Christmas Countdown: Day Four Christmas Movies!

12 December 2013
Christmas is the time of year that I will watch many more movies then I normally do because I will watch the same movies over and over again. I think everyone has that one or two Christmas movies that they could watch over and over again. Since there are so many great Christmas movies I'm just going to let you in my favorites today!

The Santa Clause is one of my favorites! I honestly could watch this movie every day during the Christmas season. I have only watched it once this season though. I should probably watch it again tonight maybe. I love this movie because it is just so sweet. I love the story and how cute is little Charlie! I won't lie I love all the Santa Clause movies! Well, the 3rd one isn't great but lets leave that alone.

Christmas with the Kranks has been my newest Christmas favorite. I have watched it probably fives time already this holiday season. I normally have had it on in the background while I have been baking or cooking. I actually want to live on the street where the Kranks live. That is the neighbourhood I want to live in when I have my own house. I think I must just love Tim Allen or something since he is in this and the Santa Clause.

And of course the Christmas classics! I can't go through a holiday season without watching these movies. I have a the box set and actually maybe that is what I should break out later since I haven't watched them yet! These are the movies that take me back to being a kid at Christmas. It doesn't quite feel like Christmas until I have watched these. They just make me feel good inside.

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? I could probably list way more than this but we don't want to go overboard! Hope you're all ready for Friday! Day Five is going to be a good one :)



  1. I forgot about The Santa Clause! Such a good one :)

    I also really love all of the cliche "Christmas favorites"...Elf, A Christmas Story, and Love Actually!

  2. I'll always have a soft spot for The Santa Clause--I've been watching it for as long as I can remember!


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