have seen it before but it is really good! Have you seen it?

Hope you're all having a great Tuesday! This was such a random post, sorry! LOL I will do better tomorrow!


  1. Ugh, I need meal planning lessons, ha ha. I'm terrible at this! And your menu sounds delicious too. Kudos to you, my friend.

  2. I must meal plan or else I a) buy too much at the grocery store b) we eat out every night because I don't know what to make. I'm the worst "throw it together" meal person. I have to have everything planned so I have exactly what I need to make a meal. The only things I can normally just throw together are the side dishes. Your menu sounds delish!

  3. Meal planning is the best! I've really started to try and do it every week.


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